The Great Political Circus

Posted on April 24, 2012


“Who is the strongest politician in the world & which is the strongest country in the world”- It’s a million dollar question. Each politician wants to term himself/herself the most powerful person of this planet. The competition reached to such a level that, at last president of United nations had to call all those people who have influence on the world politics to decide, ” who is the most powerful”?

UN President- “Welcome Gentlemen. Tonight We are going to experience something which is unique & exceptional. In 21st century we can’t solve any issue by fighting a war. So what we are going to do is to chose one among you as the most powerful person.  And how we are going to do it is very simple. Each one of you have to raise your Index finger and the person with the longest Index finger would be the winner.

NB:- No middle fingers please; as many of you must have shown this to your own country’s people hundred times before in form of corruption, fake promises, or lack of good intentions .

As per the rule ladies first; Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard entered the podium.

Putin to the man standing by his side:- “Hey man! Do not look her like this. Your wife is seeing you.”

Obama to Cameron- Ladies…. does not matter where they stand, they would never forget to show the ring in their hands.

Julia: Sorry guys I thought my little finger would be bigger than your middle one; but as per the rule here is my index finger.

Nicolas Sarkozy: ” I consider myself as ‘the captain of a boat in the heart of a storm’; And this is the finger by which i control the boat. So without any doubt I am the strongest. “

Akihito:- “These people have cheated me with such rules & regulations. Everyone knows, I do not have a big one. “

“His index finger is this much small”.

Mr. Putin:- “Hey you just wait here. after few minutes of time you will be  the most powerful dog in the world. You belong to the world’s most powerful man”.

Putin trying his level best to stretch his finger 1-2mm extra. But it did not work.

Mr. Obama:- “What are doing Mr. Cameron! you are eating for the second time in last 20 minutes. Just see Mr. Putin; how fit he is at such an old age. Thank god there are no exercises to grow fingers; it would be difficult task to beat Mr. Putin then.”

Mr. Cameron:- “Do not concentrate on fingers … Concentrate on foods. Thank god Our wives are not here, We can eat whatever we want. Let’s start Diet from tomorrow. “

Sorry, Sweetheart! I could not make it this time; May be next time.

South African President Mr. Jacob Zuma came  & did show his finger.

Mr.Cameron-  “Ha! 🙂 So small! Now it’s my turn.”

Mr. Cameron- “Just see… My finger is so big that, it can’t enter in to this much space of my mouth. “

Mr. Zuma:  “Mr. Cameron! I think your index finger is so big that, it can’t enter between this much space of both my hands. Ha Ha! “

I never imagined mine is also not that much big.

Cameron:- “Hey you do not laugh at me! 😦 “

You are no one to make a comment on my finger. Mine is still bigger than you.

Mr. Obama(With a smile on his face, talking to himself)- “These  men are fighting just like school going kids.

Oops! How could I forget that, I am the only one with a Nobel prize. My job is to handle everything peacefully.”

Mr. Obama: “What Mr. Cameron! You started it and you reacted too much when he did the same to you. “

Bangladesh president Sheikh Hasina: “Just look at this. Straight & long. “

Dutch Prime Minister Mr. Mark Rutte:  “This one is not FIFA World Cup final2010; I am going to win this time.”

Spain Prime Minister, Mr. Mariano Rajoy :- “I can balance hundreds of soccer balls with this finger.

Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Yusuf Raza Gilani: “My finger is bigger than India’s Prime Minister’s. I do not care about others.”

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh: “To be honest I am not even the most powerful man in my country; so how could I be in the world. I would like Mrs. Gandhi to represent our country on this platform. “

It’s not fair.

Obama to Singh: ” I think your finger is as big as mine. But if you want to let Mrs Gandhi take your place it’s ok. I will let other know that, you are an honest but only a dummy Prime Minster of your country. “

Sonia Gandhi: ” We are Gandhis. So how could anyone else represent us in any global platform. We believe in dynasty politics. “.

Thank you Mr. Obama! You Saved me from losing my job today.

Do you people think I need to show you all my finger to be term as the most powerful man.

Mr. Bush watched this whole event on television.

Mr. Bush: “I told thousand times before that, mine was bigger than Barack’s. But no one believed.

The president of United Nation was about to announce who was the most powerful man as per the rules and regulation-

Suddenly the podium went dark. And a long hand with a globe came from nowhere. A voice echoed from the air: ” Do not panic! You people are fighting to be the most powerful. But just see do you have such a big finger like me. I am holding the planet where you live with my hands . So how any of you can be more powerful than me. I hope you all want to know who am I?

I am God. I live in each of you in form of soul. I live in every place which you can see. I know you want to ask me, why I am not showing you all my face. The reason is very simple. I do not want to give a glimpse of my face. So that you people could divide me in form of Ram, Allah,Jesus or anything else.

So do not fight; each one of you present here is powerful in your own part of world; does not matter if it’s small or large. Go & make that part beautiful & peaceful and let the power to stay with me….

“We did not create this world; so how anyone of us can be term himself/herself most powerful…. Do not strive for power… strive for peace, brotherhood & happiness.”

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