Bless me by Sharing a thought for my first “BOOK”!!

As, you all know now I am on a mission which is of “publishing my first book”.

So in the end part, I am trying to share thoughts of everyone who want to see a change in this world, in the society, in family life or it might be in each of us as human?

So if you can then answer (With in 1-10lines)  a simple question in the comment section

if one day, God will bless you to change only one thing in this planet, What will be it?

Share your view, on the change you want to see in this world in the comment section,  I will make it part of my first book with a section “Changes we want to see in this world” (if you  want then, I will share only view without your name. Just let me know that, you want to share your thought as anonymous)  . It will be like sending your good wishes and blessings my way, which I am going to keep with me, for a long time with this book..

Here is mine

The change I want to see would be

“A young man in his/her family will replace, The stick in every old man/old woman’s hand to support him and just to make him feel that he/she is still important to someone in this world.”

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(A picture from my upcoming book)

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108 thoughts on “Bless me by Sharing a thought for my first “BOOK”!!

  1. I love your idea, Arindam.

    I have so many wishes, it becomes impossible to choose one. At first, I want to say the change I’d like to see is that we embrace change and differences, in general. So much control (of other people, of our environment) has wrought global consequences of mammoth proportions. Our fear of differences or our repulsions and prejudices (fears) have created class systems where the few have much and the many have little. Our wish to change others has resulted in fundamentalism, which then branches into radical sects so bent on liberating others from their belief systems that it justifies the taking of lives rather than simply accepting that others do not share the same viewpoint or faith.

    But this is an imperfect world – and humans do seem to learn best through adversity. Take away struggle and what do we have? A bunch of us lying on our backs gazing at the stars – so unmotivated to stretch our preconceptions and learn from our environment that we become lethagic and care-less?

    I can’t say, but it causes me to wonder at the justice in it all … and thus, I write! And, I suspect, so do many others.

    Blessings on your endeavor!

    • Thank you Bela for the blessing me with such a great thought here.
      I hope you have not wrote this line “But this is an imperfect world – and humans do seem to learn best through adversity”; keeping me in ind. Let me tell you I am too much imperfect, who does not fit in to the trends of life and currently I am at that phase of my life, where I am learning something new with each passing day. Adversity makes a person mature and strong. I do not want to among those bunch of people lying on our backs gazing at the stars; I just want to shine like a star with my own light, rather than shining like a moon, with someone else’s rays and creating the illusion as if it is its own. I hope I am not asking for too much. Am I?

      • If one day God blessed me to change a thing in this world, I would aks him to give me the ability to make people realize how precious and good they truly are, so they could feel inner freedom, believing in themselves and make the best possible out of their lives – with joy, gratitude and the willingness to be the change they want to be in this world.

        • I didn’t realize I was replying to the answers above. But Arindam, no you don’t ask too much. You are asking just about enough! For me you are already a shining star, because you do, what you believe in and you are inspiring a lot of people with your thoughts. And asking the people here to give blessings to your book, is genius! You make them part of something and I have to say, it was wonderful to think about the question what change I want to be!

          • Cassie I hope you always store the best and most beautiful words for me. Honestly, your words always inspire me. Let’s hope one day I will be a star shining on this planet rather than shining in the sky. Your support means a lot, Cassie. Thanks a lot for that.

      • Arindam, I DID write that line, for, as you’ve discovered, we DO learn best through adversity!

        I love your star and moon metaphor – and no, I don’t think you’re asking too much! Ask away – that’s how dreams become reality, no? ;)

        Enjoy your weekend!

    • I would love to see this change. Being judgmental that to be when it is not required, always creates problem for us. A big thank you, for sharing your thought here.

  2. That people remember how to smile with the whole of their being—body, mind, and soul.
    That every child knows unconditional love of a village of supporters.
    That we know in our hearts we are one and never alone.
    That suffering is seen as a pathway to greater joy, and all are given a hand during times of sorrow.

    • Ha! :) Is this the change you want to see in this world? Is it so important for you to read my book at free of cost. :) I will seriously think about it. :)

  3. A book wouldn’t be enough to fill the changes I desire Arindam :-) But I would start with one thing that I think is the only solution to our ills: ‘Value education for ALL, not just the priviledged few.’

