14 HR Q/A that will not help you to get job!

In today’s time, if you do not know how to sell yourself then life would be tough for you. In marketing terms, I may say to sell something you need to realize what the customer wants from the product. So as a human product, when a person sale himself to any company he has to go through some common questions, whose answers are predictable. The interviewer expects you to give honestly dishonest answers. Continue reading “14 HR Q/A that will not help you to get job!”


Newton’s Laws of Emotion

I hope you all know Sir Isaac Newton; the great English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian. But there is one thing which you all do not know. Which is he never married, although people say he was once engaged.

I was not born during that time, so I can’t tell you the truth about his engagement. But I can tell you the reasons behind him not getting married.  I am going to explain Newton’s Laws of Emotion, which I have derived from his Law’s of motion. I hope you will get the answer by your own why Sir Newton preferred to stay unmarried.

Newton’s First Law of Motion-

An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. This law is often called  “the law of inertia”.

Newton’s First Law of Emotion-

A wife at the state of happiness will remain at happiness unless replied by an unbalanced answer  which is “No” to her demands .

A wife, who always seeks her husbands attention which sometimes causes irritation, continues seeking attention,  unless acted up on by an unbalanced force called Kids. Continue reading “Newton’s Laws of Emotion”

4U64UN United Nation Headquarter New York

The Great Political Circus

“Who is the strongest politician in the world & which is the strongest country in the world”- It’s a million dollar question. Each politician wants to term himself/herself the most powerful person of this planet. The competition reached to such a level that, at last president of United nations had to call all those people who have influence on the world politics to decide, ” who is the most powerful”? Continue reading “The Great Political Circus”


Awards Night!

Before starting the award ceremony let me request you all that-

  • If you have tomatoes and eggs in your pockets; which I am sure you must have with you, in order to throw at me, after hearing that I am going to host it. And I know, you people are confident that, I can’t entertain you with my words. So I request you, rather than throwing them at me during the award ceremony; give them on my hands once it will get over. I love eggs and tomatoes and I can’t see them lying on ground that to be broken and smashed.
  • Do not laugh seeing that I have added every tag possible in this post, including tomato, egg & back pain . I did so, Because I want to invite everyone to this grand ceremony. I know you people are thinking that, I have a really big heart. I will agree with you on that. Continue reading “Awards Night!”

I am having a Tail on my Head!

Few days earlier I went to a salon for hair cut. Starting from my child hood, I have never ever tried anything different with my hair style. So I entered the salon and the hair stylist welcomed me with a big a smile. It’s a tradition or rule what ever; a doctor before starting his operation, a chicken shop owner before cutting the chicken and a hair stylist before cutting the hair, always show all their love and affections towards their patients, chickens and customers subjects. Continue reading “I am having a Tail on my Head!”

After our landing on the surface of moon!

My Journey to Moon with Friends!

It was February 29th 2009, me & some of my friends decided that we had to go moon. We blasted off in the space aircraft Apollo 2009, which was made by me & my friends in our backyard. What? You people never heard about this. Hmm! That’s why I consider myself as intelligent. I hid this whole process not only from my mom but also from all journalist of this world. So that no one could cover our journey. It was a private journey you know.

The journey started at 2.61 am, when my parents were at sleep. Because my mom did not even let me go to a different country alone, so to expect her to allow me to go moon, that to be with my friends,  was not only difficult but also impossible. Again my dad never allowed me to drive his four wheeler on road, because I did not have a driving license with me. So how could he let me to drive a space aircraft?  Now who could make him understood that, there would be not a single traffic police in my route to moon. So I thought rather than asking for my parent’s permission, it would be better if I would ask for apology after coming back from moon. Continue reading “My Journey to Moon with Friends!”

'I' & 'U' see each others face in moon ;)

A tong twisting story of two people ‘I’ and ‘U’…. Version – 2.0

This is an  uncommon story between two most common people named, “I” and “U”. Just keep your mind & Tongue in right places. This story is going to twist both of them. :)

‘I’ is a good looking young guy, who believes, some one can’t fall in love intentionally; love happens by its own at perfect time, at perfect place and with perfect person. May be ‘I’ is so busy with his life that, he has no time to fall in love. ‘I’ believes that, ‘I’ can’t be committed to someone by just updating his Facebook relationship status from single to committed. ‘I’ does not think that values of words like relationship, commitment are so chip.

