Puzzle of LIFE!

Posted on January 7, 2012


I wish I could be a child once again. So that I could fly with my dreams, with out caring much about the reality. I could do whatever I want with out much caring about others. I could play with the mud in my hands, I could sit on the streets with friends, I could just be, what I am. But time never runs in the backward direction. Still  people say, “Time is the best teacher”, so I learned lots of lessons  from it, in last few years.

When I was a child those people whom I believe and respect told me that, Be honest, Do not lie to those people who love you and care for you, Keep faith in god, Follow all the rules, respect elders and love younger, Try to bring smile on someone’s face. And like a good child, I started following these rules. And now when I look back, I somehow realize that, I have done nothing good for neither myself nor others. Then, might be those golden rules have no values in real life.

Honesty is something each one of us thinks as the most important aspect to be good a human being. But the question is that, “Do I want to be a good human being or a successful human being?” Can I give honest opinion at my workplace, when my boss is wrong? Will that work? I am not really sure. Then my honesty may end up with, either giving me a promotion or making me search for a new job.

There are very few people in this world, who want to lie to those people, who hold importance in their lives. But sometimes in a relationship a person need that much space, where a truth can live. Now the question is do we really give that much space to others. Do we have that much strength and tolerance in us to listen & accept the truth?

Again like billions of people of my country I have complete faith on god, whom I never met yet. The best part is in my religion, we have 130Million gods. Although it’s said that, they are different forms of a single god. But when I see lots of people, who believe in the same god whom I believe, end up living their life with pain and sorrows ; I always ask this simple question to myself “Does really God exist? If so, then why can’t he see what’s happening to his followers? Does he hold any power or it’s we human, who created something to give us an illusion, that there is someone who is keeping an eye on all of us and whose main job is to fulfill our wishes?” I am not saying this to either question anyone’s belief on him or to hurt any one’s sentiment. Even as a firm believer of god, i know somewhere from bottom of my heart that, “God is seeing what i am writing here.” But i want God to realize that, there is someone who is questioning about his existence; by seeing What is happening to his pupil in his presence. I hope one day he will prove me wrong.

The most important thing I follow each day, as I feel that’s why we all live for- that’s to spread the smile. It’s the easiest and simplest thing in the world to make someone feel good. But sometimes while trying this I found myself in the other side of the table by hurting someone instead of making that person smile. May be to make someone smile and to hurt someone there is a very thin line, which we must not cross. But I have a real manufacturing defect either in my body or in my mind, because I never able to make my intention clear and believe me, there is nothing which hurts more than hurting someone that to be unintentionally.

When I was a school going kid, my handwriting was really poor. And it was really so poor that, all the alphabets are ashamed of themselves to find that, I gave them a place in my notebook. So to take revenge, they did not let others to read them. So to improve my handwriting, everyday my teacher was giving me a quote to copy in a handwriting book 20 times. I am not sure, if my handwriting skill improved or not, but those quotes really gave me a wrong interpretation of life. “Life is journey, Enjoy it”. So I thought, how could be my teacher wrong. So I started enjoying this journey. But when I reached middle of the journey, everyone asked me to pay the price of the ticket, which I did not have. So I realized that, “Yes Life is journey and I need to enjoy it, but after making sure that l have enough money to pay the price for the trip.” One more quote, which I remember is, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. It sounded nice to my ears, so I decided to never quit. But when I realized that I completed half of my life’s durability and I have not secured my life yet, then I found this quote is also not feasible. Life may be long, but it is really very sort to waste the time by holding those things, which is not helping you to be secure in life.

Every stage of life is predefined; we only have to act the best possible way in those periods of life. When we will go to school, when we will complete study, when we will get in to a job, when we have to get married, when we will have children and when we let them live their own lives; and  everything in life is decided by our ancestors and god before we walked in to this planet. As people say, there is a perfect timing to do everything in life. Then only life goes smoothly and beautifully. But what if a person is running late, without matching up to the phases of life? I have only one answer to this one, which is,”I do not know”.

I know this kind of thoughts hit a person’s mind, when everything in life looks  like a puzzle to him. And yes each one of us go through this phase also, when everything  in that person’s life looks puzzled at that moment, if one thing we try to bring at its place, then we find the other parts in wrong places. But one thing my teacher told, which i could not prove as wrong is, “Keep on trying, if you can’t solve the puzzle by your own than one day it will get solve by its own. But for this to happen, a person has to keep on trying.“.

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