    • Yes I will agree with you, my book will not much of a change to this world. :) But yes, I wish and hope it will make people think about these issue seriously, and who knows one among us may bring a small change to this world.
      But let me tell you, you are so rightly pointed out that, education is the only solution to our ills. It will make people self dependent, it will make people aware of “what’s going on in this world” and it will help people to judge what’s right and what’s wrong intelligently.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thought.

  4. O M G first book…awesome … best of best wishes with you….don’t forget us when you release your 100th book buddy …and let your first and every book be released in your mom’s hand ….Congrats

    • Thanks dear, for such a beautiful wish. Let me see how my first book is going to do, then I can think about 100th. :) And as you said, I too want to release it with my mom’s hand. But its Print book is releasing only in US and UK and ebooks are available through kindle across the world. May be the book which will be my first novel and will be published in India, will get the first touch of my mom’s hand. I hope you will like my book. Let’s see. :)

      • Sure …..its ok show her the soft copy and get her wishes :-) you know how happy mom feels when her son/daughter achieves something…….am just missing my mom who is in India and me in aus :-( ….

        Hmmm ok all the best for the book say hi to your mom from my side :-)

        Keep rocking boss and thanks for that immediate contribution to my project
        Takecare …..bye

        • Yes, I can feel, how much you must be missing your mom, as I met my mom after one and half year even though we both stay in India. :)
          You too take care, Have a great day!

  5. If I could change one thing about the world, I would wish that people would help each other more and remember that we share our planet; we need to take care of each other and our world.

    Thank you for asking, Arindam,


        • It was my pleasure. I know My book can’t change anything in this planet. But I hope, it may help a single person to realize what are the issues a common man has to deal with. That’s why at the end of my book, I want to share what are the changes we as human beings want to see in this world. For first, I was planning to request all my blogging friends, to ask the same questions to their own readers; so that I can get more thoughts of different individual with an unique perspective. But then I thought, it would look like promoting my book with their blogs. So I dropped the Idea. Now I have to look for some other medium through which I can gather lots of thoughts regarding the change we want to see in this world.

  6. The one change I would like to change is to make human heart non-judgmental. To accept others the way they are without imposing thoughts and behavior as one sees fit. Humanity will be so much better with everyone accepting and respecting the way others are.
    I do realize this would be something difficult to achieve. For example, I cannot stand to see someone else mock or criticize another person or thought. But if my ideology is to hold true, I cannot be judgmental about that person can I? I cannot say that person is wrong to mock the other person!
    But then again, that other person will also not act that way if s/he was non-judgmental. I guess it’s a vicious cycle. It has got to start somewhere.
    So yes! Everyone! Live and let live.

    • Yes Amira, We need to accept others the way they are; then only we can accept others to accept the way we are. Every individual has his rights to live his live in his own way. We are no one to judge him. To be honest, Now in my personal life also, I stop judging people, I just check if I am compatible with them or not, if not then rather than criticizing those people or arguing with those people it’s better to change the path. Every person in this world is right in his own way, just as we are according to ourselves.
      Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful thought Amira.

  7. My wish is that we all lived at a higher vibration and dimension so Love was at the basis and forefront of every word and action. Our challenges would be embraced as an opportunity for growth and partnership…oneness would be our theme. All would have food and know Love.

    Your wish for the world takes my breath away, Arindam. It comes from the fifth dimensional realm that I have wished for.

      • Thank you Amy aunty. As I always say, prayers those come straight from the heart always reach to where it intended. And I know you always pray from heart.

    • If I am right, then fifth dimensional is the realm of love and compassion, and which signifies unity. Am I right? If I am, then I wish every soul which enters a body have these qualities embedded in it. But unfortunately, life’s circumstances, responsibility and the greed to achieve success corrupts and pollutes our souls.

      Thanks a lot for blessing me by sharing this beautiful thought for my book Amy aunty. :)

  8. My dear Arindam, first, my warmest congratulations on this fine achievement on getting your book published. And not just any book but one with the single purpose and intention of making a change in the world. I cannot think of a better or selfless reason for anything one sets out to accomplish in life at this momentous time in our generation.

