Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

“The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms. Very often it does not know what to do with genius.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

We are all born with some talent which is unique and extra ordinary. But the biggest challenge for a person is to realize that he/she is born with such talent. Sometimes, after realizing that talent in us,  it takes time for each one of us to gather enough courage in ourselves to accept the truth.

We think those people who already made it big in their lives have some kind of extra ordinary talent, and we are not good enough to compete with them. And we stop dreaming and loose our faith in our own talent in the name of reality. We prefer to be in that list of people, who never succeed with having a talent of a genius in them. But we forget that those people never reach there, because they preferred to quit, just before the moment when the world, figured out what to do with that genius.

So I believe, you all know what is your strength and where are you really good at? And I hope you are ready to face the challenge the world will through at you, before realizing that you are a genius and figure out, what to do with such a genius. Are you ready to make it really big in life?

We all think we can write. But very few of us have the faith in us that, we can really change something with our words. We write about what we like, what we love, how we are going to celebrate a festival etc. This shows we have very little faith in our own words, which can make someone think and realize what we want him/her to do. If this is not the case, then we are really afraid to write something which is true, but many people will not like it. But why do we need to afraid; why we need to care about those likes and comments on our posts. What if some people are not ready to accept the truth due to their selfish ego; we will get lot more people to face the truth. So why not to use the power of words for bringing a change to the world, to the society? Why we are limiting ourselves with our personal stuff. Let the word flow from our heart and travel across the whole world. Why to die with keeping those words with in us; why not to let those words out and see, if it can turn things around. Are you Ready to bring a change to this world?

“If you’re not ready to die, then how can you live? ”


—————————————Be Ready—————————-

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97 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. You spoke right to my heart. As for me you already changed something with your words. Because I am really going to think about what you wrote and what it means for me. Thanks for this post, Arindam. It’s truly inspiring.

  2. Great post. It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time before I finally gave myself more credit and trust in my writing. Once I got over that hump, it got easier and easier to trust myself. I still have setbacks every-now-and-then, but I’m only human! :D

    • Nice to see you here after a long time Nate. :)
      Yes, we all are human and yea, we all need to give sometime before building the trust in us, that yes we are read to do it.
      Thanks Nate, for sharing your thought here. I really appreciate it.

  3. Good take on the challenge – we should all be prepared to express ourselves using whatever talents and skills we have whether we were born with them or have learnt them along our path throough life :-)

  4. The world is ready to be inspired by your thoughts my friend…
    I admire the fact that despite of your young age….yes young compared to shall I say, me….your thoughts and heart’s sentiments is that of a aged, wise man who lived long enough to experienced the lessons of life. I wish you all the best…may you keep burning that fire and passion in your heart….it will bring your dreams to your very doorstep.
    Happy Valentine’s Day…wishing you and your love ones all the love and joy in the world.

    • Thanks a lot bro. :) You always make my day bright with your kind comments. Yes might be, I have seen both side of life very early or might be I have committed some big mistakes in my life at a very early stage of my life; which made me realize what is life all about at a very age. :)

      Happy Valentine’s day… you really wrote the best post in your blog for this year’s valentine day. It was a beautiful & honest post. Thank you for that post. All the good wishes in the world to both of you! :)

  5. Obviously, you’ve struck a heart chord here. Part of the journey is finding our way in expressing ourselves. It’s wonderful when it matches other people’s willingness to hear what we’re saying, but when it doesn’t…it’s hard. Thanks for the nudge of courage.

    • Thanks a lot Barb. :)
      Even sometimes I feel as if, there is willingness among people to listen what we have to say; but the problem is they do not want to make us feel that they are listening. That’s the biggest challenge. :)

  6. OK, I will take the leap of faith, I will go for it. I have a novel partly written. It is somewhat of a biography and I am fighting with myself as I get to the hard parts. I must carry on. Thanks for the motivation.

    • You are welcome Maggie. :) Yes, must carry on with the novel. I am sure it will be a huge success and something you will be proud of once it will be complete. My best wishes to you. Thanks a lot Maggie for visiting. :)

  7. Every writer struggles with the confidence to say what is in their hearts and minds. But as you so wisely pointed out, is absolutely necessary in order to find your own voice. Another fabulous post Arindam.

