Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Posted on April 14, 2012


I always wonder how many subjects are there in this world. We can calculate the number of population of humans, animals, birds, trees etc. But this world is constitute of so many identified and unidentified creatures or subjects. 

As a human, it’s not possible to concentrate on all these subjects simultaneously. But it’s always better to try and look at as many subject as possible; it does not matter if it’s small or a large one. Every subject has a purpose; each subject has its own beauty; we only need to spend few moment looking at it, analyzing it and appreciating it.

I do believe that every subject which looks simple and common has something big in it. The thing is that, maximum of us realize its worth. That’s why it looks common to all ad it’s purpose looks very simple.

This above picture may look very simple. But for me it speaks a lot. It inspires me. It’s not a picture of two subjects; those are car and a bicycle. But it’s a picture of a journey towards dream. When I was a kid I have only a bicycle with me, like all other kids of my country who born and brought up in small towns.  During those days, we might be riding the bicycle but there was a dream to ride a car in all of our eyes. And we knew, we had to make this journey from a bicycle to a luxurious car by our own. And we also knew the bicycles that were in our hands those days would help us reach there. 

There are millions of vehicles run each day on the same road. There size, power, specifications may be different. But all have their own purpose to run on the road. And the biggest thing is all reach to their destination. Some reach there early some late. 

Similarly, there are billions of people in this planet walk towards their dreams  having different talents, different strengths and different weakness. So why we all can’t reach to our destination. Some of us may reach there early and some of us late. But what we all need to do is to keep the confidence and believe with us; while fight with every odd things that would happen to us during this journey. 

With the hope that- “If you are not living your dreams till now;  you will reach there soon.” I am saying you good bye …. 🙂