Do Gods too have Facebook accounts!!


Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Facebook, USA, captured during the session ‘The Next Digital Experience’ at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I wonder, what was going on through Mark Zuckerberg’s mind while he thought of coming up with something like “Facebook”.  If I will go with the tag line and will take it for granted that the team that came up with it must have asked Mark, why and what was he creating, then as the tag line, “Helps you connect and share with the people in your life” suggests that the output he wanted was to connect every one virtually.

As a not so good software engineer I know that, before the development of any application the team follows few steps like,… making sure if the product they are going to develop is feasible or not… what are the requirements… who are going to be the end users … and the steps continues. But the motto is to give a valuable and profitable service to a specific group of people. So like everyone else Mark Zuckerberg must have thought of these issue thousand times, million times and billion times before giving birth to his brain child at such a young age.

But let me tell you, although he went on to become the successful creator of this trend setter web application. But let me tell you in his dreams also he would have never thought of one thing during all these processes involved in development of a application or software. Now you people must be wondering, what is that one thing I am talking about! Are not you?

Ok, let me reveal to you where mark Zuckerberg’s intelligence fall short to beat  intelligence of few people who are now turning pages every days to read faces of people whom they do not know in real world.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Nowadays, almost every day I get the notification in my Facebook account that, one of my friends has received the blessings of any specific god whom he has faith on. (Now please do not ask me how his God could be in his friend list, I have no idea about that.)  I also do not have any idea if all the millions of God we human has given birth to with our blind belief have they own Facebook accounts or not.)

Back to the story, from one friend to another and then to some other person… now hundreds of my friends receive God’s blessings in Facebook. Here I am talking about beliefs, religions, so to stay away from any controversy or not to hurt anyone’s sentiment I will lie and say I do not see any humor in it.

But do not you people think, by doing so we are not only making fun of ourselves but also we are making fun of that God, whom we respect, love and believe the most. Since my birth I have always seen God’s living in temples, mosques, churches and in Gurudwaras… I have never ever seen him living in Facebook pages. Since the day God could convince me that, there is a higher power which controls our lives, blesses us and punishes us; I realized God has only devotees not fans…. I always went on to his place to bend my knees, hold my two hands together and pray not to hit a like on his picture just with a smooth touch of finger on any keys.

These are small things that very clearly show where we are all heading towards. From our busy schedule, we could not find enough time to visit God’s place so we made him part of our virtual world by giving few small pages in “Facebook”.  I never got a single notification which says that, someone has sent his prayers to any specific god but many people do not mind getting those virtual blessings every day. Somehow intentionally or intentionally, we are either believing or acting of believing in that power with only one desire that is to get his powerful blessings.

It’s fine if living in a world of billions of people, we have to depend on another virtual world to find little bit of space to get all the happiness, peace and love they need in life. But can’t we Keep God away from this world and let him live somewhere in that world which he has created for us to live with love and togetherness. Why we are busy dragging him in to that world, which might not end in 2012, 2013, 2014 but the truth is that a virtual world where all these social networking sites resides does not actually exist!! And believe me, we do not need to seek help from NASA on checking existence of this virtual world!

Can’t we just stop liking God’s blessing! Can’t we stay happy being his devotee or follower instead of trying to be identified ourselves as his fans!


Wait for your turn when God will send you his friend request!! (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

“NOVE”- A term coined by me eight years earlier

This an engraving from Mechanics Magazine publ...

This an engraving from Mechanics Magazine published in London in 1824. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Engineering” is a term different people living in different countries interpret in different ways. But for us or it will be more appropriate to say for most of us (as few people are there in my country who still study seriously during the course of engineering and unfortunately they do not fall in to our category; and let me tell you their numbers  are same as those very few tigers still left in my country. So as you can guess both of them, are rare species now). For most of us, it was just fun; because we all knew no one among us would get a job due to those 47 chapters we were studying during our engineering days in four years. We hardly remember what people like Archimedes, Boyle, Newton or any other great man said. What we still remember are all those funny instances of life.

Deutsch: animierte Prinzip einer Foerderschnec...

