Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside a window frame made up of wood of some 50-60 years old at my home….

Inside the train

Inside water…. Reflection of a tree
Inside a tree

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56 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Artistic images Bro that captures the beauty of what is important in this life. What is in the inside, its heart and its story is more important than the exterior that fades away. Today, you showed us a glimpse of your amazing vision of the world around you. Great post!

    1. Bro I am an Artist, how could you forget that! :) I am just joking. On a serious note, Bro I took all these pictures at my home. Currently I am in my hometown, so I tried to capture everything which is simple yet beautiful. I am glad you liked it. Thanks a lot bro for always inspiring me with your words. Stay blessed bro.

    1. Thanks a lot Sam. I too all these pictures in my home. Currently I am in my my hometown after one and half years. So I am busy capturing whatever coming my way, so that I can take these memories with me when I will be back to my work place. Glad you liked these pics. Have a great weekend Sam. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Paula. :) While I was taking the picture of that window frame I was not sure if it would come nice. But I am glad it came just the way I wanted. Thanks a lot for the visit.

  2. They are all nice pictures, Arindam, but the one that resonates with me is foremost the first one. It’s the least literal of the interpretations of this week’s challenge and it opens up for many thoughts. That is what I like the best. Besides, the colours of the wall, the graphical composition and the almost organic feeling to it, enhances the expression. It’s really a picture inside a picture, thus inside. I also very much like the picture “Inside water” for some of the same reasons, although it’s quite a different picture.

  3. In my dreams also I never ever thought that everyone is going to like that first picture. Currently I am in my hometown, and I found this frame which is of no use now, still I thought it will look good if I will capture the wall with it. As our home is now more than 50years old building. It was built by my grand father. So I thought if I would capture that wall through this old frame, it will look an ancient feeling. I hope it worked. :)
    I always liked painting, but I was never good at that stuff. So I always try to create an illusion as if it’s a painting with photography. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Arindam. I love the second one, with the scene outside of the train, and the hand (yours?) holding the railing over the tracks. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks a lot. :) Yes it’s my hand. Currently I am at my hometown. I took this picture with my cell phone while I was on my way to home . But how could you guess it was my hand? :)

      1. Easy. One hand on the camera, one hand to keep from ending up underneath the train. Of course it’s your hand — you are too smart to NOT hold on. Besides you survived taking the picture to post it!

    1. Thanks a lot. I will post lots more picture soon. Currently I am at my most favorite place in this world i.e. at my hometown. And I am busy capturing whatever is coming my way.

  5. loved the first photo. I too live in a n old home . about 100 yrs old actually! they are beautiful . every the small stuff in them has a story to tell
    cant find your last post..”thanks google for making my ….” . where dd it disappear.

    1. Yes, that is the best thing about living at an old home. Each part of the home has a story to tell and a memory to share. :)
      My last post was a re-post of my post, “I too had a small love story”, which you have already read. I deleted that one, because I thought those people who already read that one will think there is something new in that post. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Madhu. :) I can’t believe, everyone is finding that window frame image interesting, as that frame of wood is in my home since a long time without any use. I am glad I could use it for a cause. :)

    1. Thanks a lot. :) To be honest I never ever thought most of the people were going to like that first picture. I just wanted to create something with that old frame. I am really happy that I could create something good out of it.

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