Paying a visit to real India

Posted on March 14, 2012


The simplicity & beauty of Nature

Last week I took a break from the life, I was living and went to a place, where I could spend some time with the nature, with the kind of people and environment I have grown up with. No it was not any famous tourist place of my country. Rather I chose to went to a small village, I am not even sure about that place’s existence in the Google map. My hometown is not quite a village, but it’s a small town very similar to the place I went.

I was tired of the city life, I was living. I was tired of the fake smiles, the talks behind a person’s back, the competition for survival and most importantly seeing the girls with lots of make up on their faces. So I preferred to visit a place where everything is natural, everything is simple, yet beautiful and everything is honest & pure. And these are the things you can only find in a village.

World in motion

The people who lives in Indian villages may not be rich as per the definition, but they are the people who best define the term rich. Because they are the people, who are rich from heart. Most of the people live there may not be highly educated or modern; but they are innocent, they are kind and they are really honest.

Everything looks beautiful if you have time to appreciate it.

There you may not find a big hotel to stay, or big restaurant to eat or some really big buildings to realize that India is developing. But the people stay there will try their best to give you the comfort of a five star hotel, the delicious food of a really good restaurant. Most importantly they value the nature and its belongings more than we do. I can tell you that, they are neither aware nor worried about things like, Global Warming; because since thousands of years they know how to take care of the nature. So we need to bring some of their style of living and thoughts in to the city lives, we are living. Then only we can save this planet called, “Earth”.

It's time to return home....

They are family.... a really happy family

In city each of us humans, lives a life of an animal. It may not sound good, but it’s a truth. It has nothing to do with the money we are earning or the materialistic happiness we are getting. But in a Village those innocent souls in animal skins live a life just as a human.

The beauty of Indian Soil

You can experience the soil; yes the real soil of India in your hands only in a village. And I can tell you nothing feels much better than this feeling. May be I am sounding little bit patriotic. But I am not. I am not sure if I am ready to do something great for my country at the cost of my life. But still We all need to respect the land of our motherland.

Enough space in this world still left to search peace for yourself

You can find lots of wonderful things in an Indian Village. But the thing is that, it’s how & what a person is looking for there, and with what are the perceptions a person is going to that place. If you will search for poverty, unemployment, hunger, lack of education and medical facilities; then I can tell you, you will surely find these things there. But if you will search for simplicity, innocence, honesty, peace, happiness, smiling faces, dreams, love, respect; then I can assure you, you will surely find all these things there.

There is a tradition in my country that, when someone returns from a new place, he/she brings some things as gifts from that place for all those people, who are very close to that person. But I could not bring anything for you people from that place; so I gift you my memories of that place in form of this post to you all. I hope you will like this gift…. 🙂

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