India & Slum-Dog-Millionaire!

Posted on January 14, 2012


Few years earlier, when a Danny Boyle movie named ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won Oscar, whole world went on praising that movie & the people who made that movie, except few people like me. No do not think that I did not like that movie. I also loved that movie like every other movie lover. I am also happy for the fact that few Indians, who were associated with the movie also got Oscar & got the global recognition for their work.

But few questions raised in my mind from that moment. Does India really all about slum, dog & millionaire? Do not people like me belong to my country? I do not stay in slums and I am not a dog. I am a common man of my country, like billions of other people of my country. Who is living a normal life like you people ; and yes I dream not only to be a millionaire but also to be a billionaire. But I want to achieve that dream with my talent & hard work; just like 90% of young people of my country. So why people across the world have this wrong perception that India is all about Slums, dogs & very few millionaires. Why people enjoy when my country is shown as a poor country having all the troubles in the world. These questions still hurt me.

That may be reality I do not know. I do not want to enter into that argument. But if a mother has 1.2 billion children, then obviously she has to face some problem while growing her children. My country is my mother and I am sure one day my mother will be able to feed all her children by her own. We people never seek other’s help to come out of our problem. We Indian’s have a tradition, when a guest comes to our home, we do not share our problems with him/her. Rather we try to give him/her love, care, happiness and comfort as much as we can. Then why people when come to my country only see all those problems my country has. Can’t they feel the good things my country has.

For me this is same as, you go to someone’s place to stay there; then keep an eye on the problems he/she is facing. And after that rather than helping him/her to overcome from those problems ;does it right to tell those things to all the people of world on a global platform? I do not think this is fair to show the dark side of my country on a global platform that is also by making it more visually perfect, which is very much different from the reality. Yes India is dealing with lots of problems, but not to that extent some people in the world visualizing it. Yes sometimes each one of us find it difficult to survive and compete with 1.21 billion other lives. But there is not a single country in the world which is not dealing with one problem or other.

I know you people are intelligent enough to get the right answer to the question “Is India all about Slum, Dog & very few Millionaires?” by yourself. But what i expect from you people is that, you will try to find the answer by your own, rather than going by someone else’s way of looking at India.

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