Do not walk, Run towards your Dream!

Posted on December 10, 2011


There are some words which are difficult to define. For example- beauty, talent, love, affection, emotion, confidence, life etc. If a person looks beautiful to you, it does not mean that someone else is going to feel the same about that person. Someone’s talent looks small when he is competing with a person who is much more talented. Someone may love you a lot, but it looks really less when someone else loves you beyond your expectation. So it is not only difficult, but also impossible to measure these things.

When someone is happy, when someone has lots of people to love him or care for him, when someone is getting everything in life he desired; ask him he will complain that life is too short. When someone is alone, when someone is in pain, when someone is struggling for survival; ask him and he is going to say that life is too long. If we will calculate mathematically then each year is equals to 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds. Yes the number is showing that one year has 31536000 moments in it. It also means, a person can smile up to 31536000 times, a person can kiss 31536000 times. So yes Life can be considered as too long if we will try to live in moments.

But now I just want you all to multiply that number 3153600 to your age. All ladies here comes a request for you all, please do not try to hide your age. So after getting the result, just think how many times life gave you a reason to smile? or how many times you have kissed to a person you love in these years?  How many achievements you have to proud of? How many times you have tried to make something really big in life? Yes I know you people are thinking that, “why we never realized that!”  Yes that’s what I am trying to say, “why we never realized that life is too short to bring a smile in your own face and to try bringing it in someone else’s face? Why we never realized that life is too short to love someone? Why we never realized that life is too short to even realize what life is in reality?” Because when a person is about to reach to the conclusion to the question “What life is all about”; Life leaves that person’s hand.

So how could be it possible to reach your dreams or I may say to achieve your dreams by walking towards it. You need to be really lucky to get there walking; and I believe luck is something which is not there with maximum people of this universe. So it will be really foolish of a person, if that person is going to think that he can reach there by walking.

Yes it is not an easy task to  make your dreams become true. But dear nothing good comes in this world so easily. Then how could dream be so cheap. If it would have been so chip, then it would not appear to us when our eyes were closed. It is just a glimpse shown to us by god, that what we can achieve in this birth, if we can give our heart, body and soul to make it possible.

What’s the point of having a talent of a writer in you, if you can’t autograph on your writing and gift it to a person to make him feel like he is on top of the world; what’s the point of having talent of a soccer player in you, if you can’t beat the goal keeper of opposition team in a world cup final to make people of your own country proud; what’s the point of being a human, if you can’t bring humanity to society; what’s the point of being a boxer if you can’t hit on the face of your opponent, at least if you can save your own face from him hitting on it; then also you will remain a winner in your own eyes.

So it’s very easy to dream with closed eyes. But to turn it in to reality, you have to run towards it. What if you will fall and you will not find any hands to help you get up; just get up by your own and again run. Run until you reach where you wanted to. What if you will get hurt; God has given you hands to wipe out not only tears from someone else’s eyes, but also from  your own eyes . So wipe out your tears and run so fast that, no one can realize that you are running towards your dream having tears in your eyes, pain in your body. But if you will walk towards it, then someday you are going to realize that may be one lifetime was also not enough to reach there. So instead of walking towards your dream, if you will run towards it, then at least you will get more chance to hit the bull’s eye.

So Run… Run and Run … until you reach your Dreams!! Believe me one day you are going to reach there for sure.

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