Happy Birth Day…. Superman!

A young boy, from a small town in India dared to dream big. He is intelligent, he is talented, he is hard working, and he is honest ; and when a person possesses these qualities, he hardly needs luck. Life was never that easy for him ; still he had the confidence in him to make it big in his life.

Although lots of things were happening surrounding him, But without bothering too much about them, my superman was determined and focused towards his goals. He never let anything to go from his hands. He made his own path and started walking on it.

He took every challenge that came his way. After he completed his engineering, he got the job in one of the leading IT Companies, and the funniest part was just two days later he was selected for admission in one of India’s leading MBA Colleges. But instead of choosing to bang on the opportunity life provided him; he chose to do the job that he got; just to make life better for his parents and to pay the bills of a younger brother who was in his first year of engineering.  He gave all his effort for previous two years just to be one among those excellent students, who get the chance to study in such colleges. He had the admission letter in his hand but he valued the appointment letter more. But he was so strong mentally and so determined that, again after two years, he got admission in a better MBA college of India. It shows the character of the man.

Although, we used to live in same place, with same people still there is hardly any similarity between us. I am hardly serious about anything, not even about myself. I find it difficult to stay focus on anything. I am not at all competitive nor do I have that intelligence in me to compete. But he achieved every single thing he wanted in life. He studied in those colleges where he wanted, he got the job which he needed, and he is now married to the girl whom he loved.  We both have different beliefs, different needs and different lifestyle; but that happens with every person. So although he could not inspire me to do something like him as I was not good enough to learn something from him, still he is the inspiration for many of my nieces and nephews in my family.

I will always be thankful to him not for the materialistic happiness he provided me, because I hardly value them; but for the lessons, he gave me during my young days. When for the first time I left my home for studies, on my way to college he explained me that it would be fine to be remained as friends with those students whose style of living was high, as their parent could afford their demands without much caring the money they had to spend; but I had to make sure that, I must not copy the way they live. It was simply because at that time our parents could not afford it. When for the first time I failed to clear some paper at the first attempt, he took me and all my roommates for dinner just to make sure that I would not be afraid of failure anymore. He used to tell me, does not matter how much percentage I was scoring, until I am honest with what I was doing. I helped many people during my college days; but it was his money, not mine.

So I thank him for making life easier for me, for making our parents proud and taking all the responsibility alone, so that I could fly like a free bird in this journey of life.

Since last few years, we hardly get 10 days to spend with each other; because first we were living in two different cities, then two different states and now we are living in two different countries. I hope we are not going to live in two different planets someday.  I know we both are now at the transition phases of our  lives. He is now married, and I am going to repeat the same mistake after few years. So life will not stay same; like what it used to be few years earlier. Still when the roots are same, it’s hard to separate two branches of a tree from each other.

I hope you enjoyed the story of the superman of my life who landed on this planet on Aug28 as my elder brother, “Anupam”. So do not forget to wish and bless my superman.

PS: No more personal posts for a long time after this for you all. :)

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69 thoughts on “Happy Birth Day…. Superman!

  1. What a great guy; happy birthday to your brother! Your path is different from your brothers and I’m sure he respects that. You can’t pretend to be someone you are not or you won’t be happy. Here’s to your path, Arindam! Cheers and best of luck.

  2. Happy Birthday to a Superman, a mentor, a friend. Keep him as close as you can, Arindam, even if it is by phone only. My sisters were my mentors and they are sadly, gone way too soon. You never know what life has in store. Keep your superman close!

  3. Thanks a lot Elyse, for the wish you sent in my Superman’s way! By the way he is living in your neighborhood; so I am sure your wish must have reached him safely and very quickly. :) Yes we both love each other and we hardly feel the need to express this mutual feeling with words. And just like you very rightly pointed out, all my family members and friends do complain that I do not remain with touch with anyone over the phone. And honestly, I do not know why but I never enjoy doing so. I feel these mediums are very formal. Although I realize it wrong, but still find it difficult to utilize mediums like phone or internet to be in touch with others.

  4. happy Birthday to superman!! you are one hell of a lucky guy.. always remember that..and on a lighter note.. have never understood why all you guys think marriage is a mistake or something like that. :).. wish you would ask the girls what it is for them…pooor things and yet we never complain..:)

    1. Ha ha! :) How could girls complain, because they are the ones who make us realize our mistakes. :)
      Jokes apart, Thanks a lot for reading the story of my superman. And yes I do realize that, I am one lucky guy. :)

  5. This is a tender, touching story of love and commitment, Arindam. You and your brother are fortunate to have each other. You may not always be close physically, but will always be close at heart.
    Blessings to you both – Maxi

  6. Birthday wishes all the way from Finland to your dear brother! Having a brother to look up to with admiration and affection must surely be one of life’s greatest blessings. I have two brothers and though I try to keep it a secret, they make life just that bit more special you know. :) Ah, you brought back some warm memories of my own childhood :D

    1. I am glad if I could bring back some of your childhood memories. Yes brothers know, how to make things special for sue. :) Thanks a lot for these kind words and wishes. It means a lot.

