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Just Trying to be the change I want to see in the world

When, in 1947 India got its independence; people celebrated. They celebrated with a hope that, things would work in a better way. The governance would be better, and all our people would at least get the minimum requirement in terms of food, cloth and shelter. The definition of this “requirement” changed with time. Modernization entered the world, they were living. But I am really sad while saying this, but the reality is nothing much changed in their lives after 65 years of our Independence. Few corrupt people got the power in their hands. An India which lies in cities started developing and the other one which is larger both in size and population ignored by all which lies in small towns and villages.

I was born and brought up in a small town surrounded by villages, where tribal people live. They are still simple and you will be  shocked  hearing that, they do not even aware of a world surrounding them, where people like me and you live with all the comfort in this world. And when I am saying so, I am not saying it due to my ignorance or based on my knowledge of reading an article in a magazine, watching a documentary in television or by hearing someone else’s experience. I have spent more than 18years of my life among these people, with these people sharing my happiness, sharing my failure and sharing my success. So today, rather hiding our condition I need to speak for them all, because I somewhat know the language which all the people across the world know. Being a computer engineer, I have some knowledge of the medium through which I can reach all. So someone need to stand and represent all. So why not me?These are the people, who belong to a generation which experienced India’s freedom. These are the people who have seen the first sunrise of independent India. Our generation only celebrated the victory of Indian cricket team in a world cup. But today, no one bothers to enter their world. All of us treat them as if people live in interior part as aliens, everyone is aware of them, talk about them but no one bothers to make them part of  the much developed worldthey live in, which is developing each day.  To be honest I do not feel proud when I read water found in moon or “Mars rover Curiosity lands on surface of Red Planet”; because why we are aiming so high when we need to care for the people who live with us in same planet.”

There are more things, which I want to discuss with you all, and I can. But for now I will just tell life is beautiful for them too, but it’s not fair and comfortable to them.

I will tell more about them to you all with my book, in one of its chapter and I will try to show you a glimpse of their world; but not like the “Slumdog millionaire” movie’s writer or director. I will show you the reality without trying to make it entertaining. But let me tell you they celebrate life more than we do, they have more things to entertain them than us.  I hope you will enjoy spending time with them.

These people bless me that I will do something wonderful in my life. And I do believe blessings count. Do not you think so?

The person riding this bicycle is one of the best person I have ever met. He’s one of my most favorite people. I know him since many years.

He is a man whom I just love. He is a wonderful storyteller. I have never met my grandfather, as he died when I was only one year old. So when an old man share his story and memories with me; I just feel like my grandfather must be like him only.

It’s shocking that, people living in old villages lose their eyesight due to not getting their cataract operated at the right time. I know it’s shocking. But that is how things work in villages. I do realize that, I can’t bring much change to the conditions of more than 30000 villages. But for sure if ever I will be capable of bringing change to one life than I will be happy. Nothing is small, if millions of people will start believing and working on a common goal. DO not ever thing these people do not belong to your country; do realize that these people live in the same planet where you all live. I wish life will make me financially so sound that, I will not think before helping people.

(I will explain all these things in detail with my book, as I enjoyed the luxury of not keeping the word count in mind while I wrote my book)

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75 thoughts on “Just Trying to be the change I want to see in the world

  1. I know what you mean about how funds spent otherwise could be used to help others. I work with an energy company that spends money left and right unnecessarily. I always wonder how many mouths that would feed if they just stuck with their plans? It is a helpless feeling. I think telling their story is doing a big part. May God bless you greatly.

    1. Absolutely true Angelia. That;s what I feel too. The most important thing is that, how we spend money. Money comes from various organisation and on various schemes. But from where the money comes from need to make sure that it’s been used properly. For me it’s also a helpless feeling, so I decided whatever royalty I will get from my first book, I will try to make a change to lives of some of the people for sure. I too need money, but my demands from life is much lesser than others. Let’s see how my plan goes.

    1. I hope you will like my book; I gave it all my heart and soul.
      When you say people living in villages and small towns enjoy the small things in life; it just shows you had a lot of experience with them. Because their moments of happiness and celebration are difficult to describe with words but very easy to realize with heart. Thanks a lot for such a heartfelt comment.
      By the way, your post based on the attack at Oak Creek, Wisconsin Gurudwara is a thoughtful one. Keep up the honest and good work with your blog. Best wishes to you.

