Those Things Which I Want In My Next Birth!!

Posted on October 13, 2011


Do you believe in reincarnation? I can’t say that I have complete belief in the reincarnation concept. But yes I can say that I believe it to an extent. Because I believe there are very few people in this world who are completely satisfied with their lives in this birth, who do not have any regrets in life. I believe God can’t be so rude to his people. So may be god must have been giving another chance to his people to do those things, which they could not able to do in their single birth.

I don’t know about you people, but I will not lie and say that, “I have no regrets in my life. I am absolutely happy with it”. The truth is that, “I have some regrets in my life. And the worst thing is I know I have to live my life with it, as I can’t do much about those things”.

“Death has such great importance in this society that it affects everything. I learned from my guru that death is not the enemy; I see it as another moment. Yet it’s the end of an incarnation and means going on to other incarnations.” –   Ram Dass

So if reincarnation is a fact, then I want lots of things in my next birth, which I do not have in this birth of mine. No do not think that, I want to be the president of USA in my next birth so that I will be the most powerful man in this planet; or I want to be a genius like Steve job, so that I can convince people that apple is not only a fruit; or a tennis player like Rafael Nadal, so that all beautiful girls will dream to marry me; or I want to be a handsome & talented man like Brad Pitt so that I can marry Angelina Jolie. 😉 My wishes for my next birth are much smaller than these.

In my next birth also I want to be the same person, what I am now; with little bit of change in my thought process, little bit change in my nature, little bit change in my luck, little bit change in my destiny. Am I asking for too much! I hope not. I may say that, in my next birth I just want version 2.0 of mine, with less bugs, with greater looks, user friendly & with some added features. 🙂

In my next birth, I just want god to give me enough strength to control my emotions. So that I will not be get hurt by people so easily. And also I hope in my next birth god will make me a better person, so that I will not hurt other people’s emotion unintentionally. I always wanted to be creative person like a movie director or a writer, which I could not make this time. So I hope in my next birth god will help me towards achieving my goal by giving me a better destiny & better circumstances. So that I do not have to deal with machines & peoples who behave just like machines, as I am dealing in this birth of mine as being an engineer. In my next birth i want god to make my native place a much developed one, where there will be enough scope to build my career. So that i will not have to leave my parents & stay alone to have successful in life. In my next birth i want god to give me something, about which my dear ones will feel proud of. The most important thing I want in my next birth is plenty of money with the good intention I have in this birth of mine; So that I can really help those people who really need it without being greedy. And also please god- give me birth in a world which will be much happier & peaceful, where people are less competitive, less egoistic, less money minded, less terrified & less selfish.

But what I want same in my next birth are- my family & close friends; until & unless they will not change with time like lots of other people in this world. Because I feel one birth of mine is not sufficient to say thanks to those lovely people in return of what they did for me in this birth of mine. I hope I am not asking for too much in my next birth from god. AM I? 🙂