Deutsch: animierte Prinzip einer Foerderschnecke oder auch Archimedesche Spirale genannt, mit einer Kugel zur Demonstration der Foerderbewegung. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes we hardly remember those three laws of Newton’s with explanations (While saying so, do not ever think that I do not know the definitions also;  I know just like I asked them to my dad during my schooldays, my own kid is going to ask them to me too. And I do not want to fail as a father when the time will come); but we never forget that same man had also said that, “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”. Yes we all agree with him on this. Different aspects and necessities at different age make a person to fall in love. I still remember during student days, I coined a term “NOVE”; which means “Not lOVE”. And those day all of us had this habit of falling in NOVE too often. Few of my friends still use this term during conversations, mails or those silly status updates to confuse their girlfriends as if we are discussing some serious topics using codes like this. I really hope none of their girlfriends is reading my blog. If my own girlfriend does not read it; then I believe the probability of their girlfriends reading it is also on the lower side. (Is it not this wonderful that rather than mentioning any name, if we mention only girlfriend, we impress all those girls we know, who are more of girls than friends; because by doing so they feel like a person is referring to each one of them ;) ).

But why am I discussing about those girls who don’t realize the worth of this blog. And you all wonderful people leave those girlfriends with their loved ones and let’s back to the topic “NOVE”. Now the funniest part is my friends never forget to mention in their Facebook comments that I am the father of this term “NOVE”. Although it seems like my biggest achievement till now but it also hurts me that no one has ever given me any award for this wonderful achievement of mine. But I know there will come a day where people are going to use this term a lot. Because today, most of the youth gets in to a relationship in which they have everything to share with each other except love. So I do not think after few years, they will not have much of a problem confessing it too. What if on valentine day, instead of saying I love you to each other and kissing under a green tree or looking at each other’s eyes through that light coming from a small candle; they will say “I NOVE YOU” and let’s start kissing each other.

It may seem unreal to many of you. But yes, that’s why I use this term “NOVE”, as an illusion of love; where other than those two people who are involve in that relationship, everyone thinks it’s only love and those two people can’t NIVE live without each other.

Do not feel afraid to use this word “NOVE” now onwards; as I’ve not copyrighted it yet. But never forget the man behind the birth of this term.


14 HR Q/A that will not help you to get job!

In today’s time, if you do not know how to sell yourself then life would be tough for you. In marketing terms, I may say to sell something you need to realize what the customer wants from the product. So as a human product, when a person sale himself to any company he has to go through some common questions, whose answers are predictable. The interviewer expects you to give honestly dishonest answers. Continue reading


Newton’s Laws of Emotion

I hope you all know Sir Isaac Newton; the great English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian. But there is one thing which you all do not know. Which is he never married, although people say he was once engaged.

I was not born during that time, so I can’t tell you the truth about his engagement. But I can tell you the reasons behind him not getting married.  I am going to explain Newton’s Laws of Emotion, which I have derived from his Law’s of motion. I hope you will get the answer by your own why Sir Newton preferred to stay unmarried.

Newton’s First Law of Motion-

An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. This law is often called  “the law of inertia”.

Newton’s First Law of Emotion-

A wife at the state of happiness will remain at happiness unless replied by an unbalanced answer  which is “No” to her demands .

A wife, who always seeks her husbands attention which sometimes causes irritation, continues seeking attention,  unless acted up on by an unbalanced force called Kids. Continue reading

4U64UN United Nation Headquarter New York

The Great Political Circus

“Who is the strongest politician in the world & which is the strongest country in the world”- It’s a million dollar question. Each politician wants to term himself/herself the most powerful person of this planet. The competition reached to such a level that, at last president of United nations had to call all those people who have influence on the world politics to decide, ” who is the most powerful”? Continue reading


Can shoes be the reason for a better tomorrow!

Shoes in their racks

When I was a kid, we did not have that luxury to choose from many pairs of shoes. We only had one pair of shoes at a time. We had to live with that one, until it gets damaged or stolen by someone. So you could realize what would be the value of a pair of new shoes for us in those days. During those days, Even when we were praying to god inside a temple, with our new pair of shoes outside the temple; the first thing we were praying, “Please God! keep an eye on our shoes lying outside your temple, and do not let a thief to take it away from us and after that our prayer used to start”. Continue reading


Awards Night!

Before starting the award ceremony let me request you all that-

  • If you have tomatoes and eggs in your pockets; which I am sure you must have with you, in order to throw at me, after hearing that I am going to host it. And I know, you people are confident that, I can’t entertain you with my words. So I request you, rather than throwing them at me during the award ceremony; give them on my hands once it will get over. I love eggs and tomatoes and I can’t see them lying on ground that to be broken and smashed.
  • Do not laugh seeing that I have added every tag possible in this post, including tomato, egg & back pain . I did so, Because I want to invite everyone to this grand ceremony. I know you people are thinking that, I have a really big heart. I will agree with you on that. Continue reading

Let’s fall in love…. this Christmas!!

