A perfect reason for celebration!

English: Emotions associated with happiness
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When a person is going through the toughest days of life it’s actually really hard to search a reason to celebrate, to be happy and to share that happiness with others. But as people say God is great, and so many people can’t be wrong.

So when God realized that, now a days i am not able to find any such reason for myself to celebrate, then he himself gave me a reason to celebrate. We can celebrate moments of success, achievements, accomplishments as partying with others, going to a restaurant or to a disco or a pub. But sometimes God gives everyone of us something really special. There come very few moments in life, where a person does n’t want to to celebrate those moments having a drink . Because these are the feeling which a person want to enjoy with a Conscious state of mind. As that person knows these moments come once in a life time. And the moment that god gifted me few days earlier was one of them. Continue reading “A perfect reason for celebration!”