Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

The World In Motion

I took all these pictures, while I was travelling on a bike with two of my friends, during my visit to a small town in India. It was purely intentional, to see how the world looks when it is unfocused. I never knew that, one day I can use these pictures here. But let me tell you, the world looks completely different when its unfocused. So sometimes, it’s good to be stay unfocused in what ever you are doing, if you want to experience something different.


I hope you enjoyed this unfocused ride. :)

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95 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

    • Yes, I thought of trying something different. It was just for fun. I never knew I could ever use these pics in my blog. Thanks a lot for these kind words. :)

  1. These are great Arindam … they might be unfocused, but they are all worth framing. They remind me of abstract paintings. Very nice, one and all. :)

  2. Nice entry – love some of the enhanced images. Thanks for sharing. Expect a pingback, cause I definitely would like to link to this with my entry!

  3. Great photos! There is something different looking at a scene out of focus. Good job on the theme–I hope I’ve saved some of those shots. If not, I’ll have to get out and create some. Like the new look of your blog!

    • Thank you Patti. Yes this week’s theme is quite different. I am glad you liked my attempt of capturing something different. Looking forward to see your interpretation.

  4. So true Bro. Words of wisdom and inspiration as always. “So sometimes, it’s good to be stay unfocused in what ever you are doing, if you want to experience something different.” A stunning image to go with the amazing words…Thank you. Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you.
      My blog detected this comment of yours as a spam; and moves it to spam folder. I hope this same thing is happening with your other comments also. So I thought of letting you know about this.

    • Thanks a lot Cassie. Yes I took that picture, just when I saw a diversion in the road. I hope that angle made this picture to look different. As always nice to see you here Cassie.

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