Idea is what it matters the most!

Time and time again the media reports Suggest that, Mark Zukerburg has stolen the idea of Facebook from twin brother Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The Winklevosses also said that, “Mr Zuckerberg, who attended Harvard with them, took the code for their social networking website and launched Facebook with it in 2004.

Facebook/ConnectU (Photo credit: kire)

ConnectU creators Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss claimed that they hired Mr Zuckerberg to finish software codes for their social-networking website while they were all students at Harvard in 2003.Mr Zuckerberg, a second year student at the time, took their code and their idea and launched Facebook in February of 2004 instead of holding up his end of the deal, according to ConnectU’s lawsuit.

Facebook agreed to a 2008 settlement to end “rancorous litigation” but did not admit Mr Zuckerberg had taken the twin’s idea.

In return, The Winklevosses received $20m in cash and $45m worth of stock valued at $36 per share in the deal.But later, in January 2011 the Winklevoss brothers had asked re-open a $65m (£42m) legal settlement signed in 2008.But the court ruled out their appeal saying, “At some point, litigation must come to an end. That point has now been reached.”

Then a movie “The social network”, based on this whole issue came out.The movie then got nominated for Oscars and brought few more controversies with it. But I wonder if all these controversy somehow affected this young man named, Mark Zuckerberg’s achievements to some extent. But as Aaron Sorkin, the writer of movie social network very rightly once said to media, “The line ‘if you guys were the inventors of Facebook, then you would have invented Facebook’- it’s what I always wanted to say to those people. So I’ve lots of sympathy for Mark Zukerberg”.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

I too believe the same, after all Facebook is the world’s biggest social network with more than 900 million users, and Zuckerberg is one of the world’s youngest billionaires. So, no one can take away his achievements from him.

But at the same time, if this whole controversy has a truth in it; then I’ve sympathy for those two people whose idea gave birth to such a revolution in social networking world. It’s the idea which sells, not the technology, nor the presentation. Implementation of that idea is important, but idea always leads the path to an invention. But the sad thing is that, people always consider the result and appreciate few people associated with it. So to protect ideas is the biggest challenge for every person, irrespective of the field he is involve with. The importance of ideas is not limited to a specific field or industry. Does not matter how beautifully a person writes, people will stop reading his/her creation if he has nothing new to offers and that is where ideas matters.

As writers, photographers or even humans, we all have a fear in us if someone is going to steal our ideas from us. He may come up with something which is better and more salable than us and which will look like his own creation. So even as a blogger somehow that fear to make something unique and different public, through our respective blogs without being sure if someone is going to use it for his own creativity;  is the biggest drawback of blogging. Is not it?idea

We can copyright our words or pictures; but we can never copyright our ideas. There keywords like honesty, ethics and responsibility plays an important role.   So here comes the biggest question, are we honest with not only ourselves but also with others as creative people and do we have the strength and courage in us, to take the responsibility of create something new, which only belongs to us?

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28 thoughts on “Idea is what it matters the most!

  1. Not only does it take courage to create something new, it also takes imagination and sparkle. Plus it is also not enough to have a good idea, you need to know how to work that idea. In that sense maybe Mark did steel the initial facebook idea, but look what it made out of it! That is also a talent. Of course i don’t agree with the whole steeling thing, but i am afraid it is part of the game…. The best way is to be inspired from somebody else’s idea or accomplishment, and if we use it in some way, acknowledge that person in our sources or references. Copy right is a tough thing when you use the internet for your work….

    1. Ioanna, I will agree with you that, the implementation of the idea is equally important for successful completion and I too agree that no one can take away the credit from Mark. He is the one who gave the final product to the world. But still the person who gave birth to such a idea might not deserve the money but for sure they deserve some kind of appreciation; but only if it’s truth that, this whole idea came from their minds. I am only talking about what I read in news papers or internet and I can’t also avoid the other side of the truth also. Inspiring from someone,with giving due credit to him is always a good thing but doing this whole thing in the other way can never be right.
      You very rightly said that, it’s all part of the game. I wish in future, someone is going to come up with something to copyrights our thoughts also. :) Thanks a lot for taking part in such an honest conversation, Ioanna. It’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

  2. I think that all of our ideas come from something/someone else. They appear to come from nowhere, but really they started with something else that we didn’t register, didn’t define (or sometimes we take an idea and modify, change it.) How many love stories have been written — should that be copyrighted — a story about love? You can’t do it.

    I guess that’s why there are lawyers.

    1. Yes, I too agree we all get inspired by something or the other. But I still believe when something miracle happens with that idea, then we need to give the due credit to those people who first thought of it. I do agree that, implementation is equally important. So it’s never right to take away the credit from the person who comes up with the end product; yet we need to be honest while saying that, yes the inspiration came from this person. I hope I am right while saying this.
      And yes a story about love can never be copyrighted. Now, I have to be in touch with a good lawyer; who knows someday I may need her support. :)

  3. I agree with you, Arindam when you say that the generation of ideas is important. Some individuals do not have the sophistication innately to actualize their ideas. I think that is what happened in this case. The brothers definitely deserved credit for their idea to launch a social network at the campus level. Zukerberg was the visionary that believed this thing had much larger potential. Ideas are born everyday. Great minds can take average ideas, take them to another level, and make millions. Zukerberg is that guy. I’m not saying he wins best friend of the year award, but he is one dude that never gave up on what could be.

