When Illusion feels like Real!

Posted on August 13, 2012


I have never met you before,
then why do I feel like you are the one, I was waiting for;
You were never
ever part of my past,
Then why presently I feel
as if you are the blood  flowing through my body
with the pumping of my heart.
Now I feel
your touch on my face,
sometimes in my dreams
I do get stuck with your grace;
Now I listen
you whispering in my ears,
“Noone can ever make us apart”.
I imagine your face
while looking in to the sky,
by seeing my confused face,  
friends do ask me “who and why?”
I explain them with a lie,
that I am trying to see the other side of life
through an unknown’s eye.
when I sit alone,
I  draw your face on the sand,
with the help of my finger ;
I come out of my imaginations,
which was forming with my stroke of hand
with the touch of  water,
flowing through the river.
I walk with you on the streets,
when the moon covers the darkness with its light
I know you were not there,
still I feel your presence every time my heart beats.
I sing for you
knowing that my voice will never reach to you,
I dance with you
in my thoughts as if
the wind flowing by my ears is playing a tune new. 
I do not bother to find the 
answer to the question
if I am experiencing an illusion,
or is it real and true?
Now as if my sun rises and sets just by
either seeing or thinking about you. 
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