Can shoes be the reason for a better tomorrow!

Shoes in their racks

When I was a kid, we did not have that luxury to choose from many pairs of shoes. We only had one pair of shoes at a time. We had to live with that one, until it gets damaged or stolen by someone. So you could realize what would be the value of a pair of new shoes for us in those days. During those days, Even when we were praying to god inside a temple, with our new pair of shoes outside the temple; the first thing we were praying, “Please God! keep an eye on our shoes lying outside your temple, and do not let a thief to take it away from us and after that our prayer used to start”. Continue reading “Can shoes be the reason for a better tomorrow!”

Rudolph Award 1

The Rudolph Award! A simple way to say Thank You!

None of us write blogs to get money or with any such selfish intentions. We write for a little bit attention, a little bit appreciation and a little bit recognition; more than any thing else it’s for self satisfaction. Still none of us is perfect. Sometimes we all commit mistakes while writing a post. Still we help each other in learning the art of writing, photography or any other form of creativity. More than anything else, it helps  us grow as a human being, by going through the posts of our fellow bloggers, who belong to a different country, a different society and may be having a different thought process. Some time we may agree and sometimes may not. Still it gives us a chance to ask some questions to ourselves and to others, for our betterment. And when someone appreciate our work, it simply feels great. Continue reading “The Rudolph Award! A simple way to say Thank You!”