Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I took these pictures, while my stay in a city called “Chennai” in south India. It’s a beautiful city with wonderful people. The only things which makes life difficult for outsiders living here are- weather, poor water supply to home, power failures and spicy foods. But people living here are so wonderful that, they make up for all these problems a person living here has to deal with. It’s not my hometown, rather it’s in a completely different part of my country. But for sure it’s one of my most favorite place in India.

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61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. had a chance to visit chennai recently. Was there for only a day and it felt very strange. though I’ve stayed in bangalore for short periods – Chennai was a totally different experience. more ever cause I was there on the day of karva chauth. We went around marina beach looking for the moon and a crowd gathered to watch me do the unfamiliar puja. Pretty funny:)

    1. Yes I too felt strange on my first visit. But I found it interesting, once I got habituated to their style of living. The difference between Bangalore and Chennai is that; now with the boom in IT industry most of the people living their are from different states. So somehow now they have overshadowed the local people and culture. But in Chennai, their own locality has still hold on the city. I am not sure if in future things are going to change. They will never late others to overshadow them for sure.
      And yes, Marina beach is always a crowded place. So We used to visit Vesant Nagar (I’m not sure about it’s spelling :) ) beach most of the times.

    1. Yes, Sir Charles to be honest, not every one welcome us; when We enter their state to pursue our career and dreams. It’s really sad, that when a person in India moves from one state to other, suddenly few people starts treating him as an outsider. And this thing not only happens in one or two states but most of the states.

      That red building is the main railway station in Chennai. It’s called Chennai Central. If you will ever visit to Chennai, never forget to take ride in the local train. It will be a wonderful experience.

  2. It is always a joy to learn a bit more about our wonderful world and Chennai looks like a spot oozing with urban life. I like the contrast of the modern architecture in the first two photos compared with the last photo illustrating a bit of urban decay. (love the mini buses or is it taxis?)

    1. No these were neither taxis nor mini buses. We call them with different names in different places; but in most of the places in India, these are called as auto rickshaw, in my hometown people call it, tempo and foreigner visiting our country call it “tuk tuk” (due to the sound it makes while on road). :)
      Chennai’s culture and life style is quite different from other states. But that’s the beauty of this big country with so many states in it and where every state has its own culture, food, dressing, language, music, dance form or any other art form.

      1. I love the name given to things simply by the sounds it makes…tuk-tuk. :)

        Thanks for explaining a bit more on Chennai…now, even that is a nice name!

        Overall, India is a very diverse country and I really love the richness of the culture…thanks for sharing, Arindam! ;)

    1. Thanks a lot. But my photos are not as good as yours. I took all these pictures with my cellphone. Your post was excellent. Thanks a lot for recommending it to me. I somehow missed that one. :) I hope we were not neighbor then. :)

    1. Amy aunty, They use a larger quantity. My mom does not use spice at all, so I find it difficult to eat spicy food. And do not worry! When you will visit India (I hope it will be when I will get married, as you always say :) ) I will make sure, you will taste all the flavors of my country. :)

      1. I’m with your mother and you, Arindam. I loose the natural flavour of the food when it is over seasoned or spiced. Spices are wonderful if they help bring out the flavour. It’s like love in a relationship, Arindam. A relationship is not just about love…it’s about all the beauty that love brings out in both people.

        Attend your wedding? Goodness, what a pleasure that would be…to satisfy all your blogging friends, you may have to share it with us on You Tube! :D

        1. Ha ha! :) But sharing that one on Youtube, That’s I am not going to do. :) I am very shy, even I find it difficult to attend marriage ceremonies as they are so crowded and I never visit any crowded place. So to make one of the most private moment of my life, public would be quite an impossible task for me to do. :)

    1. Thanks a lot. :) Yes it’s quite difficult to cope up with the weather there not only for you, but for us also. And yes as you very rightly said, foods available there have their own unique test. If you love spicy food, then it’s the right place. :)

  3. i came by looking for a possible post on ‘everyday life’ but found this one instead.
    such rich colours, and the spicy food sounds delicious, too. i just had a masala dosa for lunch today at my favourite dosa house here in my corner of the world. so yummy. thank you for sharing these moments from Chennai.

    1. I am glad you reached your. :) Masala dosa for lunch, it’s sounding interesting. We have it for breakfast. Yes, I too love masala dosa. Chennai is full of life and spice. :) It’s wonderful that, you can enjoy flavors of Chennai at some other part of the world.

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