Confessions of a bad blogger.. In front of Blogging World!

Posted on November 21, 2011


It was September 22nd; my laptop clock was showing 11.55 PM. With the advice of some of my close friends and one of my nieces, I entered a new world, which was blogging world. I did not even know anyone, who belonged to this different kind of world or how to make things work in this world. But without the help of any person living or dead, I started learning every aspect of this world by my own, yes with the help of “Google” of course.

My new world.... "Blogging World"

I started getting habituated to this world. For the first time I was enjoying doing something.  May be this world gave me a chance to know myself better. Rather I would say that, it gave me a chance to spend some time with myself. It also gave me a chance to share my thoughts with those people who could value those thoughts. With each like, each comment & each follow my confidence started growing. I am not going to tell lie by, saying that I did not get hurt, when I saw many people were not liking, commenting on my posts or not even bothered to read my posts. Within this span of more than one month, I wrote more than 25 posts (Although not a single person bothered to read all those posts). For me as a reader, some of them were really good, some of them were average. I know I am sounding over confident. But it’s OK; I am like that only. I am never afraid of praising my own work; but if and only if I am having a feeling, i have done justice with that one. Oops I am diverting from the topic. Back to business, what I was saying that it still hurts when people do not bother to read my posts. Still during this journey in a world, which is new to me, I found some wonderful people; who not only read my posts, but tried their best to motivate me, to make me happy & helped me to keep going.

When I was a child, my Geography teacher ( she is my mother also :)) taught me that, world is very big and people of various parts of this planet are different from each other. Again like everyone’s English teacher, my Geography teacher also told me all those lies. :)Because now I am having the feeling that the world is not actually that much big as we thought, thanks to this blogging concept. Neither, we people are that much different from each other. We are now part of a family, a happy blogging family; what if we never met each other, what if we never talked to each other; still we motivate each other, still we respect each other, still we care for each other. It’s just a process of bringing the whole world under a single roof. It’s just a chance for us to try & change the perception of us on each other and also to show the world what talent we have. Our nationality, our religion, our age & our gender may differ; still we have everything else same. Each one of us smiles, each one of us cries reading someone else post. Most importantly each one of us strives for comments & likes on his/her posts. So how can we be different?

Now this blogging world & its people started entering to the world & people I live with. Now whenever I am free from my work or else I may say when I get tired in that world where I stay, or when I feel lonely even though I am with those people of that world in which I live; I just enter to this beautiful world to enjoy the beauty of writing, photography or anything which is part of what some intelligent people called as ‘creativity’ and common people like me called as “reason for our living”.

Yes, sometimes in disappointment that thought of quitting this blogging world comes to my mind. But that quote, “Quitters never win, Winners never quit”; which inspires me from my childhood days, does not allow me to do so. So I started reading every good writers post in my free time. Because I always believe if you want to be good speaker, be a good listener first. If you want to be a good father, be a good son first. So this thought applied in the field of writing also. So I believe if I want to be a good writer (Which I am not), I have to be a good reader first. And that’s what I always try to do. I go through the blogs of these wonderful writers to see what thoughts came out from their minds and if those are good enough, I appreciate them. Because what Talent deserves is appreciation & recognition. So why I will not appreciate good works of those talented people? One thing for sure, by living with these talented people one day I may able to write like them. I can bring my thoughts on paper in the best way possible. I just started my journey being a writer (for the first time, I am referring myself as writer; thanks to Lenore,  Melissa, Renee Johnson; you people helped me to realize that) and one day I will reach my destination for sure. I do not expect to get more than what I deserve; but I am not going to compromise with less than what I deserve. I am like that only. 🙂

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