Let’s Redefine Family!

Posted on November 22, 2011


In 21st century when the whole world is worried about nuclear war, I am worried about another term associated with the word nuclear which is also equally dangerous, not to the world but to the society; that is “Nuclear Family”. Lots of organizations are working together to avoid any chance of a nuclear war. But does anyone of us is really worried about the fact that, what change nuclear family is bringing to our society.

Actually, the concept of the nuclear family was first noticed in Western Europe in the 17th century. A nuclear family is defined as a family group consisting of a father and mother and their children. But now a days this concept is spreading in all over the world, there may be lots of reason for this-

  • May be people are becoming very selfish these days.
  • May be people don’t want interference of other family members in their lifestyle.
  • May be people don’t want to compromise with the financial gains by caring about other people in family.
  • May be people don’t want to take the responsibility of the family.
  • May be people want to bring up their children the way they want without much interference of “others”.

But how can they forget the fact that whatever they are today is only due to those people who are now coming under the category of “others”.

In today’s time, it will not be wrong if we say, family does not mean living under the same roof; but it involves sharing your emotions, your sorrows, your joys with other members of the family. Now it can’t be possible that all members of a family will stay together, as everyone has to go different places to earn his livelihood.  If children will spend time with family, then only they will learn the value of relationship. They can learn all the important aspect of life like- to give and take, to be patient, cooperative, and tolerant and to adjust with the other family members.

The most important question arises here is, “can nuclear family be the best family structure?” For me it’s definitely not! And the reason why I am thinking so is – No one can take the place of a child’s grandparent. We may try to replace them with a nanny or a babysitter.  But a nanny or a babysitter can’t give that child those values which his/her grandparents can give. A nanny or babysitter can’t give that child that much love which his/her grandparents can give. A nanny or babysitter can’t take that much care of a child which his/her grandparents can take.

I know you people are very intelligent to understand what this picture is all about. Still It’s my duty, so i am going to explain what this picture is all about.

25 years earlier a man & a woman got married. Then they had their children. They were a happy family by then, having all the members of family together. One year earlier their son & daughter got married. Now daughter became part of someone else’s family and son do not feel the need of his parents anymore. Son is thinking that their parents can take care of themselves. So why he will tolerate the interference of them in his life. Now his family constitute of him & his wife. Few years later his children are going to be added to his family. But what about his parents? Who will take care of them in their old days, if their own child is taking them as burden? But Life goes in circle. So few more years later their grand son will get married. Then what their son did with them, same thing going to happen to their son. I am not sure by then, their son will realize his mistake. But if he will, then also it is going to be too late.

So, yes it’s true we can’t bring much change to the world by controlling terrorism or by avoiding any chance of a nuclear war as we are not that much powerful. But for sure we can bring a change in the society by not going for the concepts like nuclear family, because it’s in our hand and we are the people who are making the choice. One day we all will grow old. And we will not fit into the nuclear family structure. So today we are making the choice, but after few years we have to accept the choice of our next generation. So let’s give a real thought to this one…. And let’s opt for a right family structure. Let’s start giving values to our family members emotion & let’s start giving value to the relationships we have. Let’s realize that our parents need our hand to walk in their old days & let’s compromise with our style of living, so that our parents will feel comfortable……  Let’s use the words like “We” & “Our” instead of “I” & “Me”.

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