  7. He is an inspiration to ALL the nieces and nephews in the family. :)The title of Superman is totally apt for him :) Happy birthday! :)

    1. Yes, I know you all are intelligent enough to choose the right person to get inspiration. Let’s hope many more supermen are going to be part of our big family. :)

  8. Awesome, awesome. Very beautiful piece of writing. Those little good deed and small pieces of advice are often neglected but, they last longer without even imagining or noticing it. As a matter of fact, even bad influences help shape a person too. Pure honesty, it’s a VERY VERY nice piece of writing.

    1. Thanks a lot, Rommel. :) I will completely agree with you that, bad influences help shape a person; it makes a person mature and give a new dimension to his life.

  9. happy happy birthday to superman bhaiya :) He sounds every bit as wonderful as you. Your brother has definitely achieved lot against odds and led an exemplary life. But I urge you to not downplay your either. You have a wonderful soul too, just like him and that counts for more than any materialistic or academic success. God bless you both! Your writing is becoming more and more powerful! Great going :)

    1. No I can never be like him, at least in this birth. :) Yes, he achieved everything whatever he wanted at some point of time. Thanks a lot Sapna, for these beautiful wishes.
      You made me really happy, with this last line of your comment. A big thank you for that too!

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your brother, Arindam! It shows that what you thought you took for granted, you never really did. Kids are this way: they are always watching. Learning from observation.
    Blessings to you and to your own personal Superman!

    1. Thanks a lot for the blessings, Bela. :) It means a lot, both for me and my superman. But honestly, most of the times I take things for granted; and I find it difficult to get out of this habit of mine. :)

      1. Sweetie, you are not alone. I think it’s human to take things for granted. It’s why it’s so important, I think, to practice mindfulness daily – where we don’t lost sight of our blessings. It takes work, but well worth it!

  11. Thanks my brother for such a sweet post!!
    It was pleasant surprise..As you can see, I keep coming to your blog and check if you have posted something new..I’ve enjoyed everything you have posted till today..

    It doesn’t matter whether I’m a superman or a success (which I don’t think I am)..what matters is what you feel about me and this blog makes me feel like a super man in your eyes..

    I too wish we’ve more time to spend with each other and if I can turn the clock backwards to go back to our childhood and be with you and relive those beautiful moments..But close or far, you are always in my heart and I always pray for you..In time, I’ve learnt to respect your individuality and our different personalities..

    I respect your courage to take risk and fly like a free bird. I hope and pray you find the true HAPPINESS in life..

    Lastly, I want to thank all the nice people who have wished me and made me feel special for a day..I can see in time how close you guys have become..In a world where relationships are fickle, I hope your relationship lasts the test of time.I wish good luck and happiess to all..

    Thanks again my brother..I too am very proud of you..for who you are..I too remember all the moments we’ve spent in life..wherever I go, my love, concern and blessing will be with you..Love you..

  12. Arindam…What a beautiful and loving tribute to a special person in your life…your brother! Lots of wishes and prayers for his health, happiness and success….above all, this comes with the prayer that this bond of love…respect and consideration is one that gets better and stronger with time…amen!

    This tribute is also a tribute to your generous and loving soul and spirit Arindam…as also to your parents who helped inculcate these praiseworthy traits and characteristics in two such wonderful young men…

    God bless…

    1. Sukriyaa, Shamaji! :)
      Insha’Allah! This bond will last forever! Thanks a lot for all your kind words and blessings. It made my day special for sure. Yes, I do not know about myself; but our parents deserve all the credit for all good things in my brother. During our young days, they gave us everything we needed within their limitations.

  13. very touching post about your superman.
    I am sure he is as proud of you as you are of him.
    You have given him such a lovely tribute :)
    May your superman be there for you always, and may he find prosperity with all his endeavors. A very happy birthday to your brother

    1. To be honest I am not sure about that, Amira. Although sometimes he does say so! :)
      Yes, He will be there for me always. Thanks a lot for sending your wish his way. :)

  14. Very heartfelt post, my friend. He meant so much to you, and still does. Loved his response to your post. Family is so meaningful, whether we are close or not. Great that you have him as a mentor, and that he left such a strong impression. And that he let you, be YOU.

    1. Thanks a lot for these beautiful words, Mj! :)
      Yes, he does! We hardly say no to each other, when we need each others help. I always believe family is a person’s biggest strength (although my definition of family is different; I love being part of a large family) and everything else is somehow temporary. People come to you, when you have something to give them; and they will go away the moment you need something from them. Is not it true!

    1. Thanks a lot, Deb for taking your time to read this post and leaving such kind words ! :) I am glad you think that, this post was good enough to make his day special.

  15. That’s a beautiful tribute to your brother, Arindam. He truly does sound like Superman. Happy Birthday, Anupam.
    It was a pleasure to read Anupam’s response to you. While you have taken different paths, you also have much to be proud of.

  16. I hope Anupam enjoyed his birthday. I’m sure reading your words must have been the highlight. This is a beautiful tribute, Arindam. You’re lucky to have each other. And you’re right: no matter how far apart the branches grow, they’ll always be part of the same tree.

    1. Thanks a lot, Sir Charles. It made me really happy that, I could pass on your blessings his way too. Yes he must had a great day; as lots of his friends also stay at the same place. :)

  17. This comes rather late, but belated birthday wishes to your superman brother! This is a touching tribute to a ‘dada’ who did so much for you. Have no doubt he is just as proud of you.

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