      1. Thank you so much.

        Yeah, I did have a lot of experience in Villages. My dream is to open a hospital in one of them. Hopefully that works out.

        1. I pray, hope and wish your dream will turn in to reality. I believe god always bless those people, who have good hearts and right intention. Always be the way you are. Never let the time and situation take control of your thoughts and belief.

  2. It’s so odd to read this and see your pictures and try to envision you BLOGGING about it. Sort of a clash of different eras, you know? I really enjoyed learning something new from you.

    1. I know it’s a truth which many people are only heard about but not experienced. So I am trying to share the reality, with the most honest approach. Thanks a lot Naomi for taking your time, to spend sometime with my dearest people.

  3. I feel the passion you have for your friends and other people in the small poor sections of India and look forward to reading your book. They are lucky that you care so much…you are a good friend to them.

    1. TO be honest, they actually are so innocent and good that, anyone with a pure heart is going to be their good friend. And as I am saying to everyone that, I hope I will live up to your expectations with my first ever book. It’s going to be my first time to be part of that author list, now I have started to feel the pressure Elisa. Thanks a lot for always sending me your good wishes, it really means a lot.

  4. Really well-said, Arindam. Your point about them: “I will just tell life is beautiful for them too, but it’s not fair and comfortable to them.”

    We complain about our lives; not learning how to be content with the excess that we do have.

  5. I know what you mean. I heard how much money was raised for the candidates running for president of our country. Something is just wrong in our world. You are probably right, these people aren’t caught up in all the trappings of our modern age, and are very happy. It would be nice if their lives could be a bit better. I look forward to reading your book. Maybe if enough of us try to be the change we want to see in the world, we could really see a difference.

    1. Patti, that’s what my point. I do not want to change the way they define their lives; I just wish the change in the condition through which they live their lives. Someone needs to help them to turn the way look at life. India is also spending lots of money on unnecessary things like, commonwealth game or on security and paying the bills of these so called politicians, who take the term “Politics” too seriously.
      My book is in it’s final stage before publication. I hope few weeks and I will be ready for sale. :)

  6. Arindam, you speak about the saddest reality of the lives of people living in the ‘third world’! In the local newspaper in Rajasthan, the news about the mars rover was accompanied by small article about india’s Mars plans too. Like you, I too wondered if for a while all of us, all the countries stop trying to reach mars, start stations on the moon, and other such stuff and just concentrate on improving the lives of everyone here on earth. It may be much better. let the next generation reach mars, jupiter whatever, in this generation if we just ensure everyone gets food, good quality health services, proper education and a life of dignity, We would have accomplished a lot! didn’t know you were writing a book! good luck for that. Looking forward to it

    1. TO be honest, I do not believe in this division of world concept. And again I will also never agree that India does not have the money. TO be more specific, India actually do not have the money, few Indians have for sure, more than what they need. Now who will teach them how to be a human and how to bring humanity to the society they live in.
      And yes you are completely right, when we say we need to make one generation so strong that, they can take care of the generations they follow by themselves. Then we have the luxury of aiming so high like moon, mars, Jupiter or any other planet which must be part of this planet list during the time our next generations will come to this planet.

  7. a wonderful thing that you can speak for these people arindam … and that you have a full appreciation of their lives, the fact that they have more entertainment and more celebrations than we do because they live close to nature, they are probably happier, have less mental illness and are less burden on the planet, but they should have basic modern medicine like cataract surgery …. now that you speak for them about their simple lives i hope only goodness comes to them, benefits without losses!

    1. Christine, You got my message in the most clearest way possible. That was actually what I was talking about. We do not need to change their way of celebration or living life. They are close to nature and they do not so much mental strain on them, just like us. We just need to make the basic needs like, good medicine, quality education reachable to them. I am glad that, you enjoyed when I spoke about them.

    1. Yes that is what I intended, while I was writing this post. My intention was to give glimpse of another world which reside in the same world we all live in and to ask a simple question to all “Are we proud of ourselves as a human?”

  8. It is a sad story that you tell, Arindam. And true. Still, I must defend my country. America gives more medical aid, food, clothing and financial help around the world than any other country.

    We care. We give. We love. Even when we it’s hard, Americans dig into their pockets to help those who suffer.

    This does not mean we are not entitled to follow “our dreams.” That engineers and scientists don’t have the right to pursue their aeronautical careers.

    Yes, it’s a nightmare, but there will always be the poor among us. Not because others don’t help … the problem lies with the corruption in government.

