Answers to Some unanswered questions by a Fool!

Posted on December 14, 2011


Sometimes life pushes us, to ask some questions to ourselves or to others. Some questions are answerable and some are not! Still there is not a single question which is of no value. Some questions have its answer embedded in it. But we people never try to find its answer. May be we have not reached that state of intelligence.

As a young guy, lot of times I come across a question, i.e.  “Why does this happen in love?” Sometimes, either I have asked it to myself or sometimes some of my friends asked it to me. It is the most important and quite unsolved question a person can ask.   Here one more unsolved question may arise,  “What is love?” Yes for me, this is also difficult to answer, because its definition is going to vary according to your relationship with that person.Yes, it’s not only difficult but also quite impossible to answer these question, unless you are god.

But, here also one more unsolved question arises, “does god really exist?”  I do not know if he exists or not, but at least I hope & I expect him to exist. But I am not completely sure. I believe in god. So when I get success, then I dedicate it to god and when I see failure, I think god is taking my test of belief in him. Still sometimes I reach to a point of realization that, if god is God, then he is present everywhere, he knows everything, what am I doing? Or what am I thinking? Then why he never realized that I have a strong belief on him. Why he wants to take my test by letting me struggle, by giving me pain and by making me helpless?

So how to answer this question “Why does this happen in love?” The answer somehow depends on the person, who asks this question.Because sometimes love gives us a feeling that, life is beautiful because there is something called love exist in it. There is someone, who loves us, who care for us, who makes us feel our importance; which makes our lives worth living. So If a person is happy with the person he is in love and asks this question, then its really difficult to answer, “how can love makes life so wonderful?”

sometimes a person, who already lost that person, “whom he loved the most, whom he cared for the most, for whom he could do anything, for whom he could go to any extent to make that person happy” asks this question it’s really difficult to answer.  But if a person could do this much for someone he/she loved, then why did he/she left that person alone? Why someone could not realize, that person’s importance in his/ her life? So, when that person asks this question “Why this happens in love?” It is really difficult to answer that one. Although every every argument has lots of sides and every question may has lots of answers. But still sometimes we are just not good enough to find them or to reach to a conclusion.

When a relationship breaks, why this happens that a person can’t find the replacement so easily? Why he tries to convince others that he is not missing that person, although he knows, he is? Why he tries to find that person only in every person he meets?  Why does he let those tears in his closed eyes, wash away those dreams, which he was dreaming since a long time? Why? Why he needs a person to motivate him, to inspire him, to bring that hunger in him to achieve something. Why can’t he realize that he is the biggest motivation and inspiration for himself?  Why does he depend on someone else to show him the way to live his life? Why does he want to walk towards success, holding someone else’s hand rather than walking alone?

For me these questions are impossible to answer correctly. So now I have stopped searching their answers also. But yes, somehow I managed to find an answer to these questions. Which is nothing else than a “SMILE”. When life bring these kinds of questions in front of me, I just smile and say let’s move on. I have lots of other things to do rather than searching for answer to these questions.  You can’t have an answer to every question. .  So, Newton’s law which states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” can’t be applied to life. We may say that, ” There is no need to search for answer to every question”.

We may sometimes due to one reason or another say that, we do not believe in god, we don’t have time for love. Still we are human beings; nothing in this world can take our belief on god from us. Our science & technology can never find the replacement of feelings & emotions. At the end of the day what we are going to look for is just little love from our dear ones.

So just have a big smile in your face and reply to life that, “I do not care about these questions you are asking me. I am just thankful that you are by my side. So thank you for that.” And move forward.May be that’s life. I know here arises one more unsolved question what is life? But I am not going to get in to that one. What ever is life, but one thing for sure it’s surely beautiful. We just need to open our eyes to see the beauty of it, we just need to stretch our arms to welcome  it, we just need to walk forward to see what’s there stored for us next!!

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