A smile that made my day!

People say that, the toughest job in this world is to spread the smiles. I do agree. But there are people whose smiles are so beautiful, that they automatically bring smiles to the other’s face.

I met such a kid, whose smile I am going to remember forever. Neither I know him nor I had ever met him before. I went to a village near my hometown, and seeing some cows grazing  in a near field. I went there to photograph them. When I was done, and about to enter the car, I could hear a kid shouting from a long distance- “bhai, mora bi gote photo uthao!” (in my mother tongue he was saying, brother take one picture of mine too). Then one more kid came seeing me talking to one of his friends.

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To be honest, I never argue with kids ; I just love them seeing happy. My biggest regret in my life is, I do not have a younger brother as I am the youngest of my generation.  I see every young kid as my younger brother. So I took some of his pictures. But I never knew that, he would gift me such a beautiful smile which would be hard for me to forget.  I am sharing these pictures with you all, so that his smile will be able to travel across the globe. I hope just like me his smile will help some beautiful faces to turn in to smiling faces.

I know, I may not meet these kids again through out this journey called life. Still all my good wishes and blessings will always be with them.  I am not sure about the dreams in their eyes, because everyone does not born with the luxury to dream. I am not even sure life will help them to stay innocent, because after a point of time, life takes that innocence out of all its people.

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65 thoughts on “A smile that made my day!

    • Amira, it was a pleasure to spend some time with these kids. They are innocent and simple. I hope their smiles are telling the whole story about their personality. :)

  1. You are right, Arindam. The boys have absolutely beautiful, infectious, genuine smiles. It makes me happy just to see them.

    I’d like to share a site (TED) with you. “Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.” He talks about a project he’s working on: “Happiness Revealed.” The smiles begin at 7:00. My favorites are at 8:50 thru 8:58 and at 9:10.

  2. You are right, great smiles. So young, without the cares of the world. Too bad we can’t keep that always. Your country has been mentioned in the news here, the power outages. Is your area affected?

    • Yes 21 states of our country got affected due to power outages. Currently I am on a visit to my hometown. And my home state is not affected; so we are on safer side this time. :)

  3. Those pictures and your narration brought a smile to my face too, Arindam. Thanks :-) Doesn’t it reiterate the fact that it is the small things that bring a smile to our faces?

  4. Hi Arindam, what a beautiful post. It’s so sweet and reflective of your spirit that you took the time to listen to those children and take their picture. Makes me think of so many things. Especially what kind of life they lead — out there asking strangers to take their picture. They seem so sweet and innocent, and as such, your last line really hit home. Would that they could stay that way forever, right? But a different line was my favorite, “To be honest, I never argue with kids.” :) Smart man.

    Thanks for checking in on my summer break — we’re having a busy but fun summer. And I’ve finished two of the three children’s books I’ve been working on. So I’m looking into some publishing options now (Kindle, etc.). Hope many more smiles continue to brighten your days!

    • Hi Melissa, great to see you after a long time. :) Actually I took these pictures on my trip to a village near to my hometown. Yes, these kids are really innocent and they live a much simpler life than us. I love their lifestyle. Their places are yet to be developed; people living there earn their livelihood from farming. If you will ever come to our part of world with your family, never forget to visit few villages. I am sure you will experience something beautiful and peaceful. They make the people who visit their places really special.
      You have already finished two of your three books. It’s really great. Now it’s time the kids are going to listen and enjoy, “What Melissa has to say them!”. :)

      • Thank you, Arindam. :) You know, as I was reading over your comment, I noticed that your grammar is really great. I’m trying to find a way to express that feeling in the most positive way that I can. I’ve never had trouble understanding what you write, but I do know you’ve mentioned that you are uncertain about your grasp on the details of the English language. Well, my friend, you have it down better than many native speakers! The “their and there” are perfect — I guess I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this part of your writing. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so proficient in another language, though in college, I did come very close to fluency in French. But — after so many years with no one around me who speaks French — a lot of my knowledge has up and run off. :) And as I’m in a random mood tonight (it’s 9pm and I just got the kids to bed — I am SO tired!) I wanted to tell you that I just saw a movie you might enjoy: The Big Year. It’s about competitive bird watching. Though it’s based on a book, I’m not certain if it’s based on a true story. But it was an enjoyable movie, and you may want to add it to your list. (Also, The Avengers was a lot of fun, but you’ve probably seen that one already.)