    Blessings to you – Maxi

    1. It is sad for sure. And I will agree with you that, America spends lots of money for the development. But I am not talking about any specific countries or any set of people. I am also not trying to make someone else accountable other than the people of my own country. India have billions of rupees to spend on stuffs life organizing games etc. Whereas the focus should be creating employment and supplying basic needs like, medication, food. But who will explain these intelligent people holding the power in their hands.

      But when you say engineers and scientists do have rights to pursue their careers, I do agree. But sometimes it is better to prioritize things in the right order. I will agree with you, when you say an engineer residing in USA or any other developed country has the rights to pursue his dreams. Because these countries have better facilities, and most importantly they can afford it with out doing any compromise with their basic requirement. But the “Water found in Moon” mission was achieved by an Indian satellite. So here for me, we are prioritizing things in a random order. A person can’t afford to buy a car, if he does not have enough money to feed his family. I always believe, every person or country does not has the luxury to dream so high.

      At the end of the day, some one among us need to stand up and deliver. And yes, without being part of the government, it’s not only difficult but quite impossible to bring such a massive change where the number of issues and number of people are on such a higher side.
      Thanks a lot Maxi for always letting me to be honest with our discussions. :)

  9. after independence, the white rulers were simply replaced by ‘brown rulers’. and though we are shown the rosy pictures of “India Shining’ not much has changed for a lot of people in our country..but hope lies with people like you who think about them … wish you the best for your book…

    1. You have said it Perfectly. Dictators replaced by rulers… it’s the truth of India. Now we can roam freely anywhere we want across this country, but not having our heads held high. This is a truth we all need to accept. Thanks a lot for your wish, it means a lot.

  10. We are indirectly and directly connected to each other and how wonderful it is, even with the negative aspects of the internet, our world becomes a smaller place. As we share our own world we are all indeed blessed especially from forgotten generations. You are truly living the quote, “Be the change you want to see.”

    1. Sunshine, now the world is actually not big enough, thanks to this medium called internet. To be honest I am not the change yet, as forget about others I have not change much with my own life. But Yes, one day I will be. Now it’s sooner and later, time will decide that for me.

  11. “To be honest I do not feel proud when I read water found in moon or “Mars rover Curiosity lands on surface of Red Planet”; because why we are aiming so high when we need to care for the people who live with us in same planet.”….exactly same here, even I don’t find any point/good the too high aims of bunch of people where the mass of people is still deprived of the basic necessities….If million people start working towards this common goal, definitely it’s not impossible to achieve…

    1. Supriya, As your blogs tag line says “dream the impossible”; so I am going to agree with you when you say nothing is impossible to achieve. And just like everyone else I too had a dream, and dreams are not meant to be told to everyone. :) So let’s see if I can make the impossible possible.

  12. I’ve often contemplating leaving ‘the world’ behind – and have succeeded partly in this, by living away from civilization as much as possible. We haven’t had television in many years, though we do subscribe to a newspaper, just in case the world blows up and we are the last to know.

    With even our little efforts at retreating from the world, my girls grew up discovering happiness in nature; in little things. So the fantasy is that people such as you mention and so beautifully depict in your photographs are somehow happier than we are. Who can know, however? Because being hungry, for example, is no joke and cannot be glamorized. Being sick without recourse to alleviation of pain cannot in any way be enjoyable.

    And so I am glad you are advocating for people such as these. I can’t wait to read your book, once you complete it! I’ll bet it’s a masterpiece already ;)

    1. Same here Bela. My parents did not allow us to have a television in our home for many years. :) But yes, we too subscribe to a newspaper and we had a radio those days. But still life was more beautiful and peaceful those days. One thing for sure materialistic things can never be good enough to supply us either happiness or peace; but yes as you have said nature can.

      And the people you saw in these pictures, are happier than us in their lives. I know some of them since my childhood, and honestly I have never seen smile disappear from their face. So somehow the secret of happiness, how we look at our lives and how we are trying to define it.

