I believe in God, But do not follow the rules!

Posted on August 10, 2012


( I visit  small temples like this , rather than visiting those world famous temples . My reason of doing so is very simple, I do not want to allow people who are in charge of taking care of the temple to do business with me in the name of God. )

When I was a kid, my parents told me that, “God is everywhere.” 

When I started growing, with time I realized that God is there in each of us just like the devil. Now it’s up to us, if we will let that God or devil to shine through us.

But who is God in reality, have anyone among us ever talked to him, met him or at least seen him. But yes, sometimes we can feel an invisible power which helps us, which makes us strong. Is this the power of God? I really do not know. But it’s all in the belief. If a person starts believing, then he can see a god in stone also and if not, then there is no point in visiting spiritual places like temples, churches or masques or gurudwaras. 

But even though I believe in God, I can’t understand why people choose a specific temple or any other special spiritual place as the home of God and let few human beings, who are in charge of taking care of those spiritual places to be more powerful than God. They believe God is their own property and start doing business in the name of the God. They decide for how much time we can look in to the face of God. They let us to go in, if we are ready to pay for a 100 Rs ticket. 

To be honest, although my own state is called as the state of temples; but I do not visit these so called famous places. My reason is very simple: If God can allow the people who are taking care of the temples to misbehave with so many innocent people, if god can let them fool and take money from so many poor people who come to his place from miles away just to seek blessing nothing else; then there is something wrong with either our belief or these places.

Now a day people do not worry to even kill others inside a spiritual place, just like it happened last week In Wisconsin. So there is something wrong not with our beliefs, but with our birth as humans. We do not deserve to be born as humans. May be God is doing some kind of mistake by bringing all of us to this materialistic world.

I strongly believe, if a person can’t respect someone other’s belief and religion then he can never respect his own. According to Hindu mythology, there are 130 millions God. Still as a Hindu Brahmin boy, I do not mind respecting Allah, Jesus or Waheguru. If one day I will fall in love with a girl of any other religion, I will not give it a second thought before getting her married. I know the society which I am part of will criticize it. But it does not mean there is something wrong with me or my beliefs, it just shows there is something wrong with the people who are part of this society and their beliefs. I do not mind visiting a gurudwara, church or a masque just as I visit a temple. It may not sound good, but still some people of my religion do not allow people of other religions to enter some specific temples in my part of world and I will never be afraid of saying that, they are wrong. They do not have the rights to decide it for all of us, who will meet God and who will not. 

God is a power, no one can ever stop other accessing that power, seeking blessing from that power and believing in that power.

Now it’s up to you, if you want to accept what is wrong even though your own people are doing it or not. 

And God please do something for all of us, so that we can prove those people wrong, who believe that we are wrong with our belief of your existence

( A summary of a chapter “My thoughts on belief and religion” from my upcoming book)

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