Walking with dreams & reality in both hands

Posted on December 2, 2011


Few days earlier, my brother called me and asked “why I am not uploading my resume for a new job? Although I made a promise to him that I would be done with it by mid November.” Then he told me all those things where I am not good at. He told me all those things in a low pitch that’s why I am not using the word ‘scold’ instead of ‘told’.

He told me “if I couldn’t keep these small commitments to him being an engineer, then how I would be a good manager.” And without any doubt he was right. But do I want to be a manager in future. Let’s say,  if I would be, then how I would commit to others by predicting those things about which I would also be not sure! Now days I have quite matured with time, so my brother does not scold me too often. And I am not going to say that I am missing it. But that day I came across one more advantage of being a writer, which was “it brings patience in a person to listen others, even though someone is saying those truths which you do not want to listen”. It means it somehow makes you a good listener, because the first thing a writer needs in him is that he has the ability in him, to respect thoughts & experiences of others.

So after our conversation was over, some thoughts hit my minds straight away. Those are- Might be I was not good at commitments, that’s why I have not done something really great in my life. If I could not be committed to myself, then how could I be committed to others? So Lesson-1 I learnt that day, “I would be committed more to myself now onwards”. Then one more thought came to my mind. I know you people are thinking how many thoughts can hit my mind simultaneously? Yes my mind is very large, it has enough space to keep all those thoughts, which come to me. What I was saying? Hmmm…. The other thought that came to my mind was, why I could not show my seriousness about those things, which others feel that those were important enough for me to get serious. So Lesson-2 I learnt, “Now onwards I would try to show my seriousness about those things, which other people felt really important for me”.

One more thought came to my mind, although it did not have any lesson in it. I just thought that instead of sending those 3-4 pages of my resume, I would send first 3-4 pages of my first novel to my brother, which is not completed yet?  But I was not sure that, if he would like it or not. He had belief in commitment not prediction. So I could not commit him about my novel’s success, but yes I could predict that.

Both of those 3-4 pages, I have mentioned might have completely different content in them. Still both of them were somehow connected and similar, because both those pages had my future, my dream in them.


While the first type in that list of pages could help me in getting a good job which I was capable of doing, which could give me enough money to buy a home, to buy a car & also to get a beautiful and intelligent girl to marry who could fill the front seat of my car. Whereas the second type of pages can give me something to proud of, something to satisfy of. It is just similar to see your dreams becoming true in front of your own eyes. But I know no one other than me is going to value those 3-4 pages of my novel same as 3-4 pages of my resume. Although I know after 6-7 months those 300 pages of my novel is going to give me fame & money which my resume can never give me. And one more important thing, I am not committing anything; I am just predicting that my novel may be get published by 6-7 months. But it may take 2-3 months extra or less and number of pages may not be exactly 300. So I made it clear, please do not say me after 6 months that I am not good at commitment. I am now tired of hearing my weaknesses. But I am going to do my first commitment of my life to you all, which is “one day, I will achieve all my dreams ”.  I hope you people are going to wish for me that, I can keep my commitment.

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