Do you still remember me!

Hello everyone. I hope you remember me! Do not you? I am back…. although I am not sure if you people were waiting for me or not. May be after a long time, I am pressing my laptop’s keys not to practice any new computer programming language. Yes, I was interacting with this machine called laptop from past few weeks. Now I need to talk to you all wonderful people, who can make me feel happy, who can give me some wonderful memories although I have never met anyone of you.   

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Can you stay close to my heart!!

Can you hold my hand one more time….

Can you make me feel as if you are mine?

Can you sit with me under the moonlight….

Can you let me see your face holding your hand for the whole night?

Can you believe me if I will say “I am only yours”….

Can you give me a chance to wipe away all your tears?

Can you walk with me under the rain….

I believe it will wash away all your pain.

Can u say something to make me smile….

And let me forget my sadness for a while.

Can you do something to make me feel special….

Can you show me little unreal affection, as if it’s real?

Can you bring my belief in love once again….

Can you turn this world for me from hell to heaven?

Can you help my dreams to come true….

As I feel they have no values without you .

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