      And thanks for speaking all these kind words about my book. I have tried my best, within my limitations. Just pray, wish and bless me that- my book will give me something to be proud of. :)

        1. Bela, I hope you realize how much I respect you as a writer. Each time I visit your blog, I learn lots of new words. And now I even save those words and their meanings to make my word power stronger. So if you think so about my writing, it means a lot. These words of yours will do world of goods for me. :)

          1. Fabulous! Happy to help. Words have always been my ‘thing’ since I was very young. Funny enough, the only place I can really use them is in writing! If I used them in everyday speech, which I used to do years ago, people think I’m putting on airs. It worked in the city where I grew up, but did NOT work once I moved to the country, where I have lived most all my life. Strange, that ;)

            1. Ha! :) Yes that’s true. You are a gifted person Bela. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me, which always helps me to grow bot as a human being and writer.

  13. Arindam, you know how much I admire your blog. With this post, you went beyond your already exceeded brilliance. You showed us how truly versatile of a blogger you are. My top favorite blogposts of yours are in varieties – your travel post with Googlie, your Valentine story, that poem I mentioned to be the best I’ve read ever in WP and now this articulate essay-type of post. You have the mind, the soul and the heart. I really feel like re-featuring your blog. Kudos to all that you do in and outside the web.
    This post must be heard. It belongs to a page in a magazine.

    1. Thanks a lot Rommel for all these kind words you said. Your words are truly inspiring buddy. Your support means a lot. And as you have said, this post belongs to a page in magazine; but I am making part of my first book with more details regarding different issues of our country and of a young man living in a less developed country, which I will publish soon.
      And I will not mind being re featured in your blog. :)

  14. Hello Arindam, What you are telling is absolutely is correct in most of the villages in India.
    To overcome from this problem, Education & Employment is necessary. Instead of helping these
    poor people and make them more lazy, we should make them to understand about the neccessary
    of Education/Hand work, and we should either ask the Governemt to help.fund for their Education/profession
    or you can help them to do something through which they can earn money to fullfill their needs
    as and when require. India’s population is next to China, we cannot solve this type of problem
    by ourselves, we should make an awareness about this situation and they should be in a position
    to accept the suggestion/help from the Government/people who is willing to spend moeny like you.
    for their improvement in their life.

    It is my own opinion, please ignore it if you find it wrong.

    1. You are completely right, Shanti. If you go through my replies to these above comments; you will see I talked about the same thing. When I am saying helping them, it does not mean I am saying , we must provide them a building to stay or a car to ride. What I am saying is we must give them proper education and medical facility so that, they can be self dependent and walk with us towards a better world, which we all are dreaming. Everyone needs to get the proper opportunity, irrespective of the place they live in or the account balance they have. Thank you for giving it a thought, I really appreciate it.

  15. Arindam, I love the pictures that accompany this post. I have not been to India, but I lived for almost 3 years in Cartagena, Colombia. I, too, saw the same people you have in these pictures. I saw their happiness with the little they had, but I also felt such joy when I could help. I, along with others, would pack my bags from the states full of clothes and end up giving most of them away. A meal here, medicine there, a new set of clothes were sometimes all we could do, but we did the best we could with what we had. Sometimes it was even connecting them with another person to help them find employment. I could not sit back and see the suffering without doing something to alleviate it.
    And it seems as if most in these comments are saying the same thing. If every good-hearted person out there that cared did even just a little here and there to reach out and help a stranger, we as a unified community of caring people might be able to make that change we are all seeking.

    1. Thanks a lot. You got it absolutely right. I am not trying to speak for the people who live under such conditions, but for all the people across the globe, who live a same kind of life. But I wonder if supplying medicine, food or shelter can ever be the solution for a long term. I believe the long term solution lies in promoting their talents it may be their handicraft or anything else, providing them quality education so that it will create awareness among them, and good medical facilities so that they can stay healthy and work hard.
      And yes, Just like you, I too believe if a large number of people start feeling the same and are ready to work with a common goal; then no one can stop ever stop the change. I am really sorry for the late reply. I missed it, while replying to others.

      1. Don’t worry about the late reply, it’s very kind of you to take the time to reply at all. And I agree with you…helping them find a use for their talents and employing them the best way they can be employed would be the greatest benefit. But in reality, isn’t that what we are all seeking? I think if all people could do what they were meant to do, there would be a great deal more happiness on this earth. But that’s best left for another blog entry.

        1. Thanks a lot for the understanding. And yes, I too believe if we all do those stuffs only, for which God has given us birth in this planet.. this world will be a much better place. And yes, it’s best left for another post. :)

  16. Please keep speaking and reaching out as you have been and are doing. The world needs your voice with the truth, love, and knowledge you are presenting to world viewers. This grows, this voice, exponentially becoming louder as it is heard by more and repeated by more. Thank you Arindam for being so uniquely who you are and for giving so fulsomely to all who would listen! I thank you from my heart. I do hear your voice my friend.

