“Save me & Save your self”- The Last letter from a tree to all Humans!

Posted on November 15, 2011


Dear humans,

At last the day came for me to write a letter to you all. Like everyone else, I also believed that, you people are the most intelligent ones in this planet. But you people proved me wrong.  No do not think that I am writing a letter to you all to complain anything. Till now I never asked you for anything. But I always gave you, whatever you asked me for. And do not think that I am going to stop doing that. I will never stop, till my last breath. I want to see you all happy. But yes, it hurts me that you never appreciate those things which I do for you or else I give to you all. Do not think that I am trying to prove my worth here. I know that, if after so many years you people could not realize what I am doing for you all, then it would be foolish of mine to expect that you are going to realize it now.

I spend my whole life serving you all. I am not going to repeat those things again, as you all know them.  I give you food, shelter and all other major necessities to stay alive. Yes you may argue that, you people are intelligent to produce these things artificially without my help. Yes you can, I am not going to argue on that. But from where you will get oxygen to breath? You are not intelligent enough to create that artificially. Have you ever thought that why I do not move, here & there like you people. Do not I want to see the world? Yes I also want to enjoy everything that planet gives us. But I do not; only because- if in your need,  I would not be there where I was, then what you people would do.

I am so much loyal that, I never told your wives/husbands that, you were romancing someone else during your young days sitting under me. Only because I respect your emotions & I do not want to hurt you. But forget about respecting my emotions, you people tried to prove that, yes I have life but I do not have emotions. Is this fair? You just ask yourself this question.

You have a family. I also had, which constitute of me, my husband & my son. We all were living happily. But one among you, in front of us killed my husband. Now my little son is really scared of humans. He asks me a question “Mom, why are you still serving those humans although one of them, killed my dad? Even though he never did anything wrong his life”. And believe me I do not have a single answer to his question. Do you have? I hope not. Still I tell him that, “It’s our duty. What if they do not love us, do not care for us. But I do. And how can we see those people whom we love in trouble”.

I am not sure, when you people will get this letter I will be alive or death. But please save my son. He has no one of his own except me. I do not know what will happen to him after my death. Do not think I am writing this letter only to save my son’s life. I have already lost lots of my family members, but I never wrote a single letter to you all. But this time I am writing, because I am seeing my loved ones, those are you people in trouble.

I have very few members of my community left in this planet. I know you have already noticed that. But are you really doing anything understanding that, “how is it going to affect you people”. Forget that prediction that “world is going to end by 2012”. I am going to predict that, “It will not”. But life is going to end in this planet after few more yours, if you will not value my life. You people are searching life in other planets, with out caring for the lives those are present in your own planets.

So Please … p-l-e-a-s-e not for my sake, but for your sake only, “Save Me …. Save Yourself…. and Save Planet.”


Mrs.  Tree

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