Candle Lighter Award- Lighting the hope in blogosphere!

Posted on December 29, 2011


Before passing on this award, I just want to say you all that, more than the award, this post is all about a message which I want to send to you all.

This December I got lot of things to cheer about. Of course the biggest one, I have already mention in my post” a perfect reason for celebration”. Now one more is going to be added to that list.

I was awarded with “Candle Lighter Award” by one of my most favorite people Melissa, Author of the blog Play101 on 28th Dec 2011.

This award is a special one, as I received it from not only a wonderful writer, TV News Reporter and Anchor but also from a wonderful human being. If you have n’t visited her blog yet, then you are missing something for sure. One more thing I want to mention about Melissa that, she has the ability to read the writer’s mind. Each time she commented on my post, she always mentioned that line in her comment, which I found the best while writing the same.

Before I will pass this award to my blogging friends, I will like to share something. When I came across this award for the first time, I found its name very appealing. As “Candle” is something each one of us use for different purpose, like avoiding the darkness, or to help us study to avoid the ignorance, to add little bit of romance in to our life  or to meditate to develop the inner sense.

So candle, some how bring love, care, inspiration, peace in to our life; more than any thing else we badly need it, when we no more want to deal with darkness. So this time I am going to thank all those people, who bring love, care, inspiration to blogosphere.

I have n’t got an Oscar or Nobel prize; so with out taking more time, I am going to pass this award to some of my blogging friends, who helped me, who inspired me and  made my journey in this world beautiful by making there presence feel everyday. I am just wishing you “all the best”. May you people get lot of happiness, success & peace in your lives in coming days. And if you can believe me than, from my bottom of my heart, I am saying “thank you” to all of you for making my existance felt.

What is Candle Lighter Award-

This award is for those bloggers whose words light the way through the blogosphere. It originated  for blogs “that bring light to the world [and offer] inspiration, hope, optimism, good advice, faith filled assurances, and even humor.”

There are no rules for this award. It’s just a way of pointing out inspirational blogs. To that end, I would like to pass the “Candle Lighter Award” on to the following blogs: (in Random order)

As this award has no rule, so I am going to give the award to giver also. 

NB:- If i missed any blog name, which I love visiting; then sorry. But I will add those blogs, the moment I will realize i missed them.

I will not miss a chance to say “thank you” to all those people, who visited my blog silently without making their presence felt. I did n’t get the chance or else might be you people did n’t give me a chance to find you or to know you better, in this journey till now; but I respect and care for you all; I really do. Hope we will know each other better in coming days.

Wish you all my dear people a happy & prosperous new year….. May this journey of sharing joy, happiness, love, emotion, laugh, sadness, regrets & hope continues…..

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