The tong twisting Story of ‘I’ and ‘U’

Posted on December 2, 2011


This is an  uncommon story between two most common people named, “I” and “U”. Just keep your mind & Tongue in right places. This story is going to twist both of them. 

‘I’ is a good looking young guy, who believes, some one can’t fall in love intentionally; love happens by its own at perfect time, at perfect place and with perfect person. May be ‘I’ is so busy with his life that, he has no time to fall in love. ‘I’ believes that, ‘I’ can’t be committed to someone by just updating his Facebook relationship status from single to committed. ‘I’ does not think that values of words like relationship, commitment are so chip.

Its 11pm in the night, ‘I’ is sitting on his building terrace. ’I’ is tired of the struggle, which ‘I’ is doing in his life to achieve something big. Still all the natural powers of earth are giving ‘I’ some peace, some energy and making ‘I’ feel that, “yes ‘I’ is still alive” . The moon light, falling on ‘I’ is giving ‘I’ a feeling as if it will make the coming days of I’s life bright & peaceful. The cool breeze which is blowing pass ‘I’, helping ‘I’ to close his eyes; So that it can take ‘I’ to a different world; where ‘I’ can see those people,whom either ‘I’ lost or never ever met through the journey of his life, still they hold importance to ‘I’. It is just making ‘I’ believe that, in reality the world is very beautiful, what ‘I’ needs to do is to change the way ‘I’ looks at everything surrounding him.  The breeze gently passing through ‘I’, touching ‘I’ smoothly, as if it is kissing on I’s cheek, so that “I” will feel that, “I is not lonely ”. The breeze slowly whispering in I’s ear that, “This kiss which i gave was sent by someone special to you,”

‘I’ knows who is that someone special, that some one is no one other than ‘U’. Yes I never met ‘U’, ‘I’ never talked to ‘U’; but  ‘I’ is waiting for ‘U’. ‘I’ does not know  “How does ‘U’ look?” or “where does ‘U’ stay?”; so that ‘I’ can find ‘U’. Still ‘I’ can spend his whole life waiting for ‘U’.’I’ knows ‘U’ exists in this same planet, to which ‘I’ also belongs. ‘I’ does not expect ‘U’ to come from moon or mars. ‘I’ tries to see U’s face in that full moon, ‘I’ tries to listen ‘U’s voice through the wind when it flows passing I’s ear, I tries to feel touch of U’s hands in that breeze, while it touches ‘I’. ‘I’ does all those stuffs to feel U’s existence near him, just like ‘u’ does those same stuffs to feel ‘I’ near her.

‘I’ & ‘U’ see each others face in moon ;)

Now ‘I’ stopped searching ‘U’ in others. Now ‘I’ does not try to see ‘U’ in someone else. As I started believing how someone else can be ‘U’! ‘U’ must be someone special, whom god made for ‘I’. ‘U’ must be someone, who can make ‘I’ smile even though ‘I’ will have tears in his eyes; ‘U’ can make ‘I’ feel his importance even though whole world will reject ‘I’; ‘U’ can inspire ‘I’ and motivate ‘I’, so that It will bring a desire in ‘I’ to be a winner in life; ‘U’ can bring ‘I’s belief in love, by loving him as no one ever did before; No ‘I’ is not going to say that, ‘U’ can take his pain, because that’s the one thing ‘I’ will not allow ‘U’ to take from him, but for sure ‘U’ can give ‘I’ the strength to come out of that.

‘I’ does not know ‘U’ is beautiful or not, although ‘I’ expects ‘U’ to be. Yet it’s also a fact that, I’s definition of beauty is going to differ with others, who have already defined beauty with their own words. For ‘I’ beauty is simplicity, beauty is purity.Even though ‘I’ never met ‘U’, still ‘I’ knows ‘U’ has the eyes, which is good enough to help ‘I’ to see his dreams in it. ‘I’ knows U’s smile has that much purity, which is going to give ‘I’ a reason to stay alive. I knows U’s voice is so much sweet that it will not let ‘I’ to argue with. ‘I’ knows U’s touch has that magic, which is going to heal I’s wounds, as if they were just illusion.

You may ask me, “how can ‘I’ find ‘U’?” or else “how can ‘U’ find ‘I’ ?” as neither they do know each other nor they have met before. Yes that is the magic of true love. Love has that much power,to bring “I“& “U” together. God also knows that- ‘I’ Loves ‘U’, ‘I’ Cares for ‘U’, ‘I’ respects ‘U’. ‘I’ will always be incomplete without ‘U’, So how can God be so rude, as he knows, ‘I’ is not ‘I’ without ‘U’and ‘U’ is not ‘U’ without ‘I’ …. :)

True Love Couple

True Love Couple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)