Sky is not that high for those, “who dare to Fly”!

Posted on July 5, 2012


I took a ride, which I never intended,

I reached a beautiful place as if it was painted;

I laughed at myself, when everyone else thought I had gone mad,

Who cares If I was mad; my reason was simple, I did not want to have regrets and to be sad.

Everyone laughed at me,

When they saw, I fell while trying to reach where I Intended;

Few days later, life took its turn and I saw them cry,

As if their dreams and hopes were faded.

To wipe out their tears I extended my hands,

Without even asking, “they laughed at me in those days” why;

To see them remain unanswered,

I said- “when you people chose to run, I decided to fly”.

To hurt those people’s sentiment was not my intention,

I just wanted to pass on a simple lesson;

Do not make a person- “who is dreaming big” feel alone,

One day he will make you realize “his bad days are now gone”.

So if you can then dream, dare and run;

Keep the faith in god and believe that, you are not alone;

Time may beat you today; people may reject you today,

But one day people will realize-“In millions, He was the One”….