Youngest Mother in the world?

Posted on April 6, 2012


The Guajira Peninsula (left) and the Gulf of V...

The Guajira Peninsula (left) and the Gulf of Venezuela (center) located south of the Caribbean sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On April 5th, “A 10 year old Colombian girl who belongs to Wayuu tribe in the La Guajira Peninsula gave birth to a healthy daughter”. She might be the youngest in the world to become a mother! But it is something really shocking.  It is such a shame that, a child who is in her childhood gave birth to another child, Who does not have the ability or intelligence in her to either realize or define what is actually the mother’s love is all about? So, how could she define what motherhood is all about?

Lots of questions, which that 10year old girl has to answer by her own without even having the intelligence in her to realize the real meaning of those questions. It’s such a harsh reality of the planet we are living in. We may proud of living in a much more developed world now; with science, education, technology etc touching new heights each passing day. But news like this from different corner of the world gives us the wakeup call and something to think about.

As per the report, that girl reached the hospital bleeding, in a flood of tears. So doctors decided to carry out the risky operation. And thanks to those doctors and our medical science both mother (Unfortunately I have to term that 10 year girl as a mother) and daughter are said to be doing well. So yes we are living in a developed world, where a 10 year girl can achieve motherhood safely. But we all need to realize that in this so called developed world, “A young girl reached this phase of life so early due to inhuman behavior of some people”. Do not we all need to ask these questions to ourselves that, “How can we develop the society we are living in? How can we reach to those people who are lacking in some form or other?” Do not we need to realize the fact that, the world is much bigger and wider than our home, our city, our country? There is something which is beyond our religion, which is humanity. But who will take the responsibility to change the society? It’s the biggest question.

To be honest no one of us expects our politicians to bring a change to the society. If they could not bring a change to their respective countries and to the lives of  their people; then to think that they would think beyond the nationality and bring a change to lives of the people living in various parts of the world would be foolish of us. And if we will think one among us has the ability & intension to do so will be enough; then also it’s not going to work. None of us is strong enough to create such awareness or to battle out every odd thing from so many people’s lives. We all need to do our bit by accepting the truth that there is nothing much changed in this planet except the weather, the brands of the things we use, the versions of the software we install and the CEOs of the companies where we work.

I do not know what to wish for that girl & the girl, she gave birth to. So I am just sending lots of prayers for them.


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