Can I have your attention please!

Posted on May 12, 2012


Hello Everyone,

Can I have your attention & few minutes from your busy schedule please! I want to share something with you all.

It has been a wonderful journey in the blogosphere so far. And you are the people who made it beautiful for me; and for that, from my bottom of my heart I am saying you all a big thank you. A blog that was born on September 2011 is now 8 months old. And  it’s now lot more older, mature & I hope better.

You people blessed me with your likes, comments & few awards. But I think now it’s time to request you all not to pass on any more awards to my blog. I hope I am not sounding arrogant while saying this.

There are two reasons behind making my blog “Being Arindam” award free.

  • In last few months some bloggers pass on different awards to my blog, but after some time I have never seen some of them again in my blog. So I thought what’s the point of getting these awards, when someone passing on it to me with out even knowing me well.
  • Then again for me these awards had importance because , I was thinking that, I could divert the traffic of my blog to fellow bloggers, whom I love & respect by passing on these awards . And I hope you realize that, I gave my best effort while creating these award posts, to make them entertaining and different. But to be honest somehow I realized that, very few people bother to click on the link of the blogs, anyone nominate in his/her award acceptance post.

But now I will try to send my love & respect to different blogs in my own way. So now onward I am going to link one blog from my widget area as the “Blog of the week”. I hope by doing this I can send my best wishes to one blogger in a much better way then passing on an award to some 7, 10, 20….. ‘n’ blogs.

So I want your opinion on this-

Here comes another request for you-

I know you people are really talented writers and photographers. So here comes another request for you- “I know you all write from your heart. So I request you to please divert some of your talent and time in creating something on a particular topic with a message in it(it may be in form of writing or photography).

  1. Write a  post on any topic you wish on each Saturday with a post called “Blog for change this weekend” to create awareness or to pass on an important message to the society.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your post, title your blog post “Blog for change this weekend: (Topic you chose for the week)” and be sure to use the “blogforchange″ tag.

 I am not sure if this attempt can make our planet better one; but I really hope & wish, it will.

For example- Suppose your this week’s topic is “Racism”. Then you will create something with the post name as, “”Blog for the change weekend- Racism” and tag it as blogforchange”; to create awareness on this issue with a message you want to pass on to all.

I am not starting this campaign with any selfish intention. I hope you all are going to support me as you always do. I hope together we will try to bring a change to this world. Who knows sometimes small attempts end up with something big.

I would love to listen what you have to say on this. And if you have any suggestion then please write it in the comment box. Please vote & send your feed back.

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