Facebook, U & Break up!

In today’s time the most difficult job is to stay away from social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut or Twitter. I am not unique; neither I have ever tried to be unique. So I also spent lots of important hours of my life using Facebook.  I may say that I was addicted to it. Everyone feels happy on getting those likes and those lovely comments on his/her status messages. But after seeing lots of my friends i have realized that,  this process continues until that person gets involve in a relationship; because after that Facebook acts just as a spy. It helps his/ her partner in keeping an eye, what he/she is doing when that person is not with him/her.

It is said that all good things come to an end one day. So how can a relationship escape, unless someone is really lucky. So there is every possibility that it is also going to end one day. So when a person had a break up with his girlfriend. The first thing he does is delete his girlfriend’s number from his cell  phone’s contact list & her name from friend list of his Facebook profile in order to forget that person. How irritating it should be when you try to forget your ex-girlfriend & Facebook keeps on reminding her; by showing her in people you may know list of your Facebook page. It just feels like you should give a smack on Facebook’s face & warned it that, “Yes I knew her, but I do not want to know her any further. By the way who are you to ask me whether I know her or not. You must stop playing with emotion of mine. What are you getting by rubbing salt in to someone’s wounds?” :)

The problem does not stop here. After all we are human beings; we do what our heart says without caring much about our mind’s call. How can you stop your finger, when you know that you are now one click away from the person, whom you loved the most at some point of time? Facebook also help your cause by not giving that option to see the recent visitors list. So your ego will not get hurt by any means if you visit your Ex’s profile, as she is not going to know whether you visited her profile or not. So in this kind of positive scenario you are going to click on your ex’s profile for sure.

After entering in to her profile, the first thing you are going to look in her profile is her relationship status. If it’s single, then a war between mind & heart is going to happen for sure, as heart will want her back at any cost, while mind is going to stop it in doing the same mistake for twice.  And if it’s complicated, then a sign of relief is going to come in your face for sure, as it’s indicating that may be she has not come out of that relationship yet.  If it’s no answer, then it will help Facebook’s cause by making you visit her profile till you get the answer. And if it’s committed, then do I need to say its side effect. I hope you are going to get it by your intelligence.

Some people say that, “Friends are your biggest enemy”. Now I am going to prove that how! Some of your close friends are going to be there in mutual friends list between you & your ex’s. So suppose Facebook is going to do favor to you by not reminding you that you know her. Then these people are going to remind you that you know her, either by liking status message on her wall or by commenting on them. Those are going to come in your home page as recent story.  It is as if Facebook is trying to tease you by saying “I have not done this, your own friends are culprit this time …. By the way do you know her? ;)

In Facebook’s login page it is written that “Facebook helps you connect & share with the people in your life”. So why it is trying to connect us with those people who are not part of our life now.So is it always better to stay away from Mr. Facebook after a break up, if you really want to get out of that relationship? What’s your say on this?

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11 thoughts on “Facebook, U & Break up!

  1. I really don’t have personal experience in this matter, since there are more important things to me than relationships. However, I can imagine it is annoying. To be, it sounds like Facebook needs a button next to each recommendation that says, “Do not recommend again.” or something of the sort. So, after a break-up, you may see your ex once, but with a click of a button won’t have to see them again.

    • Actually i have also not experienced these things… as i have more important things to do then to get in a relationship. But i saw this happening with lots of my friends. Then this concept came to my mind. So i thought to give it a place in my blog. By the way what you are suggesting is a perfect solution. I hope Facebook come with this change.

      Thanks for commenting!! I appreciate it !!

      • Sometimes it’s best to just choose what your priorities are. There’s no other way to keep life organized. Let’s hope they do! Maybe one day they’ll bring out a feature like that.

        No problem!

  2. sanga… kasa mo..!!! try to get involve with a new girl soon, so that even if u ll get ur ex-gf’s update in ur wall, u ll start ignore those…
    First love teaches, “how to love others”. however rest of loves teach, “how to ignore others”… this perception may vary person to person, but i believe it.!
    At the end, life s nt on whom i do mouse click rather life s- hw much care full on clicking one thing… cheers buddy!!

    • Sanga thanks for this advice…. but i do not need to get involve with someone to ignore someone else. By the way my X, y, z …. no one is using facebook anymore. So i am on the safe side… don’t worry

  3. Interesting and honest post. You are right. I wish there was never a thing such as Facebook. I tried it out, for about a week, and was so disgusted that I deactivated my account. No more Facebook.

    I think you speak to the need all of us have to feel connected, and I’d like to let you know about my friend Priya’s post: http://partialview.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/musings-of-an-ordinary-blog-writer/
    you may enjoy it.

    Best wishes as you move on in your life!

    • Thanks a lot… yes i ll read that post for sure.
      I hope we will stay in touch. You are such a talented person that i can learn lots of things. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Best wishes to you also….

  4. Arindam,
    I remember a time when people could be counted on to maintain privacy and breakups were handled by face to face interactions – sometimes by telephone which was considered rude. Social media is now doing this for people. I vote for a return to privacy concerning our relationships! You certainly make a good case for this.

    Another well-said post, by the way.

    • Thanks a lot Renee :)
      You got it right. Privacy is now on stake due to social media.Which is not good by any means!! Lets hope people are going to realize this one day.

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