Just for fun…. How to get Freshly Pressed!

Posted on October 25, 2011


Every blogger has a desire to be in freshly pressed list. If someone is saying he/she does not has, then he/she is lying for sure. So i went through all the freshly pressed blogs and came with the conclusion “how to get freshly pressed“.

So here i am putting those things in 10 steps-

  1. Hold a pen or keyboard in your hand. (Now do not ask me what if you will hold a pencil in your hand. It’s your hand so hold whatever you want)
  2. Choose a content for your post which people can connect with. (Do not forget that you also need to connect with that content which you are choosing. After all you are the writer so if you yourself can’t connect with it, then how can you expect that others will connect with it)
  3. Write what your heart says. (It does not mean you are going to write those illogical things your heart keep on saying ).
  4. Try to end it in such a way that it will bring a smile in reader’s face. (Do not try to make reader smile to that extent  that he/she will forget to hit a like or give a comment).
  5. Recheck your grammar & see if there is any typing mistake. (Even though i know your English teacher told you all those lies, Still he/she told you enough truth to rectify your grammatical mistakes.And if there is any typing mistake then i know its not your fault, change your keyboard first)
  6. Put Some intelligent, funny or motivating quotes as per your requirement at proper places in your post . (Do not forget to give credits to those people whose quotes you are using. Do not use it saying your own as i know now a days everyone is good at using Ctrl+C (copy) & Ctrl+V(Paste) )
  7. Now Insert some Images Which will visually express your post. (Do not insert your own stylish images unnecessarily.Neither a beautiful girl/handsome boy will fall in love with you nor a single Hollywood director going to watch it. So do not expect that you will be a star overnight)
  8. Keep the word count in mind, because no one is going to read it if its too long as people do not have that much time these days. (I know that even you do not have time to count the words, but don’t worry your text editor where you are typing your post is going to do it for you)
  9. Name your post in a way that it will give a brief idea about the content of your post to its reader. (Try to keep it as small as you can may be just like your nick name)
  10. Do not believe that after following those above nine  steps you will be in Freshly Pressed list.  :) (As i applied all these steps while writing my posts, Yet none of my post is featured in Freshly Pressed yet!! But one thing for sure those steps are going to help you in writing a heart touching post.)

By the way you people are intelligent enough to help your post get freshly pressed. So why you need anyone’s advice on how to get freshly pressed. I am sure one day your post is going to be in that list by its own. Sooner or later does it really matter!! :)

Keep On Writing!!