Just Trying to be the change I want to see in the world

Posted on August 8, 2012


When, in 1947 India got its independence; people celebrated. They celebrated with a hope that, things would work in a better way. The governance would be better, and all our people would at least get the minimum requirement in terms of food, cloth and shelter. The definition of this “requirement” changed with time. Modernization entered the world, they were living. But I am really sad while saying this, but the reality is nothing much changed in their lives after 65 years of our Independence. Few corrupt people got the power in their hands. An India which lies in cities started developing and the other one which is larger both in size and population ignored by all which lies in small towns and villages.

I was born and brought up in a small town surrounded by villages, where tribal people live. They are still simple and you will be  shocked  hearing that, they do not even aware of a world surrounding them, where people like me and you live with all the comfort in this world. And when I am saying so, I am not saying it due to my ignorance or based on my knowledge of reading an article in a magazine, watching a documentary in television or by hearing someone else’s experience. I have spent more than 18years of my life among these people, with these people sharing my happiness, sharing my failure and sharing my success. So today, rather hiding our condition I need to speak for them all, because I somewhat know the language which all the people across the world know. Being a computer engineer, I have some knowledge of the medium through which I can reach all. So someone need to stand and represent all. So why not me?These are the people, who belong to a generation which experienced India’s freedom. These are the people who have seen the first sunrise of independent India. Our generation only celebrated the victory of Indian cricket team in a world cup. But today, no one bothers to enter their world. All of us treat them as if people live in interior part as aliens, everyone is aware of them, talk about them but no one bothers to make them part of  the much developed worldthey live in, which is developing each day.  To be honest I do not feel proud when I read water found in moon or “Mars rover Curiosity lands on surface of Red Planet”; because why we are aiming so high when we need to care for the people who live with us in same planet.”

There are more things, which I want to discuss with you all, and I can. But for now I will just tell life is beautiful for them too, but it’s not fair and comfortable to them.

I will tell more about them to you all with my book, in one of its chapter and I will try to show you a glimpse of their world; but not like the “Slumdog millionaire” movie’s writer or director. I will show you the reality without trying to make it entertaining. But let me tell you they celebrate life more than we do, they have more things to entertain them than us.  I hope you will enjoy spending time with them.

These people bless me that I will do something wonderful in my life. And I do believe blessings count. Do not you think so?

The person riding this bicycle is one of the best person I have ever met. He’s one of my most favorite people. I know him since many years.

He is a man whom I just love. He is a wonderful storyteller. I have never met my grandfather, as he died when I was only one year old. So when an old man share his story and memories with me; I just feel like my grandfather must be like him only.

It’s shocking that, people living in old villages lose their eyesight due to not getting their cataract operated at the right time. I know it’s shocking. But that is how things work in villages. I do realize that, I can’t bring much change to the conditions of more than 30000 villages. But for sure if ever I will be capable of bringing change to one life than I will be happy. Nothing is small, if millions of people will start believing and working on a common goal. DO not ever thing these people do not belong to your country; do realize that these people live in the same planet where you all live. I wish life will make me financially so sound that, I will not think before helping people.

(I will explain all these things in detail with my book, as I enjoyed the luxury of not keeping the word count in mind while I wrote my book)

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