Its 11pm in the night, ‘I’ is sitting on his building terrace. ‘I’ is tired of the struggle, which ‘I’ is doing in his life to achieve something big. Still all the natural powers of earth are giving ‘I’ some peace, some energy and making ‘I’ feel that, “yes ‘I’ is still alive” . The moon light, falling on ‘I’ is giving ‘I’ a feeling as if it will make the coming days of I’s life bright & peaceful. The cool breeze which is blowing pass ‘I’, helping ‘I’ to close his eyes; So that it can take ‘I’ to a different world; where ‘I’ can see those people,whom either ‘I’ lost or never ever met through the journey of his life, still they hold importance to ‘I’. It is just making ‘I’ believe that, in reality the world is very beautiful, what ‘I’ needs to do is to change the way ‘I’ looks at everything surrounding him.  The breeze gently passing through ‘I’, touching ‘I’ smoothly, as if it is kissing on I’s cheek, so that “I” will feel that, “I is not lonely ”. The breeze slowly whispering in I’s ear that, “This kiss which i gave was sent by someone special to you,”

‘I’ knows who is that someone special, that some one is no one other than ‘U’. Yes I never met ‘U’, ‘I’ never talked to ‘U'; but  ‘I’ is waiting for ‘U’. ‘I’ does not know  “How does ‘U’ look?” or “where does ‘U’ stay?”; so that ‘I’ can find ‘U’. Still ‘I’ can spend his whole life waiting for ‘U’.’I’ knows ‘U’ exists in this same planet, to which ‘I’ also belongs. ‘I’ does not expect ‘U’ to come from moon or mars. ‘I’ tries to see U’s face in that full moon, ‘I’ tries to listen ‘U’s voice through the wind when it flows passing I’s ear, I tries to feel touch of U’s hands in that breeze, while it touches ‘I’. ‘I’ does all those stuffs to feel U’s existence near him, just like ‘u’ does those same stuffs to feel ‘I’ near her.

'I' & 'U' see each others face in moon ;)

Now ‘I’ stopped searching ‘U’ in others. Now ‘I’ does not try to see ‘U’ in someone else. As I started believing how someone else can be ‘U’! ‘U’ must be someone special, whom god made for ‘I’. ‘U’ must be someone, who can make ‘I’ smile even though ‘I’ will have tears in his eyes; ‘U’ can make ‘I’ feel his importance even though whole world will reject ‘I'; ‘U’ can inspire ‘I’ and motivate ‘I’, so that It will bring a desire in ‘I’ to be a winner in life; ‘U’ can bring ‘I’s belief in love, by loving him as no one ever did before; No ‘I’ is not going to say that, ‘U’ can take his pain, because that’s the one thing ‘I’ will not allow ‘U’ to take from him, but for sure ‘U’ can give ‘I’ the strength to come out of that.

‘I’ does not know ‘U’ is beautiful or not, although ‘I’ expects ‘U’ to be. Yet it’s also a fact that, I’s definition of beauty is going to differ with others, who have already defined beauty with their own words. For ‘I’ beauty is simplicity, beauty is purity.Even though ‘I’ never met ‘U’, still ‘I’ knows ‘U’ has the eyes, which is good enough to help ‘I’ to see his dreams in it. ‘I’ knows U’s smile has that much purity, which is going to give ‘I’ a reason to stay alive. I knows U’s voice is so much sweet that it will not let ‘I’ to argue with. ‘I’ knows U’s touch has that magic, which is going to heal I’s wounds, as if they were just illusion.

You may ask me, “how can ‘I’ find ‘U’?” or else “how can ‘U’ find ‘I’ ?” as neither they do know each other nor they have met before. Yes that is the magic of true love. Love has that much power,to bring “I“& “U” together. God also knows that- ‘I’ Loves ‘U’, ‘I’ Cares for ‘U’, ‘I’ respects ‘U’. ‘I’ will always be incomplete without ‘U’, So how can God be so rude, as he knows, ‘I’ is not ‘I’ without ‘U’and ‘U’ is not ‘U’ without ‘I’ …. :)

Not  Man Vs Woman Its Man & Woman ;)

Its Men & Women… not Men Vs Women!

It's Not Men Vs Women.... It's Men & Women ;)

I do not want to sound stupid by adding few more points to the biggest war the universe has ever came across, i.e. Men Vs Women. I do not want to make fun of women and make other men of this world proud of their gender. Do not think that, I am not proud of being a man; Yes I am for sure. But what I do not want is to make the most beautiful creation of god i.e. women to feel humiliate. I just want to let them stay happy; let them be proud of themselves. I just want to make them feel their importance.

“Woman was taken out of man; not out of his head to top him, nor out of his feet to be trampled underfoot; but out of his side to be equal to him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be loved”     -anonymous        

I can notice the smile :)  in your face if you are a woman & anger in your face if you are a man after reading up to this point. But now I am going to make people who belong to my gender proud. Just see how. if someone will ask a woman, “to tell one thing she possesses about which she is proud of?” Yes, you intelligent people are correct; the answer will be beauty. But does beauty has any value, if men are not going to be there to appreciate it. If someone will ask a woman, “to tell one thing which she can’t live without ?” I never thought you people are this much intelligent. Again you are right, the answer will be attention. So how women are going to live, if we men are not there to give them the attention they need to stay alive. Now I hope I made both men & women to realize their worth.

