Dedicated to my Mother :)

Posted on September 20, 2011


While sitting on one of my friend’s balcony, I saw a woman holding her child’s hand in one hand & his school bag in other taking him to his school. I just looked at the boy for few minutes. I don’t know how or why but it took me to 20years back. I felt as if I was that boy walking to my school with my mother. 

That boy had a stone in his hand. While walking he was throwing it in air again & again. That lady was saying something to her child, but that young boy didn’t have that much time to listen to her as he was busy with that stone in his hand, as if at that moment catching that stone was a job for him with the highest priority. But yes he was matured enough to give his mother looks with smile in his cute face in between … so that she would not feel bad that what she was saying had zero value for that young matured listener.

I can identify myself with that boy. More than thousands times I did the same with my mother. So it was easy for me to read that 6year old boy’s mind. But the question is that, ” did I have that much maturity at the age of six? ”. The answer may be –“No”. Because that boy is the production of 21st century. 🙂 So it’s obvious that he must be more intelligent and matured than me. But one thing for sure like all other sons in this world, I am very much confident that he can’t love his mother more than I do.

When these kinds of thought were hitting my mind, that boy with his mother disappeared leaving lots of thoughts in my mind. The people who could have seen me that moment must have been noticed a pleasant smile in my face. Those few moments made me feel as if I was with my mother. But the reality is that I am some 1400KMs away from my mother. At that time I understood how it feels when someone misses his mother and he doesn’t have a way to meet her. So I tried the only option available to me that moment that was to call her. But as it was morning time, so I knew at that time my mom would be busier than Mr. Manmohan Singh or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as all other housewives in India. So I dropped the idea of calling her.

Only then one wrong perception of mine changed. I had a wrong perception that the most painful time for a man is when he misses his girl friend / wife. I don’t have much idea how a married man deal with it, as I have not reach that stage of life. But yes I know absence of girlfriend can be avoided by talking to a girl who is more beautiful than her. May be it sounds little bit cheap…. but what’s bad in this, it’s a human tendency. But there is no way u can stop missing your mom when you are not with her.

May be that’s why an intelligent person said that, “God knows he can’t be everywhere & with every person, so he created mother”. But God never thought that one day a person has to leave his home, his family in search of all the materialistic things like a high salary job, a big home, a big car etc.

Now I can relate that previous quote with a famous bollywood song which says, “Tujh mein rab dikhta hai yaara mein kya karun…” (it means, “i see god in you, what should i do”).I always thought how a person can see god in his girlfriend/wife! I have never seen god in any of my girlfriends. May be there are two reasons for that- one is, may be my love was not that much true or maybe I am not that much romantic like Mr. Shahrukh khan… :). These two reasons hold good for people like me, but in general It may be said that god can’t send your mother with you everywhere you go, so people started seeing god in their wives/ girlfriends .So in today’s world that quote can be changed to, “your mother can’t be with you everywhere, as she has other priorities in life…. so God created girlfriend/Wife”. Still I am happy with one god in my life that is my mother.

But the question is what we are doing to make our god (our mothers) happy. Answer may be we are doing nothing. Whatever we are doing, are only for ourselves. We may think that “do our mothers really need anything from us?”…. Answer will be, “no they don’t want anything from us.” But if our mother can give us everything in life without asking us…. then why we can’t!!!! They did everything they could to make us successful…. so that today we can live a good life. In return our mothers want just little time & love from us. Yes it’s true that every person loves his mother more than anyone else. But don’t we need to show it to her sometimes in life. We have plenty of time to tell our girlfriend / wife how much we love her. But we don’t have that much time to give our mother a hug & say “we love you mom… & we do really care for you…. ” .


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