Candle Lighter Award- Lighting the hope in blogosphere!

Before passing on this award, I just want to say you all that, more than the award, this post is all about a message which I want to send to you all.

This December I got lot of things to cheer about. Of course the biggest one, I have already mention in my post” a perfect reason for celebration”. Now one more is going to be added to that list. Continue reading “Candle Lighter Award- Lighting the hope in blogosphere!”

Rudolph Award 1

The Rudolph Award! A simple way to say Thank You!

None of us write blogs to get money or with any such selfish intentions. We write for a little bit attention, a little bit appreciation and a little bit recognition; more than any thing else it’s for self satisfaction. Still none of us is perfect. Sometimes we all commit mistakes while writing a post. Still we help each other in learning the art of writing, photography or any other form of creativity. More than anything else, it helps  us grow as a human being, by going through the posts of our fellow bloggers, who belong to a different country, a different society and may be having a different thought process. Some time we may agree and sometimes may not. Still it gives us a chance to ask some questions to ourselves and to others, for our betterment. And when someone appreciate our work, it simply feels great. Continue reading “The Rudolph Award! A simple way to say Thank You!”


Liebster Award!… Let’s change the rule!

Yesterday ‘Renee Johnson’ informed me that, I was awarded with a Liebster award by her. I do not have that  pleasure of receiving too many awards from my childhood. So every award makes me feel on top of the world. Every award motivates me to move one step forward. This award means a lot to me, as I received it from Renee. When I was new to this blogging world (although I still consider myself new here, as I have completed only two and half months here), when I did not have  too many followers to read my post, Renee not only followed my blog, but also motivated me and inspired me to keep writing without caring about the number of comment & likes. So I was more than happy after getting an award from her. Continue reading “Liebster Award!… Let’s change the rule!”


7×7 award

Yesterday, Becky Aaronson, nominated me for the 7×7 Link Award. I could not ask for more, as I was nominated by Becky, author of the blog, “An Improbable Life. She takes her readers to various parts of the world, various pages of history & helps them to know some great personalities (for example “Steve Jobs”) even better! And the highlight of her blog is photographs by her husband “Jeffrey Aaronson” (Who is one of the best photographers in the world). Thanks a lot Becky for giving my blog, its first recognition. Continue reading “7×7 award”