        • Wow! Melissa, thanks a lot for the complement. Yes, I do feel that, the grammar part of my writing is improving with each passing day. And I do realize that, it’s a process which I have to continue with. Still sometimes ” has been had been, have had or had had” make me little bit confused. :) But still I am working on having the command over this language.
          For sure Melissa, I will watch this movie soon. I am now done with each movie that was part of that list which you recommended to me. And yes, I have already seen “The Avengers”; it’s a really nice movie. BY the way have you seen the movie “Rob-B- Hood”. It’s a comedy, based on how a one year old kid change two thieves once they kidnap him. I hope you and your kids will enjoy this one a lot.
          By the way, I am now working on publishing my first eBook which is base on some articles in my blog, few short stories base on fiction and “how a young Indian see the world with a confused state of mind”. But I am not sure to publish it, on kindle or create space; and then again I do not know anyone personally, who tried to be self published before. So Some how I am finding it little bit difficult to figure out things on how and where to get publish? I know you are the only person, whom I can ask about this?

        • Oops! Melissa, How Could I forget to tell you that funny story. Actually the languages play an important role in my growth. When I was a kid, the first language I learnt was my mother tongue i.e. “Oriya”. Then When I was a 9years old kid, I started learning to write and read English. Then at 12 my national language “Hindi”. At 14 as I am a Brahmin Hindu boy (Brahmin is a caste under Hindu religion, who are engaged in attaining the highest spiritual knowledge although I do not have much :)) learn Sanskrit to pray to god with his own language. Then at 17 as a computer engineer I learnt “C-language” (you are a computer engineer’s wife; so I do not need to explain more about it) then at 18- C++…. and the list continues. :) But to be honest the only language that helps us to grow professionally is “English”. At the end of the day we all want to earn more and more … does not matter for that, if we have to shift another part of the world.And that is where the universal language helps. :)

  5. I could not let go of being touched by this post, your words and the pictures. Smiles are an incredible strong human expression, that goes straight to the heart. Particularly smiles from kids. What more can one ask for (and I know of course that for people struggling to survive, a smile is not really enough, but even then many people have big smiles to offer)?

    • Thanks a lot, Otto. You said it so rightly that, “I know of course that for people struggling to survive, a smile is not really enough, but even then many people have big smiles to offer”.
      Yes, there are people who never let the challenges they face as a human to take their smiles away from them. And I do believe that, they are the strongest among all. The moment I captured this picture, I somehow got that feeling. I captured a wonderful moment here. And I was really waiting for your comment on this post, as I some how having a feeling that, you would like it. But as a photographer, does it ever happen to you that, the moment you shot something and get a feeling “It’s perfect”. For the first time I experienced something like this while taking the first picture of these kids.

      • I have to admit it rarely happens. Not the feeling that this single shot is the perfect one. It’s more like a general feeling that within all the pictures I did just now, there should be something worth keeping. Some photographers have this feeling “this is it”, but obviously I don’t. Must have been exciting for you!

        • Yes, It was exciting. I did not know why but, I felt like I captured one of the most beautiful smile. When a person smiles with eyes closed. It means he does not care what else is going on around him; he is really happy in his own world and his own state of mind.
          I was not thinking about the quality of this picture, as I had only a plain 9 Mega Pixel camera with me. I was just thinking about capturing pure human emotions. :)

  6. Wow! As many have said – untouched by the world. Pure essence of goodness. Your recognition and willingness to give them your attention will be a gift. Those tiny moments thread their way through to eternity.

    • Amy aunty, these kids are blessed with something, which we are not. They are so positive and simple that, sometimes they help me realize that I do not need to regret anything. They remind me to demand less from life; so that I can remain the way I am.

  7. Arindam I agree with the other comments that the smiling kids touched my heart. You’re such a kind thoughtful young man I’m sorry you don’t have a younger brother, but perhaps it’s because you’re meant to be a big brother to all the little boys out there.

    • Yes, I will not mind of being an elder brother to all these little kids. But I hope then the number of my brothers will be really high. :)
      This picture is really special to me. I do not know if I will ever capture something more beautiful that these smiles coming straight from heart. That day I took some hundred pictures in that village. One more picture is also my favorite, that is of an old man. I will post that one soon.

  8. We used to say one proverb you know, we can find a “God” in poor’s(Children/women/men)
    smile. Like that the picuture shows everyone to enjoy these two children’s smile in finding “God”.
    How you say that your junior aged people like your younger, I am used to saying everyone my
    brother since I don’t have own brother and have three sisters. I am also the same community as
    you said. My husband is all in one to me.

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