Trying to paint with Photography!

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51 thoughts on “Trying to paint with Photography!

    1. Thanks a lot Shanthi. It’s not that difficult. Just spend some time, with any photo editing software and you will end up seeing your imagination on your computer screen.

    1. I did not get it Shanthi. I have not deleted any of your comments; It takes sometime to approve any of the comment I get on my posts. :) And if you still want then you can unsubscribe to my posts any time; I will not mind it. :)

      1. Thank you for your reply. I will have to decide only after seeing that my comments get approved or not since I had already posted my comments to the above topic. Same way I will not mind it if you do not approve my comments.

    1. Thanks a lot Sapna. I am glad you could able to see them. It’s very easy, to do this with Picasa. But while taking a picture keep it in mind that, you are going to edit it in such a way. The key is try to capture either a moving object or a object with clear bright background.

        1. It’s not about the courage, it’s all about the desire. I hope you will pick up that SLR, and come up with something excellent soon. I am sure you will end up with something much better than these pictures.

  1. It’s great fun playing around with photographs :-) I like the pigeons and the Temple(?). You might like some of the street photography being done by Sheetal if you haven’t been to her blog :-)

    1. Yes It is great fun. And yes, that is the picture of a temple near to my hometown.
      I visited her blog a couple of times before. She has a really nice blog. Have a great day Martin! :)

  2. I used to be a purist – wanting the photo to speak for itself without any altering. However, Picasa has seduced me into trying different things. I don’t want radical differences to mine, but if it helped the blog, I’d now give it a try. I like some of these alot, Arindam, but because I was raised on black and white (no choice), I haven’t been tempted. Time may change that.

    Isn’t it great having these tools at our fingertips?

    1. Yes, these tools are really helpful to give a desire output to our imaginations. I can understand, why you have not been so tempted. You must have grown up with black and white movies, black and white books etc. But let me tell you, there are plenty of option to try and come up with something unusual yet interesting, which is going to provide a solid background to your thoughtful posts. Give it a try at your free time. I am sure you are going to love it. :)

  3. Great work Arindam! I never seem to find time to get creative with photos. I rarely manage to edit mine at all. Maybe some day when life slows down a bit… if that happens, I will dabble with my creative side more!

    1. Yes you must try it when ever you will be free from the rush of life. It’s fun to spend some time with these photo editing software. Have a great weekend Lori. :)

        1. By the way you have a really nice blog. I tried to comment on some of your post, but could n’t as there is no option to wither hit a like or share a comment.

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