    Your question filled me with a mixture of hope and yet a great sense of accountability for what we have done as a human race to inflict so much suffering and injustice in the world today. But if for one moment I could have one wish and God would answer it, I would wish with all my heart that all brutality, exploitation and injustices committed towards children would end.

    May all your endeavours be richly blessed and may we all work together for a better tomorrow. Many blessings to you and your family. Sharon

    • Thanks for sharing your thought Sharon and sending me your good wishes. It really means a lot. :) I am really happy that my message transmitted to you just the way I wanted. My main intention behind writing this book is to spread, “a mixture of hope and sense of accountability. As part of this planet we all need to hope for the best and by the same time, we all need to accountable for everything happens in this world”.
      I too want to see children living a much better and safe life in this world. Lots of good wishes for you too Sharon. Have a great Sunday!

  9. A fantastic project. I love how you approach it. And a great idea to put thoughts from all over the world into your first book. I have unfortunately not been able to be present enough to follow you as much as I have wanted to, lately, but it’s always such a delight to return to your blog. What do I want to see changed in the world? It’s almost too much to be able to put into a short, single statement. But here is a try: I would like everybody all over the world to see and understand the beauty and the delicate balance of this earth and all living creatures on it. And I wish everybody would be brought up in a way that makes this understanding possible. My thought is, if only people understand, maybe the rest will come as a result. Maybe…

    • Thanks a lot Sir. great to see you after a long time. Your wish is as thoughtful as your words, you write. You are a thoughtful man. Misunderstanding always leads to both minor & major problems in this world. We all need to understand other and need to accept that every individual can never be same. It’s always a pleasure to see you in my blog. I am glad you took the time to share this beautiful thought for my book.

  10. I am anxiously looking forward to reading your book as I am sure it will be very moving. My wish for change in the world would be that prejudices and biases that so many allow to harden their hearts fall away. Let’s open our hearts and our minds to other cultures, other opinions, and embrace each other as one.

  11. A book written by a man with a heart that is giving, honest, pure, hopeful, optimistic, compassionate. A heart who has the courage to help change the world for the better. It’s the heart and mind of a great man called “Arindam.” I’m happy for you Bro. I wish you all the best!

  12. Here is my wish…
    if one day, God blesses me then I would ask him to bless us all with the ability to respect, to dream and to feel.
    Respect every person irrespective of religion, caste, class, occupation, age and every other thing that divides us. Dream because it would make us strive harder and help in crafting our lives the way we want. Feel because that is the only way to experience everything around you.
    I have probably said it in very simple terms, but it has a deep meaning attached to it. I am sure you would understand.

    Something for you: People might think your book may not be able to change the world, but it is a step that ‘you’ have taken and someday even if one person reads it and is enlightened, the credit would go to you.
    Congratulations and All the best for your first book!!! I am sure it will create wonders :)


    • It was a wonderful wish Ti. We need to feel things rather than just seeing it. Then only we can realize, what is it all about in reality. And yes, Respect is the thread which binds us together. So you mentioned to very valid points here.

      Thanks a lot Ti, for speaking all these kind words about me and my book. Let’s just wait and see how it will do!

  13. I would like to see the change you wish for. That’s really special.

    I would wish simply for kindness. I think that would cover a lot.

    Best wishes for your book’s success. How exciting!

    • Thanks a lot Hippie. Great to see you here. Yes We all wish for kindness, thanks a lot for mentioning it. I hope all our wishes are going to reach God’s ear. Have a great weekend!!

  14. Awesome…okay, let me see…change, just one change, what would it be…only one thing…taken from St. Augustine: “Love God, and do what you will.”
    Thanks, and congratulations, Arindam!!

  15. I am glad to hear about your book Arindam!! What a beautiful surprise on weekend!!
    Wish you all the very best and keep it up!!

    If I have to change something in the world then it will be “myself” for good. I wish to be compassionate and strong enough to behave every time what I am!! Change is a natural phenomenon. We all are changing everyday whether we realize it or not. But important thing to know is that, whether we are happy and contented with this change or not? How this change is effecting others?

    I wish whole world will stay in Love, peace and harmony. I wish when ever we raise our hands then it will be for someone to support or hold,may our words become the source of happiness to others, may our presence brings positivity and life.

    • Great to see you back, Aanchal and thanks a lot for the wish. Where are you these days!

