I am having a Tail on my Head!

Posted on December 18, 2011


Few days earlier I went to a salon for hair cut. Starting from my child hood, I have never ever tried anything different with my hair style. So I entered the salon and the hair stylist welcomed me with a big a smile. It’s a tradition or rule what ever; a doctor before starting his operation, a chicken shop owner before cutting the chicken and a hair stylist before cutting the hair, always show all their love and affections towards their patients, chickens and customers subjects.

Before starting the hair cut, the first question the hairstylist asked me “small medium or long?” I hope you people are thinking what kind of question is this. Even I also thought the same, when he asked me this question. For first I thought, “Might be he was not good at English, so instead of saying large he was saying long to offer me a drink before haircut.” But he was not that nice as a person, he meant something else which my friend who knew their local language made me understand. Now I will tell, what was that question originally means.

As the hair stylist did not know that much English, so he asked me if I would prefer to keep my hair short, medium or long? As my friend suggested me few days earlier to keep my hair short this time, it would suit me; so i agreed after a long discussion with him. Might be this one is the biggest risk I took in my life till now, because since my child hood I never ever kept my hair short. I liked my hair to dance with wind, to cover my face and make their presence feel.
But as doctor loves to cut the unnecessary parts of our body just like, appendix; similarly hair stylish always love to cut hairs of others which they think unnecessary. So without even wasting a second, he started cutting my hair. I started feeling the comb and the scissors in between hairs, and the sound of scissors on my head echoed in to my ears. My dearest and beautiful hairs started falling on my face, but this time they were not connected to my head. As if they were saying me, “why are you doing this to us?How could you Forget those girls found you cute, it was only due to us. Even some of them praised us.”
I got emotional by feeling their emotions. My tears were about to rolled out of my eyes. But I am really good at controlling my emotions. So I prefer not to look at them and closed my eyes. I let that person, who had complete control over my head for next few minutes decide how he wanted to decorate it.
This process continued for next few minutes. I found hairs which were of no use and which were on their way to heaven, now all over the apron which was covering my body. I could hear that hair stylish saying me that, “Sir it’s almost done”. I slowly opened my eyes, as if I do not want to see my head after that cyclone took place for last few minutes on it. Still I am a brave man, so I opened my eyes to see the destruction. But it was not that bad. Then I had no other options  also other than thinking so. I could not bring my hairs back to its original length.
I thought that thank god at last the process got over and I was about to stand from that chair, then one more question that hair stylist asked me, “sir do you want a tail?” Believe me I could not express my reaction to this question in words. For a second I thought is he god or what! Is he asking about my next birth, if I would prefer to be an animal?
Than by seeing his facial expression &his hands pointing towards bottom of my head’s back side, I realized that, oh! he was asking something regarding my hair. Then he made me realize that he wanted to keep some hairs little long, at the bottom of my head’s back side, to look like tail. He tried to convince me that, now a day’s girls prefer guys having this tail. Style factor you know!
As already I had taken the risk of cutting my hair small, so I thought of giving it a try also. After all who does not want girl’s attention? So with my due permission, he started making a tail on my head. It took just a little time for him to make an artificial tail on my head with my natural hairs. And at last, the process of making a tail on my head got over.

Now I am having a tail on my head. Now I also started loving it. Still I am not sure, if girls like it or not, as none of them mentioned me about it till now. That’s why I hate girl, they can notice very easily those six white beards on my right corner of face, but they can’t notice my beautiful tail. May be they are jealous of my tail. But now when I meet tiger, lion, elephant, zebra……cow, dog, donkey, cat etc on road…. I just turn & show them my newly born tail, although it’s placed in a different position. None of them mess with me anymore, may be they are afraid of me now as I have a tail on my head. Most importantly my neighbor’s dog does not bark at me anymore. May be he started considering me as his best friend.

small tail on my head 😉

Just one tail changed my life…… This is today’s tale for you all. Be happy & keep smiling.

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