Blogs, Likes & Comments!!

Posted on October 23, 2011


Past few days I tried to write to the best of my ability. But I failed to attract bloggers to my expectation. So I started to analyze what went wrong.

  • “Feeling”– I am really good at that.
  • “Emotion”- again no chance that it’s missing in my previous blogs.
  • “Content of my post”– It’s good enough to be even pictured as freshly pressed. I know I am sounding overconfident, but i am confident enough to say this.
  • “Length of my post”– May be it is also another reason. But if I have to write keeping the word count in my mind then I should be in Twitter, What am I doing here.
  • “Am I honest to my readers with my posts”– yes for sure.

If I am doing maximum things right, then why many people are not reading my blog? Why I am feeling that extra happiness when someone is giving a nice comment on my post? I expected this to happen. May be I expected more likes & comments on those posts of mine. Then for what I am feeling that extra happiness? Why I am getting satisfied knowing that I deserve more than this?

It’s already more than half an hour, and I have not penned something worth getting few likes & comments. Why my mind is not able to give me a single idea, to add one more number to my total post! Am I putting extra burden on it, by expecting that it will help me in writing something which is going to increase my number of visitors, number of followers and number of comments? May be, but that’s for what I am here. I should expect that people are going to like my writing. I should expect them to give nice comments on my posts. And I am not wrong while saying this. What’s the point in staying in the game if you can’t compete with other? Those people have also two eyes, two hands, one heart & a mind just like me, which is enough to write something really good. Then why should I accept the defeat.

Its word number 360; and still I have not written something worth a like or a comment. Once again another hour of my life & 36% charge of my laptop wasted for nothing good. My friend already started snoring, which helped me to realize that its 3.40AM. May be my friend is dancing with his girlfriend in his dream. Then what am I doing here. I should also go to sleep. My girlfriend must be waiting to come & dance with me in my dream.

If you people are thinking I am quitting; then sorry to say you that, but I am not. Again tomorrow I will try to write something that will compel you to hit a like and to give a comment. What if tomorrow I will not succeed. Again I will waste few more hour & n% amount of charge of my laptop. But that process is going to continue till I will get my share of recognition.

It’s word number 522 “Good Night” !! 🙂

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