Confusing X and Y chromosomes

Posted on May 28, 2012


Few Days earlier one of my best friend called me and said , he is expecting a baby. It was one of those moments which I never experienced before. The reason is very simple- I have never ever in my dreams also imagined that, I have grown up to such an age that , I could take responsibility of a new life. If my friend can dare to do so, why can’t I. I should have married just like him, and should have ready to expect a baby. But I am such a coward that I can’t dare to do so. I believe, I can’t even dare to think so.

Today is May 27th, and on May 29th I will be 27years old. Still I could not dare to think beyond myself. The reason behind me thinking so is- whenever I ask the question to my self, ” Do I have that much courage to think that I can be a good father?” To be honest the answer I  get-  “No I do not have”. I do not want to give birth to one more child, who is again going to be called as just a common man of my country like 1 billion others; who works hard in order to pursue his dreams and who loose many thing and end up being a failure. I can never think of giving birth to another life, until and unless I can afford to fund his/her dreams. It may sound foolish. But it’s the biggest reality. It’s very easy to give birth to a child in biological process, in comparison to give him the identity in this planet among billions of other lives. I am not going to think like some millions of other losers in my country, who think that their children can achieve what they could not. Rather I would prefer to see my children achieve their own dreams. But for that I have to fund them. I can’t expect them to be born as an extraordinary human being, who can fight with every odd to achieve his/her dreams. So the idea is very simple, I do not want to increase the population of my country for the sake of giving myself a chance to experience fatherhood.

Mendelian inheritance 9 3 3 1

Mendelian inheritance 9 3 3 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was in college, I studied Mendelian inheritance. It is a scientific theory of how hereditary characteristics are passed from parent organisms to their offspring. In reality, I do not remember how the X-chromosome plays with the Y-Chromosomes, in order to decide the future of the child. But I know my children are going to inherit many things from me. I know they will be good looking like me and may be they will feel proud of that or may be sometimes they will do little bit of flirting with opposite sex just as I do. But what are the things I am afraid of is that, they will never realize the value of money or they can never be able to show some fake emotions in order to prove that they are good human beings or maybe they can never be good in judging people just as I do. They may also inherit bad qualities like arrogance, anger and ego from me. I can tell you these things make life hell, and I am afraid to say that- but when my children will realize that it will be too late. So what’s the point in bringing some lives to this planet, where everyone believes that “if you can’t make it, then fake it” and where everyone says that, “be the change you want to see in the world” but no one dares to do so.

I know it’s a personal opinion to whether bring a new life to this planet or not, yet I believe it’s always better to have the realization with you that, if you can fund his dreams or not; because no one is going to do it for you. Everyone else other than parents  is going to do it as duty, responsibility or for the sake of providing minimum requirements to a person who needs so.

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