Colors of Sky, through my eye!

Posted on January 2, 2012


People sang, people danced, people celebrated and welcomed one more Year with open arms and lots of expectations. Fireworks gave us all an illusion, that as if they are the stars in the sky. We hugged and kissed our dear ones, to say thank you for their support and to make them feel their importance in our lives. We said thank you to god, for giving us lots of memories last year and took his blessing for the coming year. That’s how, we said good bye to the year 2011 and welcomed a brand new year 2012.

Now the fireworks & music stopped and the celebration got over as we reach to the evening of the first day of the New Year. Now everyone is ready to back to work. Now both the world & its people are going to work in normal mode, leaving that party mode behind. So last evening, rather than being part of that celebration that was going on, I decided to spend some time with myself alone. I just wanted to analyze what I did last year, and what I need to do this year, to get closer to my goal. When I sat on my balcony and looked at the sky, it was looking beautiful. 

 As if the sky, which was painted with so many colors, wanted to say something not only to me, but also to all of us. May be the sky was trying to say, “I stored all the colors of life for you people; color of joy, color of happiness, color of peace, color of success, color of togetherness, color of love. Now you chose the color, in which you want to paint your life.”

May be we are so busy with life, in order to get all those materialistic things; we are somehow missing what is nature keeping in store for us. I hope in between our busy lives, we will stop & appreciate those wonderful things, nature will gift us this year. Wish you all a blessed twenty twelve.

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