      Your wish can provide solution to many problems. If many people (including me) can change for good, then the world will automatically be a better place. You very rightly pointed out, change is a natural phenomenon we need to accept it. Nothing is permanent in this world. Beautiful wish Aanchal.

      It all about bringing positivity and inspiration to the people’s lives and society; with both our words and deeds. Thanks for sharing your thought for my book.

  16. Good luck on the book.. it’s an awesome idea. Just one thing, like so many have said is not enough so I will cheat and mention 2.. When I was 17 I read, “Living, Loving and Learning” by Leo Buscaglia and he spoke of forgiving your parents for what they did because it was the only thing they knew how to do at the time.. Yeah I understand cycles and patterns and such and how hard it is to NOT be like something that was bad or re-living some things done to you..but he’s correct.. you have to learn to love others and forgive others if only to learn to love and forgive yourself.. .. The 2nd thing I would love to change is our new found system that allows people to not hold themselves accountable for anything. Everyone is a winner all the time.. I think sometimes it’s good to understand and accept failure and to know that when you do something wrong.. not necessarily a failure that you will recover and can be ok if you learn how to be accountable for your mistakes and failures.

  17. Best of success to you in your book. It is a noble effort. Thank you, Arindam, for seeking others’ thoughts on what change they would like to see in this world.

    If I could, the change I’d love to see in this world would be that we all work and live together peacefully, and we help the less fortunate. While we have different views on politics, religion, etc., what we all share is our humanity. If we lose that … if we stop seeing each other as human beings who need to be cared for and loved … then, we’ve lost far too much. In the Holy Bible, Jesus talks about serving those who are poor and in need. “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40)

    I believe that the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do to you is the basic tenet of all major religions in our world.

    Bless you.

  18. Of course every human being has multiple desires! Many thinks only of themselves, in a selfish way. Others expand their minds to the whole humanity …
    Many of your readers have left very “strong”evidences: a world without hate, a world where ecology and nature receive the full respect …
    In great humility, I let my desire: that every sentient being can follow the basics of buddhist philosophy, where everything is enclosed and where, in reality, lays the secret that will enable the whole humanity to really improve and finally exit from “samsara”… This body is only a kind of “housing”… what really matters is our Mind that lives in it… but you already know that, Arindam.

    With my whole heart I offer you my best wishes for your book, it may be a testimony that helps to create love and happiness around the world!
    Serenity :-)claudine

  19. Good luck with your book my friend! I am sure everything will go just fine :)
    As for the change i would like to see in this world…. Hmmm, that’s a difficult question. I believe in nature’s/world’s equilibrium, earth knows better. I could wish for peace, respecting animals, no pain and suffering and lots of other stuff. But the fact is we are humans and we are going to mess it up somehow again. I know i seem a bit pessimistic, and yes, when it comes to people i fear we can cause terrible things to happen.
    So i would wish we had the wisdom to actually find happiness in the “small” things in our lives, appriciate what we have and love each other. I guess i would wish of peace of mind for everyone.

    • Thanks for the support Ioanna. It means a lot. :)
      I will agree with you, that humans are going to mess things again, if everything will fall at proper places someday. And just like I too believe, we all need to search for happiness in small things. Because the real happiness lies there.

  20. HI Arindam,
    Isn’t this an absolutely amazing idea?
    There are many desirable changes that we can hope for. But if i were to list one very important change i want to see, it is this:

    I wish that every individual gets at least two dignified meals a day. Also, every individual gets educated so that his horizons widen, he can respectfully earn his living and better opportunities open up for him. I also wish each human being becomes tolerant of others, compassionate and more humane :) If these things are in place, a lot of other problems will go on an auto-correction mode.

    • Hi Zinal,
      Thanks for liking my idea and sharing your thought. Your wish was really beautiful. Yes if these things are going to be possible someday, all the other problems will get solve automatically.

  21. Arindam, congrats again on the book. It’s so exciting to see.

    Here is my wish:

    No woman or child should ever have to live in fear of being abused or violated. So many issues in society stem from the traumas and tragedies that innocent children and women have had to endure, and try to recover from.

