Talent deserves Recognition….

Posted on October 6, 2011


Yesterday when I went to sleep, I thought that tomorrow I will write something good in my blog. I got up early from my bed.  That promise which I made to myself was still in my mind.  I completed my routine task. But, unfortunately not a single thought came to my mind. May be I was missing my family the most after a long time, as it is festival time in my home. So I decided that, there was no point in writing something for the sake of writing. So finally I decided to see what the other peoples were up to. What were the thoughts going through their mind? So I decided- “I would read other people’s blog in my free time today.”

After the lunch, I started surfing other people’s blogs according to my preferences of tags. I am sure you people will guess it right that, “a Young man in his mid twenties having relationship status as single will prefer to read posts under which tag or category first?” 😉 Yes, you are right I preferred to read those posts which were tagged under love. 🙂 Then I started reading blogs of different people from various parts of the world. I liked many of those posts and with due respect to some other writers, I did not like their posts. May be those posts were good, but I did not identify with them.

But one thing really hurt me after going through all those posts. That was- I saw some posts which were really good, rather I will say they were excellent. But what really astonished me that, those posts had neither one like nor a single comment from any of the people. Where as those posts deserves much beyond than a like or a comment from its reader. And there was another amazing trend I saw.

I went through some posts which were either really terrible or just average.  I may say that those posts were nothing in comparisons to other posts which I mentioned before. Still more than 100 blogger’s pressed like button on them. And obviously some hundreds of people gave their comments on those posts. From my heart, I knew that these posts got more recognition then they deserve from readers. But so many people could not be wrong. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me. So I started looking for the actual reason behind me going against so many people’s view. It took me some time, but I got to the conclusion why so many people appreciate those posts. Actually the reason was that most of those were written by some good looking people or those blog pages were designed beautifully. Then only I knew that actually in war between Mind & Beauty always Beauty wins. And other remaining posts were either written by some famous people or some  people who hold key positions in their organization. So in both these cases they are going to be appreciated for their work, does not matter they worth it or not.

I do believe when a person write something, he gives it his heart, mind and soul & obviously lots of time. In the end what he wants in return is appreciation. A writer is happy of the fact that at least his writings are reaching to so many peoples. Similarly what hurt him most is, when his creation goes unnoticed. So if someone is good at something, we must encourage him by appreciating his work. Actually we people never give something its worth, if it’s available to us for free. We value it only when we spend some bucks for it.

I know this post of mine is going to get neither a single like nor a single comment. Still I thought I should share this thought of mine with you people.As i feel everyone should promote talent with out caring about his gender, his religion, his position, his nationality etc. Everyone must appreciate the good work that person is doing.

I do not consider myself as a writer; I just write what my heart says. Still this post of mine is dedicated to all those wonderful writers whose efforts went unnoticed.