Swift and model Justin Gaston as they ballroom...

Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life,  Love gives us a fairy tale.                                                                               - by Anonymous -

The most common word and the most difficult word to define is “LOVE”. Love of a mother for her child, love of a sister for her brother, love of a girl for her boyfriend, love of a wife for her husband all can be defined differently. It’s a different thing that, it’s very difficult to define love of a wife for her husband, as there love does not really exist. ;) You married people do not get angry. I was just joking. Yes in that relationship love also exist, but that one I am going to talk about it in some other post (But for that you have to wait till i will get married ;)). Continue reading


I am having a Tail on my Head!

Few days earlier I went to a salon for hair cut. Starting from my child hood, I have never ever tried anything different with my hair style. So I entered the salon and the hair stylist welcomed me with a big a smile. It’s a tradition or rule what ever; a doctor before starting his operation, a chicken shop owner before cutting the chicken and a hair stylist before cutting the hair, always show all their love and affections towards their patients, chickens and customers subjects. Continue reading

After our landing on the surface of moon!

My Journey to Moon with Friends!

It was February 29th 2009, me & some of my friends decided that we had to go moon. We blasted off in the space aircraft Apollo 2009, which was made by me & my friends in our backyard. What? You people never heard about this. Hmm! That’s why I consider myself as intelligent. I hid this whole process not only from my mom but also from all journalist of this world. So that no one could cover our journey. It was a private journey you know.

The journey started at 2.61 am, when my parents were at sleep. Because my mom did not even let me go to a different country alone, so to expect her to allow me to go moon, that to be with my friends,  was not only difficult but also impossible. Again my dad never allowed me to drive his four wheeler on road, because I did not have a driving license with me. So how could he let me to drive a space aircraft?  Now who could make him understood that, there would be not a single traffic police in my route to moon. So I thought rather than asking for my parent’s permission, it would be better if I would ask for apology after coming back from moon. Continue reading


He is an Innocent…. Help him to remain That!!

It was Sunday evening; I was walking on the street. As it was weekend, so the streets were crowded. Weekends are those two days in a week, in which you can do those stuffs, which you really want to do, unless you are man who is married. I know you are asking in your mind, “why married men are exception in that list?” I am just going to tell you, “why?” As that day my eye did not find anything beautiful to notice at, so it started noticing, what these large number of married people  happily married people were doing.  So what it noticed was nothing new, ladies were busy in shopping and their men were helping them, carrying their stuffs in order to prove that they were really good husbands. By seeing this, my intelligent mind as always asked me a question- “Do I really need to get married after seeing this?” ;)

So I thought it would be better to leave that place as soon as possible, rather than staying there & giving few more reasons to my mind to prove that, I must stay unmarried. Which, I did not want to. :) As it was full moon day, so the blue sky, full moon, cool breeze were making the evening lot more romantic. I walked pass lots of young couples, who were walking together holding each other hands. Again my intelligent mind raised a question- “When you are going to give your hand a chance to hold a beautiful girl’s hand, just like these people.” :)

So I thought I must leave this crowded place as soon as possible. If not then my mind would have played “Who wants to be a millionaire” with me, asking these kinds of silly questions. :) So I walked across the road and sat on a bench near a garden and asked the same question to god “When I am going to achieve all my dreams, so that i can seriously get involve in a relationship and give my hand the pleasure of holding a beautiful girl’s hand”.

Don’t think that god replied to me. But he helped me to draw my attention towards something else. Just near to me I saw a boy sitting on another bench. He was eating something and playing with a street dog. Even though he was five to six years old, but he did not forget to share what he was eating with that street dog he was playing with. So I thought his parents must be very nice people, as this boy had such high values from such a young age. So I called that boy to sit with me.

That boy happily came & sat with me. His appearance made me clear that this boy’s family was not financially sound. So I handed over a cold drink can to him which I bought for myself to help my mind stay cool. So that it would not ask me any more question.  That boy took that one from my hand, after I convinced him that I was not doing any favor to him by offering him that can. Then I started asking him all those questions which came to my mind at the moment I saw him. There was something different in him from others; the way he was smiling, the way he was talking. Those things helped me in getting connected instantly with that boy emotionally .

