Blog of the week & Post of the Week-6

Posted on June 17, 2012


Hello everyone,

I am back with one more new blog and one more new post to share with you all. This time I will say I am back to share laugh with you all. I know I am not that good at spreading few laughs, but this week I will share blogs of two wonderful writers who spreads smiles week after week through their writings.

I hope you will spend some of your time exploring these blogs. I am very much sure, you have a smile on your face, while typing comment on their posts.

The blog which I am selecting as the Blog of the  week is- Ellie AnnNavigating through the week” by Ellie Ann.

About the Author-

Ellie likes to write fairy tales, tall tales, and steampunk, and she is seriously interested in transmedia storytelling. She likes reading and watching well-written adventures. Her  favorite book is- The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle.

She is one of the most thoughtful writers I came to know through blogging. I hope you will enjoy her blog.

Note to Author of  “Blog Of The Week”- Ellie, It’s just a small way to send some good wishes to your blog. 🙂


This time-  “Post of the Week” is “Letter to The Man I Didn’t Know – For Father’s Day written by  the author  “Mj Monaghan“.

Mj, Now What I will say about this wonderful person. He is funny, he is kind, he is too good with spreading laughter with his writing. He is one of the funniest blogger I know.

But this post I share is quite different from his usual posts. It’s a heart touching and emotional post of a son in law for his father in law, whom he never met.

To be honest, For the first time I read such a wonderful tribute from a son in law. I really do hope this post will touch your heart too.

Note to the Author: “Mj, this post is one among my favorites in your blogs. So I thought of sharing it with all of my blogging friends. Best wishes to you Mj. Thank you for all the laugh you share”.


We will meet next week, with one more new blog and one more new post; Until then it’s “Good Bye” from me.

Keep smiling, keep believing, keep Dreaming!