    1. Becky, You summarize the whole post beautifully. That was actually my point. If the allegations are true then, Mark does not win the best friend of the year award, but he is the person who never gave up and for that he deserve every single bit of appreciation he is getting. It requires a lot of efforts to implement those ideas and to come up with such an application which made the world look very small.

  4. It is indeed hard to copyright our ideas, but actually speaking, ideas are not someone’s sole preserve. After all, we all think, have imagination and of course we are all human. So some amount of overlapping of ideas is bound to be there. But when the idea is something unique, with commercial possibilities, or has been lifted in parts or wholly by someone else and commericialised it becomes unethical. And here I am not referring to FB at all. As for blog content goes, since all blogs are not commercial, a simple link back is often more than enough. But popularity and following plays such a big role even here and so not only ideas, but chunks of text and even entire posts are lifted without any compunction.

    we have come up with so many new methods of safeguarding privacy in cyberspace, why not come up with something that pings us back the moment some chunk of text from our posts is used elsewhere?

    1. Yes, Ideas are not someone’s sole preserve; two people can also think the same. That’s why I mentioned in my post, I am not sure about the truth behind all these controversies; I am only speaking about those things, which both electronic and print media makes us aware of. Still if there is any truth in this whole controversy than, Mark should not be afraid of saying to the world that, yes these are the people from whom I got the inspiration. That would be a fair deal. Those two people may not deserve the share from the financial gain of the final product, as Mark is the one who implemented the idea; but they deserve their share of recognition too. Are n’t they?
      Thanks a lot for taking your time to share your thought. It always feels nice to be part of healthy discussion.

  5. I have no idea about this issue since I don’t have enough knowledge about this copywright
    and face book code. Don’t worry Arindam no one will steal your blogs ideas which you preserved in your blog. When you read something from any other people magazine, internet, you would have
    the anxiety to note the good points to use same when you write/follow the same for creative
    purpose.Please ignore my opinion if it is wrong.

    1. Yes, I do get inspiration from people; although not all the time. But believe me if someday, I do some kind of wonder with that inspiration; I would never be afraid of saying that- I got the inspiration from these people. I believe that’s what a person give birth to a idea deserves; I am not talking about the money but the appreciation.
      And by the way I was not talking about only myself; I was talking about each person who is trying to create something with in his limitations.

  6. There is nothing that’s been written or said that has not been written or said before. Some might be inspired to polish the previous work or spin it forward with a new, bigger idea. (Example: William Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet,” has been given new life many times in updated situations: “West Side Story,” for one.)

    When I worked in radio and newspapers, I tried not to listen to or read what the competition did until I had finished my story. That way I would not be influenced – even subconsciously – by someone else’s work. On the occasions that I felt I had done it better … I was a very happy camper indeed. When I fell short, I remembered where they shined and tried to improve what I wrote the next time.

    1. Yes Judy you are right. But as I myself is a computer engineer. So believe me when I say, while designing a web application the idea matters the most. Once the idea come to mind then the algorithm and the coding can be done by others. So I really believe if there is some kind of truth in this issue, then the people who came up with idea must deserve their share of recognition. In a creative process, the inspiration is very common. We get inspiration from a person, an animal, sky, tree, flower or from anything else. But in case of technology, we need to value the idea more than what we do.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thought. It always helps me to see the whole thing from another perspective. So thank you for providing me that perspective.

      1. And you, Arindam, provided me with a new perspective as well. My father was an electronics engineer. As I recall, some folks who have come up with an idea in that field never benefited from their ideas. They should have.

  7. Wow, preach the truth my brother. I hesitate sometimes when i blog good ideas, thoughts etc. It holds me back and I have even worked with friends on projects and found myself saying “dont worry I am not going to Zuckerberg you”

    Thank you for putting this into light. well written and I enjoyed reading

    1. Thanks a lot. I am glad you liked what ever I shared here. Most of the people, including me somehow occasionally hesitate to blog something, which we believe can reach the next level. But yes, I never use this “Zuckerberg” word; it’s simply because I am not 100% sure about the reality of this whole issue. :) Great to see you here!

  8. I believe whatever we create in print, as stage performers, musicians or artists, or ideas, all our creations are a labor of love and once we give birth to them, we simply must let them go to allow the creation to do what it was made for. As far creating something totally new, I think only God can truly perform that…we are influenced either directly or indirectly by the ideas of others. Kinda like sharing? Just randomly thinking about your question so anyway, here is a small Labor Day gift for you…Arindam and have a great week!

  9. Even though people can have the same ideas, it’s how you bring it to the people. :)
    There are so many bloggers out there on the internet, and some of them are pretty unique with how they write, or bring their thoughts into the world, even though their style, or idea, or blog is the same as someone else’s.

    1. First of all, welcome to my blog Dianda.
      I do agree that implementation is equally important. But still i believe the person who gives birth to idea deserves some kind of appreciation. Talking about the blogging, yes we all get inspiration from one another and even sometimes come up with something better than what it was. But it’s fair enough. Here we works in a community, helping each other to grow as a writer or photographer.
      Thanks a lot Dianda for taking your time to read this one and for sharing your thought. :)

    1. Yes Rommel. That was my point in technology Idea is what give birth to a unique and interesting product. We can develop a product easily with the technological resources available to us. Sorry buddy, for the late reply.

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