Blog of the Week & Post of the Week-7

Posted on June 27, 2012


Hello everyone,

This week I am late with my series of Blog of the week & post of the week, due to some professional stuffs. Still I hope it’s not late to share two of my favorite blog with you all.

This time I will say I am back to share two complete different blogs with you all. One is having some wonderful photographs and beautiful writings to go with and the other is simply thoughtful & thought provoking.

I hope you will spend some of your time exploring these blogs. I am sure I am not going to disappoint you.

The blog which I am selecting as the Blog of the  week is- The Urge To Wander” by Madhu.

About the Author-

Madhu, loves design. She designs interiors for a living. She also like reading. But travel is her passion.Her blog hopes to convey some of that passion, to inspire you to spread your wings.

Note to Author of  “Blog Of The Week”– Madhu, you capture the beauty of this world in a wonderful way and as I always say you are really lucky to visit so many places across the world. Thank you for taking us to various part of this world with your blog.


This time-  “Post of the Week” is “What If” written by  the author  “Shakti Ghosal“.

This post is a beautiful piece of writing. What if…. A question we all once in a while ask to either ourselves or to others. And Shakti explained this whole thing in a beautiful and simple way. I hope you will agree with me on this, once you will go through this post.

Note to the Author: “Shakti this post is one among my favorite in your blog. It was a wonderful piece  of writing. So I just thought to share it with my blogging friends. Best wishes to you.”.


We will meet next week, with one more new blog and one more new post; Until then it’s “Good Bye” from me.

Keep smiling, keep believing, keep Dreaming!