  8. Wow you are truly evolving as a writer. An inspiring and appealing post :) And the pictures are lovely :) You’ve done a commendable job :)

  9. Wow, Arindam! I am not at all “ready” for this week’s challenge but so glad you were because I have so enjoyed reading your wise words of encouragement and I wish you so much of the best for your own release of words!

  10. I think a big part of this is trying lots of new things – and so many grownups are guilty of never trying anything new. We’re all encouraged as kids to try try try because how else will we figure out what we like, but once we’re past, oh, 21, suddenly no one is egging us on anymore. I can count the number of grownups I know who try new things on one hand! But you’ll never discover your genius if you don’t try!

    • Nice to see you here Christa. :) You are absolutely right about everything you said. No one can discover the genius in him/her until & unless he/she will try. You summarize the whole post brilliantly with in few words. So thank you for that. Hope to see you again. :)

  11. Fear of rejection or worst yet, ridicule, is a powerful motivator for many. I am quite guilty myself of paralysis by self-doubt. The death of my mother prompted me to get off my bum. It was a wake up call: death is waiting for us all and it’s very difficult to contribute from six feet under! That leap of faith plus giving yourself permission to FAIL, I think that’s a wonderful message. Kept preaching it. It needs to be heard by a lot of caring and intelligent people in the world. Thank you.

    • Thanks a lot. Comments like this, actually help me giving myself permission to fail & help me keep on doing what I like. Yes it’s completely true that, it’s very difficult to contribute from six feet under. We have one life to live and to leave our footprint by doing something good. So we all need to gather that much courage in us, to try our hands on those things, which we like to do.
      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. Hope to see you again here. BEst wishes to you. :)

  12. A wise man (Mahatma Gandhi) once said : “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Once you are ready to change yourself and be the best possible version of you…then you have started the change that will impact the people you live with and the people you will meet on your journey.

    Wonderful post! Have a great week!


    • Thanks a lot. Yes, that quote of M.K. Gandhi always motivates me; although I am not a big follower of him. :)
      You said it so right, we all need to try & bring the best possible version of us. Thank you for sharing your thought. Best wishes to you. :)

  13. Very wise words Arindam. And I am glad they came from you after a period of what I understand was a little challenging. We all have talents, we just need to put them in action – and I also believe not worry too much about how the world will take the result. As long as you do what you believe in – and let yourself do it. Yes, write from your heart – or whatever you talent is, but let it come from the heart. I enjoyed all your photos for this post, and maybe most of all the picture of the opening door. So full of mystery and possibilities. Great with the blurred composition, at the same time the details that come through too the right are very important for the picture. Great work.

    • A big thank you to you Munchow for all the supports & suggestions. :) Your comments always, bring best out of me. I always look up to your feedback on my posts. So that, I could get some suggestion and appreciation from a wonderful creative person like you. These words always inspire me.
      Yes, you are absolutely right, this post came just after a challenging phase. And I am really glad you liked lots of things about this post. It means a lot to me.

  14. The most genius are those who are born with their talents. The ones who master their skills are good at what they do, but they never have that spark that a truly talented person has. I’ve noticed that. Some just have it, without trying. And I think that those who are not born talented should accept that, and work at mastering a skill. Unfortunately, I see many just pout and say, “I’m not good at anything.” Boo. If you say that, then you never will be. Perseverance and stubbornness are talents as well.


    • I will completely agree with you, on what ever you said. I also belive there are two types of talented people- one who are born talented and the other, who master the skill. Even I also hate when a person say, “I am not good at something”. I will like that person to say, “I do not like doing that thing”. That will be better. As I believe a person can be good at anything if he will enjoy doing that thing.
      Thank you for sharing this wonderful thought here. It was a pleasure to read this comment of yours. :)

  15. ” Changing the world thru one’s talent “…….. at this very moment, I’m listening to the breaking news that Whitney Houston died a few hours ago. She did share her great talent, her voice, to the world.

  16. Ren, you are absolutely right. Talent has no value, until & unless that person share it with the world and it’s people. :) To be honest I do not have much idea about Whitney Houston, but I will check about her now.
    As always It’s my pleasure to see you here Ren. :) Best wishes to you!!

    • You are welcome. :) Thank you for taking taking your time to read this post. It’s all my pleasure to see you here. Best wishes to you for your future projects. :)

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