First Look of my First Book!

I will let you know all about this more in detail soon…

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67 thoughts on “First Look of my First Book!

    • Yes, I am working on it. Let’s see. OK first ebook will be for you, and first book will be for nana. Shipping cost will not be much for people staying in USA. :)

  1. I had just started work on my first e-book before my computer died. It’s exciting and congratulations! If possible, what did you use to create your cover? I can’t wait to read it.

    • Thanks. To create cover of your ebook, you have to use Photoshop. Mine will be both print and ebook. But the print books are going to available only in USA and UK as the shipping cost will be on higher side for people staying in India. I hope ebook will be fine with you. :)

    • Yes Amira. It’s about random thoughts, about various issues In India. I hope people will enjoy it. I am giving it all what I can (except money :) ), let’s see how it goes.

    • Thanks a lot Becky. It will be base on thoughts of a young man living in a country; where nothing is easy, nothing is fair and everyone is emotional. :) I am hoping you will like it. .

  2. Hey, this is marvellous! Way to go, Arindam. All the very best. The cover page looks welcoming — just the kind to pique curiosity. Did you design it?

    I wish I lived in the States or U.K. so I could buy a hard copy… EBooks aren’t quite the same, no?

    • Great to see you here after a long time, Priya. Although I can understand you must be really busy with the new beautiful member of your family. :) Still I was missing your good wishes.
      Yes, I designed it myself. And as you very rightly said, I too do not prefer to read ebooks, so yes, I am planning to publish its paperback version in India, with the help of a local publisher or by my own after seeing the response in USA and UK. Let’s see how it all goes. :)

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