He is an Innocent…. Help him to remain That!!

Posted on November 13, 2011


It was Sunday evening; I was walking on the street. As it was weekend, so the streets were crowded. Weekends are those two days in a week, in which you can do those stuffs, which you really want to do, unless you are man who is married. I know you are asking in your mind, “why married men are exception in that list?” I am just going to tell you, “why?” As that day my eye did not find anything beautiful to notice at, so it started noticing, what these large number of married people  happily married people were doing.  So what it noticed was nothing new, ladies were busy in shopping and their men were helping them, carrying their stuffs in order to prove that they were really good husbands. By seeing this, my intelligent mind as always asked me a question- “Do I really need to get married after seeing this?” 😉

So I thought it would be better to leave that place as soon as possible, rather than staying there & giving few more reasons to my mind to prove that, I must stay unmarried. Which, I did not want to. 🙂 As it was full moon day, so the blue sky, full moon, cool breeze were making the evening lot more romantic. I walked pass lots of young couples, who were walking together holding each other hands. Again my intelligent mind raised a question- “When you are going to give your hand a chance to hold a beautiful girl’s hand, just like these people.” 🙂

So I thought I must leave this crowded place as soon as possible. If not then my mind would have played “Who wants to be a millionaire” with me, asking these kinds of silly questions. 🙂 So I walked across the road and sat on a bench near a garden and asked the same question to god “When I am going to achieve all my dreams, so that i can seriously get involve in a relationship and give my hand the pleasure of holding a beautiful girl’s hand”.

Don’t think that god replied to me. But he helped me to draw my attention towards something else. Just near to me I saw a boy sitting on another bench. He was eating something and playing with a street dog. Even though he was five to six years old, but he did not forget to share what he was eating with that street dog he was playing with. So I thought his parents must be very nice people, as this boy had such high values from such a young age. So I called that boy to sit with me.

That boy happily came & sat with me. His appearance made me clear that this boy’s family was not financially sound. So I handed over a cold drink can to him which I bought for myself to help my mind stay cool. So that it would not ask me any more question.  That boy took that one from my hand, after I convinced him that I was not doing any favor to him by offering him that can. Then I started asking him all those questions which came to my mind at the moment I saw him. There was something different in him from others; the way he was smiling, the way he was talking. Those things helped me in getting connected instantly with that boy emotionally .

I got a feeling that one day that boy would do something big in his life. But unfortunately one question which I asked him, changed the whole prospective of mine towards him. I asked him about his parents. After I asked that question suddenly look in that boy’s eye changed, the smile on his face disappeared. He took a deep breath as if someone asked him about his life’s biggest regret. Still he did not disappoint me by not answering that question.  He told he had never seen his parents; neither had a photograph of them. He was staying with a relative, who was working in a hotel. He was not going to school either. He was working temporarily in hotels, when those hotels were short of workers. With that much little money, he was living his life. That answer brought tears in my eyes. My mind slowly asked me a question “How can god be so rude to this boy?”My heart could not disagree with my mind on this one.  So I decided, I would not ask that boy what happened to his parents, as I did not want that boy to get hurt any further.

Although now I am a young man, who can take care of himself; still I do miss my parents very often as I am living alone. Parents are the only people who are going to stay by your side all through your life. So it’s not necessary to have a reason to miss them. Parents are the biggest support to a person; they are going to give both financial & emotional support to a person, during every phases of life.  But how this boy is dealing with all these from such a young age? To whom is he telling all his problems?

I thought why in such a big world, no one could hold his hand? Why no one could make him feel what relationship is all about? I did not know about others, but I thought that one day I would help him achieve all his dreams. I might not able to give him love of his parent’s, but at least I would try. But as circumstances were not supporting me, I was staying at a friend’s place; I did not have a job. So I thought let me get a good job first. But might be, I took too long to analyze these things. When I came out of my thoughts, I found that boy already left that place. Might be he guessed it right that, I was also going through the worst phase of my life. So he did not want to trouble me. The circumstances in his life made him matured, in comparisons to his young age. Might be that maturity brought the power in him to analyze people & their situation.

Still, today I go to that place every evening in search of that boy. But that disappointment still continues. I never met him again. Now I see that boy in every boy I met through the journey of life; who is needy for love, for affection, for care. I try to help them with in my limitation. So I hope you people will also see that boy through your journey of life onwards. I hope you people will not disappoint that boy.

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