    1. Absolutely, I am trying to do that only. If I can’t to much for them; then why not to try those things which I can do within my limitations. Thanks a lot Penny, for taking your time to read this post and for supporting my cause.

  17. Every human life has extreme value and I sometimes wonder why some of us were born in some places…I guess with more resources…and some of us in other places where there are more struggles. Regardless, human life is to be regarded, respected and loved. The men in your photos look extremely wise. Even though they may not have a lot of material “things”, I bet their minds are full of wealth. Thank you for sharing.

    1. May be that’s what destiny is all about. It decides for a person, to which place he suits the most. Some people are gifted with all the helping resources and some people are born to cross all the hurdles of life. And as you have said, these people are wise and hard working. But they do not have much idea of the growing trends of this world. I believe all of us, need to get equal opportunity in life to prove our worth.
      Thanks a lot Becky, for giving it a thought.

  18. Bro, I can totally relate to every word in your story. The hope, the frustration, the passion for change. Just like your country, the Philippines was and is a victim of greed and corruption of a few. Of people thirsting for power and wealth at the expense of the helpless. These words are so true in my country as well, ” But I am really sad while saying this, but the reality is nothing much changed in their lives after 65 years of our Independence.” There was a time the peso to a dollar was 2:1 and the country rich in resources. Now, a reminder of savage plundering can be seen everywhere. Today, a flood in Luzon is making thousands of Filipinos homeless while at one extreme side the rich and the politicians still can afford to live in luxury. People need to know. People need to feel. People need to see past their windows of what life is truly for others. Great post!

    1. Bro, as your country and your people are going through all this, just like my own people; so you must realize the pain of seeing all this.
      ” People need to know. People need to feel. People need to see past their windows of what life is truly for others.: – This line was so true. People need to fight for their own people, rather than waiting with a hope that things will change automatically soon. The level of frustration is increasing and the level of tolerance among people is decreasing everyday Thanks a lot bro for sharing your wonderful thought here.

  19. Today in class, I quoted Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I’m saddened to know that there is still so much more that needs to be done before we can hope to see poverty eradicated.
    Money is not only spent unwisely, it is also lining the pockets of many corrupt politicians – here in the U.S. and elsewhere. That is a change I would love to see take place.

    1. Yes, M.K. Gandhi own country is now falling short of people who are trying to be the change they want to see in their country. And if I will be honest with you, then I will say nothing has been done for those people who stay in interior parts of my country.

      Corruption and the desire among politicians to work with a noble intention; these are two things which can change something about our world.

  20. Arindam, your wonderful words and photos highlight the sweet simplicity that is life lived upon caring for each other whether it be in a village, town, city wherever. How hard does it have to be care and to do something about it? Best wishes to you and look fwd to seeing our book in print!

    1. Thank you Patti. I wish & hope, I will not disappoint you with my book. I tried to be stay honest with myself while sharing every thought with my book. Let’s see how many people are going to appreciate my honesty.

  21. Wonderful post Arindam. I love your photos and the stories behind them. That’s what I enjoy about your blog – your stories about every day people who are trying to survive.

    And my congratulations on all these readers. You are a hard worker and have a loyal following and deserve all the success in your book.

    by the way the Mars Rover landing resonated with me because Mr F and I went to the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena a few years ago and watched them doing trial runs with it. SO exciting.

    1. Thanks Rosie Auntie. I am glad you liked my post. And Yes, I always right about those things, Which I feel and I do. I believe I need to be honest with my inner feeling while I am writing. This actually works for me.
      And your wishes and blessing means a lot to me. I not only want but need my book to be a success. It’s been a long since I have tasted the real success. I hope someday the wait will end. And if my book can bring that day to me; then I can’t ask for more. I heard that It is really difficult & painful for a lady to deliver a baby; but now I feel as if to come up with a book is equally difficult and painful. But in both cases, it worth the pain and difficulty. :)

  22. Hey dear, whatever you have written above is right and I absolutely agree with. Their life has to be changed.
    But there is also something else that bothers me, its the way educated people behave. I am from India too and it really hurts that although very few get the privilege of going to school and gaining knowledge, they cannot make use of it and behave like stupids! :(
    I wish, myself being among the educated ones, i can be the change I want to see.

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