“According to a recent survey, men say the first thing they notice about a woman is their eyes, and women say the first thing they notice about men is they’re a bunch of liars”

I do not know when this survey was done & who did this. But it sounds good, so I thought of giving it a place in my blog. Yes it’s true that, the first thing we men notice about women is their eyes & it is also true that the first thing women notice about men is they are a bunch of liars. But women never realize that we men lie because we want to see them happy. Men do not want to hurt women by telling the truth. It shows that for man it is not important to care for what is right or wrong; for him the most important thing is to bring a smile in a woman’s face.

“Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right, instantly”         – Thomas C. Haliburton

It’s very difficult to argue with a woman. It hardly matters if she is right or wrong. God has given a weapon to women to beat men in any argument; which is tears. So it’s a practically proven fact that, a woman becomes suddenly right the moment tears appeared in her eyes. Because that is the only situation men find difficult to deal with. Still women say that we men are emotionless. But if we men also try to prove that we are emotional by crying in front of you then who is going to wipe away your tears.

Still women are the most unselfish creatures of god. They play the role of a daughter, sister, wife then mother in their lives to the best of their capability. So how can we experience the beauty of a relationship without the existence of women.

“Man can never be a woman’s equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her.”         -Mohandas Gandhi

So there is no point in wasting time in deciding who is superior between men and women. For me both have equal value in society. Both are incomplete without each other. So women must respect the men for the compromises they make in their lives to make everyone happy & men must respect women for the love, care & motivation they bring to a man’s life…. :)


Facebook, U & Break up!

In today’s time the most difficult job is to stay away from social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut or Twitter. I am not unique; neither I have ever tried to be unique. So I also spent lots of important hours of my life using Facebook.  I may say that I was addicted to it. Everyone feels happy on getting those likes and those lovely comments on his/her status messages. But after seeing lots of my friends i have realized that,  this process continues until that person gets involve in a relationship; because after that Facebook acts just as a spy. It helps his/ her partner in keeping an eye, what he/she is doing when that person is not with him/her.

It is said that all good things come to an end one day. So how can a relationship escape, unless someone is really lucky. So there is every possibility that it is also going to end one day. So when a person had a break up with his girlfriend. The first thing he does is delete his girlfriend’s number from his cell  phone’s contact list & her name from friend list of his Facebook profile in order to forget that person. How irritating it should be when you try to forget your ex-girlfriend & Facebook keeps on reminding her; by showing her in people you may know list of your Facebook page. It just feels like you should give a smack on Facebook’s face & warned it that, “Yes I knew her, but I do not want to know her any further. By the way who are you to ask me whether I know her or not. You must stop playing with emotion of mine. What are you getting by rubbing salt in to someone’s wounds?” :)

The problem does not stop here. After all we are human beings; we do what our heart says without caring much about our mind’s call. How can you stop your finger, when you know that you are now one click away from the person, whom you loved the most at some point of time? Facebook also help your cause by not giving that option to see the recent visitors list. So your ego will not get hurt by any means if you visit your Ex’s profile, as she is not going to know whether you visited her profile or not. So in this kind of positive scenario you are going to click on your ex’s profile for sure.

After entering in to her profile, the first thing you are going to look in her profile is her relationship status. If it’s single, then a war between mind & heart is going to happen for sure, as heart will want her back at any cost, while mind is going to stop it in doing the same mistake for twice.  And if it’s complicated, then a sign of relief is going to come in your face for sure, as it’s indicating that may be she has not come out of that relationship yet.  If it’s no answer, then it will help Facebook’s cause by making you visit her profile till you get the answer. And if it’s committed, then do I need to say its side effect. I hope you are going to get it by your intelligence.

Some people say that, “Friends are your biggest enemy”. Now I am going to prove that how! Some of your close friends are going to be there in mutual friends list between you & your ex’s. So suppose Facebook is going to do favor to you by not reminding you that you know her. Then these people are going to remind you that you know her, either by liking status message on her wall or by commenting on them. Those are going to come in your home page as recent story.  It is as if Facebook is trying to tease you by saying “I have not done this, your own friends are culprit this time …. By the way do you know her? ;)

In Facebook’s login page it is written that “Facebook helps you connect & share with the people in your life”. So why it is trying to connect us with those people who are not part of our life now.So is it always better to stay away from Mr. Facebook after a break up, if you really want to get out of that relationship? What’s your say on this?