    • Thanks a lot Mj. Your support means a lot.
      Yes, your wish can bring big change to the society. I remember my elders used to say, there were days when girls could freely roam on streets at 10o’clock in the night that to be alone; but now a day it’s not that much safe, what it used to be!

  22. The world is becoming steadily more crowded. We no longer have the luxury of being isolated pockets of humanity. If I could wish something for humanity, and one thing only, it would be to change hearts and minds to see and appreciate the uniqueness in every individual instead of focusing on difference. Embracing uniqueness leads to a deepened sense of empathy and compassion, to unity. Dwelling on difference, as we have been trained by our respective societies to do, has only led us into separation, judgementalism and conflict. I believe celebrating individuality is the starting point where a lot of society’s ills would fall away. Each one of us are we are, as we are born. What a beautiful thing. When you behold a field of flowers, it’s the uniqueness of each blossom that brings the splendor. It’s the variation from flower to flower. If they all were identical, it would be unsettling and garish. Flowers don’t concern themselves if their neighbor has a different fragrance. They all turn their faces to the sun just the same.

    If you choose to publish this, you have my permission to do so using my name. Thanks! As always, I enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks a lot for such a wonderful thought. So thoughtful and beautiful. I would have disappointed, if you have asked me to publish this thought without your name. It was excellent Jean. A big big thank you! :)
      I just wanted to let you know that, Kindle store is now launched in India, too. So it will be really helpful for you to publish your Ebook here.

  23. I like your determination about writing a book. I wish I can share my thoughts as well by writing a book and has the undeniable gifts like you, Arindam.

    By the way, I can see that your blog has the same date as my birthday! :)

    • Really! it’s great that both you and my blog share the same day as birthday. is n’t it?
      Thanks a lot, Mack. I do not know how my book is going to do. But I really do hope and wish it will do good. I hope everyone’s good wishes are going to help me and my book to do something good.

  24. What I would share ~ Believe – In yourself and the goodness within. Give – love with a passion that God would approve of. Forgive – for who of us have not errored in our life’s adventures. Experience – live life to it’s fullest potential. Be Great – for yourself and others ~ Penny

  25. A thought for your book: Every day we touch …people, things, ideas, a keyboard, … we touch in various ways, sometimes unnoticed, some times with an agenda ..however we must remember that when ever, what ever we touch .. we touch with love and compassion … when we all learn to live this way … we and the world would be a better place.

    let us know when you are published …

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your thought. It’s wonderful to know that, all of us thing differently to end up making our place a better one.
      Yes, I will let you know when I am going to publish this book through my blog. It’s publishing next month, I am working on the date.

  26. Hi Arindam, what a beautiful idea for your book. To elicit thoughts such as these from your readers. And what a great question! There are many things which can make this world a better place. But I believe they all center around compassion, empathy and understanding. Realizing that what we do has an impact on those around us, and the world around us. Looking at things from another’s point of view. I think if I could change one thing about the world it would be to increase this shared understanding and compassion, and in so doing, hope that we all would become a little better in the process. A little nicer, a little more thoughtful and a little more generous. To sum it up, we should be quicker to love than to judge. To extend our hand as you said in your quote, to our elders. To have a reverence for Mother Earth as Otto spoke of above. To realize we are all parts of the same whole. For to have something so beautiful — life — we must offer it our respect.

    • Thanks a lot Melissa. Currently I am working on this part of my book where I am sharing thoughts of my favorite writers with others. Honestly, I was sad that my best friend was yet to share her thought for my book. But I am glad you could do it for me at the deadline. I was even thinking about asking you for helping me editing few chapters of my book, as you know I am not that perfect in grammar part. But as you yourself were so busy with your own book; that I could never dare to ask for your help. Thanks a lot Melissa, for helping me in realizing that I am a writer and being such a wonderful friend. :) I’ve never met you before but you will always remain my best friend not only in this virtual world but also in real world. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. :)

  27. Hello – thank you for “liking” my blog. My dream for your book is that every human would realize their ultimate connection to the whole natural world. If we could humble ourselves and embrace our place as fellow beings with all others on the planet, the whole world would benefit. Here is a beautiful quote:
    “The happiest life has the greatest number of points of contact with the world, and it has the deepest feeling and sympathy with everything that is.”
    Liberty Hyde Bailey
    Blessings on your book!

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