Being Controlled by Emotions !!!!

Posted on October 11, 2011


Few days earlier one of my friend was sharing his experience of his first love with us. Except me, all of my friends were listening to it as if they are watching a very famous romantic movie at free of cost. Actually I never enjoy listening to these stuffs. Because I feel some things in life need to be remain personal. Still you can’t ignore your close friends when they are sharing something that is really important to them. So I decided to go with the majority, and started listening what my friend was saying. But like all romantic movies, here the ending was not a happy ending. The story ended with my friend & his girlfriend’s separation. Then only all of us realized that, all love stories are not as beautiful as Mr. Yash Chopra (a director, who made lots of classic romantic movies in India) shows us in his movies.

Most of people are failure in their first love.  But those people should be happy of the fact that majority is with them. If that would not be the case than Indian movies like Devdas (based on a very famous Indian novel) would not have been made 3 times in 3 different decades, Singers who are singing sad songs should not have been such huge stars. So it shows that the population may increase but the percentage of failure in love will remain same…. Thanks to the credibility of people like us 🙂 .

First love always remains special to a person. It does not matter how much pain it gave you. That pain can be tolerable if it gave you enough memories to smile. Yes there is no medicine available in market to get rid of this pain. But, in this case Time works just as the pain killer. Some people may say that temporary consumption of alcohol can also work as pain killer :). But i don’t believe in this. Because i think either they are too much inspired by Devdas or they have found a solid reason to drink :). Some people may say that, you can get rid of a break up by searching a new girlfriend. According to me- this is feasible, as in 1.21 billion population it will not be a difficult thing to find the replacement . 🙂

Actually it’s true that we all are human beings & it hurts, when someone we know turned into someone We knew. It hurts, when someone you love hates you. But, it is always better to be hated for what you are …..  than to be loved for what you are not. It hurts, when you expect someone to be by your side at the lowest point of time of your life & you realize the fact that the person does not really care what is happening with you. It hurts, when you want someone to realize how much do you love & care for her. But she can’t, as you are not good at showing your emotions. It hurts when a person says bad things about that someone in front of you, and you can’t do anything. As she is part of your past & presently you do not have the answer to the question, “What is your relationship with that person? ”. It hurts, when you can’t have a name on your mouth which you love the most, as you don’t want to defame that person . 

Yes, logically it’s the correct thing that there is no need to think about those people to whom you hardly matters now. Yes it is always better to forget & smile rather than remember & be sad. But logic & emotions can’t be applied on each other just like mind & heart can’t work together. You can’t have truth table for every phase of life.Its not that much easy to erase  your memory.

We are happy with our life today. Today we may have enough money to spend so that we’ll be happy. We may have enough reason to make us smile. We may have enough achievements to make ourselves proud…..we may have enough people to take care of us…. we may have enough people to care for….. Still we do miss something …… still we regret something. ” But what is that?”…. We asked this question to ourselves at some point or other….. But we are unable to get the answer. As If we know the answer but we don’t want to accept it. As if once again we don’t want to give those people more values than they deserve by accepting the fact that “yes we do miss those people”.                                                     

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