Few trends on which I hit the Dislike button

Posted on June 28, 2012


Like each one of you, I am proud of my country and I really feel proud from my heart, when I say “I am an Indian”. And I really mean it. I am not trying to show my patriotism while saying this. I know I can never sacrifice my life for the sake of my country. And I really wish and hope not a single person has to sacrifice his life for the sake of his country. What I believe is, we can never make this world a better place by either sacrificing our lives or by taking other’s lives; but yes we can change things when we are alive.

Still there are some things about which I am not proud of. It has more to do with the mindset of all of us including me also and it has something to do with the system of our country and the way our society works. I can tell you how.

In my country when a young man writes a novel, he/she never forgets to mention that “it’s written by an EX-IITian”.  If you do not know what is actually IIT, then let me tell you, IIT is India’s best technical institute. But I could not understand the link between these two things.  When a person writes something, why he/she needs to underline that, he/she holds an engineering degree from one of the best institute of my country. But still things work that way here. Everyone knows, a person can never study “how to write a book” in an Engineering college. Yes that person can learn, “How to make a machine work” or “how to build a new machine”.

I never feel proud when I see a movie actor buys a sports team because he has lots of money and starts talking as if he/she knows everything about that sport and feel as if he has bought those sports men with few million dollars. I never feel proud when a person has to bid for a sportsman to make him part of his team. But things work that way in my part of world. Money sometimes worth more than talent.

I never feel proud- when I see people forget all those freedom fighters of my country, who were dead before our country got independence and only remember few people who were alive during the independence. 

I never feel proud when I see a corrupted politician promising us a better future; although he/she is the one who is making our place hell.

I never feel proud when I see our politicians entering into the parliament with white dress with the shine on. And since my childhood, I can’t get the link between a white kurta and politician. If white is the sign of purity and peace than, I doubt if some people who hold that designation have those two things in them.

I never feel proud when I see myself being comfortable with this bullsh#t system, or I may say I never feel proud to be afraid of saying that our system is wrong.

I never feel proud when I realize that I am dreaming about going to a foreign country leaving all those people whom I love; so that I can earn more to buy a big home & big car.

I never feel proud when I see a person, is afraid of a police without even committing a single crime before. It just shows there is something wrong in this system.  I always wonder, why an innocent person is afraid of those people who are there for his safety  and why an innocent person is afraid of the Judicial system, which is there to take care of his rights and to give him justice.

I never feel proud when I see, a person being treated as an outsider in his own country because he belongs to a different state and speaks a different language and eats different kind of foods.

I never feel proud while answering to the question “things I am proud of?” although I know the answer would be- rich culture. But I wonder how many of us actually understand the culture other than the dictionary meaning of it and description from the history book of our school syllabus.

I never feel proud, when I write negative things about myself or about others. But still I hope one day my list of things I am proud of will be longer than the things I am not proud of.