I got a feeling that one day that boy would do something big in his life. But unfortunately one question which I asked him, changed the whole prospective of mine towards him. I asked him about his parents. After I asked that question suddenly look in that boy’s eye changed, the smile on his face disappeared. He took a deep breath as if someone asked him about his life’s biggest regret. Still he did not disappoint me by not answering that question.  He told he had never seen his parents; neither had a photograph of them. He was staying with a relative, who was working in a hotel. He was not going to school either. He was working temporarily in hotels, when those hotels were short of workers. With that much little money, he was living his life. That answer brought tears in my eyes. My mind slowly asked me a question “How can god be so rude to this boy?”My heart could not disagree with my mind on this one.  So I decided, I would not ask that boy what happened to his parents, as I did not want that boy to get hurt any further.

Although now I am a young man, who can take care of himself; still I do miss my parents very often as I am living alone. Parents are the only people who are going to stay by your side all through your life. So it’s not necessary to have a reason to miss them. Parents are the biggest support to a person; they are going to give both financial & emotional support to a person, during every phases of life.  But how this boy is dealing with all these from such a young age? To whom is he telling all his problems?

I thought why in such a big world, no one could hold his hand? Why no one could make him feel what relationship is all about? I did not know about others, but I thought that one day I would help him achieve all his dreams. I might not able to give him love of his parent’s, but at least I would try. But as circumstances were not supporting me, I was staying at a friend’s place; I did not have a job. So I thought let me get a good job first. But might be, I took too long to analyze these things. When I came out of my thoughts, I found that boy already left that place. Might be he guessed it right that, I was also going through the worst phase of my life. So he did not want to trouble me. The circumstances in his life made him matured, in comparisons to his young age. Might be that maturity brought the power in him to analyze people & their situation.

Still, today I go to that place every evening in search of that boy. But that disappointment still continues. I never met him again. Now I see that boy in every boy I met through the journey of life; who is needy for love, for affection, for care. I try to help them with in my limitation. So I hope you people will also see that boy through your journey of life onwards. I hope you people will not disappoint that boy.


Just for fun…. How to get Freshly Pressed!

Every blogger has a desire to be in freshly pressed list. If someone is saying he/she does not has, then he/she is lying for sure. So i went through all the freshly pressed blogs and came with the conclusion “how to get freshly pressed“.

So here i am putting those things in 10 steps-

  1. Hold a pen or keyboard in your hand. (Now do not ask me what if you will hold a pencil in your hand. It’s your hand so hold whatever you want)
  2. Choose a content for your post which people can connect with. (Do not forget that you also need to connect with that content which you are choosing. After all you are the writer so if you yourself can’t connect with it, then how can you expect that others will connect with it)
  3. Write what your heart says. (It does not mean you are going to write those illogical things your heart keep on saying ).
  4. Try to end it in such a way that it will bring a smile in reader’s face. (Do not try to make reader smile to that extent  that he/she will forget to hit a like or give a comment).
  5. Recheck your grammar & see if there is any typing mistake. (Even though i know your English teacher told you all those lies, Still he/she told you enough truth to rectify your grammatical mistakes.And if there is any typing mistake then i know its not your fault, change your keyboard first)
  6. Put Some intelligent, funny or motivating quotes as per your requirement at proper places in your post . (Do not forget to give credits to those people whose quotes you are using. Do not use it saying your own as i know now a days everyone is good at using Ctrl+C (copy) & Ctrl+V(Paste) )
  7. Now Insert some Images Which will visually express your post. (Do not insert your own stylish images unnecessarily.Neither a beautiful girl/handsome boy will fall in love with you nor a single Hollywood director going to watch it. So do not expect that you will be a star overnight)
  8. Keep the word count in mind, because no one is going to read it if its too long as people do not have that much time these days. (I know that even you do not have time to count the words, but don’t worry your text editor where you are typing your post is going to do it for you)
  9. Name your post in a way that it will give a brief idea about the content of your post to its reader. (Try to keep it as small as you can may be just like your nick name)
  10. Do not believe that after following those above nine  steps you will be in Freshly Pressed list.  :) (As i applied all these steps while writing my posts, Yet none of my post is featured in Freshly Pressed yet!! But one thing for sure those steps are going to help you in writing a heart touching post.)

By the way you people are intelligent enough to help your post get freshly pressed. So why you need anyone’s advice on how to get freshly pressed. I am sure one day your post is going to be in that list by its own. Sooner or later does it really matter!! :)

Keep On Writing!!